Pope Francis blasts “gender” ideology, quotes Benedict XVI: “this is the age of sin against the Creator!”

Here’s something the Fishwrap (aka National Sodomitic Reporter) types will struggle with.

On 27 July the Holy Father had a closed-door meeting with the bishops of Poland.  There was a brief Q&A.  Today Francis’ remarks were published.

Here is an excerpt.  From Vatican Insider:

“In Europe, America, Latin America, Africa and some Asian countries we are seeing some real ideological colonisations,” he repeated. “And one of these, I’m going to say it outright, is gender”: “Today, children, children! are told at school that they can choose their sex. Why are they taught this? Because the books are supplied by the people and institutions that give you the money. These are the ideological colonisations backed also by countries that wield a great deal of influence. And this is terrible. Speaking with Benedict XVI,” he said, “who is well and lucid, he told me: ‘Holiness, this is the age of sin against the Creator!’ He is intelligent! God created man and woman; God made the world like this, like this, like this… and we are doing the exact opposite.

Gender-twisting, denial of sexual differentiation, same-sex and homosexualist agenda…



Remember what Card. Sarah said at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast? HERE

“Good becomes evil, beauty is ugly, love becomes the satisfaction of sexual primal instincts, and truths are all relative,” said Sarah.

“All manner of immorality is not only accepted and tolerated today in advanced societies, but even promoted as a social good,” he continued.  “The result is hostility to Christians, and, increasingly, religious persecution.  Nowhere is [this] clearer than in the threat that societies are visiting on the family through a demonic ‘gender ideology,’ a deadly impulse that is being experienced in a world increasingly cut off from God through ideological colonialism.”

Those who think that same-sex activities and gender-bending are acceptable, have mirrored the primal, Original Sin and Fall of our First Parents.  They have listened to the demon, the serpent, the Enemy of the Soul and have subordinated God the Creator’s will to their own, as if they were there own little gods determining right and wrong, truth and falsehood.

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  1. CPT TOM says:

    This message of the Pope would have far more impact if he did not waffle on other related issues, ie. Same-sex attraction, marriage, the family, etc. I feel as though we are on shaky ground with Pope Francis, and he is supposed to be rock. I hope we do not see him walk this back in the spirit of inclusiveness. Forgive my skepticism, it has been a rough couple of years.

  2. Lavrans says:

    Is it possible for a person to take what the Holy Father says on this subject and apply it to what the outcome may be of the “women and diaconate” commission? In other words, if he is opposed to the bending of genders and the mixing or destruction of gender roles, will he also oppose women dressing like ordained men in the sanctuary? At the very least, I think he would be. Perhaps an instituted deaconness without a liturgical role? That would be okay…odd, but okay. Better than what Dr. Zygano wants!

  3. Mike says:

    I can’t even think of, much less read, Laudato si’ and take this seriously.

  4. HighMass says:

    Wow all of a sudden we are quoting Pope Benedict XVI!!!!!!!!

    Such mixed and confusing messages come out of Rome these days, but of course this is what the liberal cardinals wanted, a Pope who would changes everything…now women deacons???? and they wonder why we prefer the Society of Pius X…….???????? or people just leave all together……God Help Us

  5. bourgja says:

    Glad to hear that Pope Francis is consulting Pope Benedict on such issues, and hope that he also will do so in regard to the question of female deacons, and in regard to any necessary clarifications of his recent post-synodal apostolic exhortation.

  6. Gilbert Fritz says:

    I can’t even think of, much less read, Laudato si’ and take this seriously.

    Why so? What has that got to do with it?

  7. pappy says:

    > Pope who would changes everything…now women deacons????

    Not women deacons, but deaconesses. Pope Francis has already said that the deaconesses were not ordained, in fact he said something to the effect that women religious are doing what deaconesses of Scripture were doing.

  8. AnthonyJ says:

    Liberals are already gnashing their teeth over this.

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  10. organistjason says:

    To compare, or attempt to “read,” Francis through Benedict is fruitless. One is a Great Theologian, One was the right arm of St Pope JP II, One stood for truth in the face evil, One “speaks the truth in Love”. To attempt to “read” the former through the latter, does a major injustice, to the former.

  11. bethv says:

    Quite frankly, I was never comfortable with this whole new creation of having two Popes at the same time, even if one is emeritus. For example, we have several emeritus faculty at the University where I work who still teach – just not as much as before and they have a different pay grade. Why are we suddenly quoting “Pope Benedict” on this issue? Pope Francis has no problem making his own pronouncements about other issues, why is this time different? This arrangement is very uncomfortable to me, especially since John Paul II, when asked why he didn’t retire, said, “Because Christ didn’t come down from the cross.” I continue to be astounded by the simple beauty and directness of that answer.

  12. Ann Malley says:

    Hostility to Christians is also demonically aided by the omission of clarity with regard to Islam and the absurd push to open Europe and the Americas up to wholesale invasion.

    So there is no blasting here, merely a continued clang of confusion.

  13. robtbrown says:

    My impression is that Pope Francis is very good at playing to his audience. I doubt that he would have given the same talk to the Brazilian or German bishops.

  14. PTK_70 says:

    The immense respect which His Holiness Pope Francis has for his predecessor must be obvious to anyone who cares to pay attention.

    More than three years into this pontificate the hermeneutic of continuity is as strong as ever IMHO. In the end this can only be disappointing to those who embrace the “spirit of VII” agenda, on the one hand, and those wedded to some imaginary pre-Vatican II paradise, on the other.

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