Reader Feedback

I get lots of email.  Some of it is friendly.  Some of it is not.

Here is some friendly feedback:

Based in large part on what I have read on this blog, I recently began going to the Latin Mass at St. Stanislaus Oratory in Milwaukee. Words truly fail me in describing the beauty and reverence I found in the Latin Mass. It makes me want to climb the clock tower above Historic Mitchell Street and shout, ‘Come and see!’ I never understood the term “Heaven on Earth” until I witnessed and prayed the Tridentine Mass. Armed with my Campion Missal, I am now happy at my new home. I have you to thank for this. Please keep spreading the word about traditional liturgy. Everyone needs to know!

My work here is done.


First, thank you for the great good you do for Holy Mother Church through the blog and your priesthood in general. As a young Catholic, you’ve brought me very close to the traditions of the church and inspired me to realize I may have a priestly vocation. Thank you so much.

I wanted to send you this link!   HERE 

This is from the TV show Extraordinary Faith on EWTN. They go around to Latin Mass communities and traditional churches to show how wonderful they are. But this link refers to the fact that this group will go anywhere in North America, to any priest, and teach them how to celebrate the EF. For free. Pretty neat! I thought you might like this. Thank you again for everything you’ve done for me and for so many others.


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