Reader Feedback and Your Voicemail and Biretta Project Request (Octogenarian)

I think my Guardian Angel prompted some good feedback over the last few hours.  I really needed it.

First, from a reader:

Based on your recommendation, my wife and I watched The Nightingale last night – US HERE – UK HERE (French version). [HERE] Thank you. We both enjoyed the movie.


Next, from a priest:

Thank you for all that you have done for seminarians over these past many years, especially the work that you do through this blog. As a seminarian for nine years, I had quite an interesting time in formation. I attended a seminary that saw three different rectors with three very different views of how things should work. Despite the ups and downs for me and many other seminarians, we knew that we could turn to your blog in order to be informed, enlightened, encouraged and humored in such a way as to make the hard times a bit easier. For this and for the gift of your priesthood in this unique service to the Church, I thank you.

You may not remember this, but I will mention it nonetheless. Someone […] took a picture of [car], which had two of your bumper stickers on it. This picture found it’s way onto the blog. My bishop, several priests and many seminarians recognized it as my car, and I got an equal share of praise and warning for it. I do not regret it; if anything I was amused by it all.

I was ordained to the priesthood last year. I would like to learn to offer the Mass in the Extraordinary Form as soon as possible. Please pray for me, and know of my prayers for you, that we may be good priests of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

That lifts my spirits!


Thank you for all you do. Your website is an oasis of sanity from my often insane diocese (that’s a story for another time).

Sadly any seminarian appearing in biretta in my diocese would, after the obligatory psychological assessment, be quickly assigned to the outer reaches of the universe, or worse. However we do have a wonderful 87 year-old priest who celebrates the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, who at his stage in life probably doesn’t care what the diocese thinks. This led to the thought have you considered another ACTION ITEM “Birettas for Octogenarians”?

Thanks for that.  If there is anything we can do to lift the spirits of a 87 year old priest, I’m in.   Let’s make it happen.



Thank you for the great sermon, Father Z  [HERE] I like how you bring us back to the very origins of the Church.

(Kind of a desert here sorry to say) I know you don’t post them very often, but at least more priests are chiming in :) Appreciate all you do…blessed Lent to you, and of course thanks for the LentcaZts too, praying for all your intentions.

z-voice-mailPrayers for my intentions are welcome indeed.

And now some voice mail – I really enjoy voice mail and I don’t get nearly enough – this comes from a gentlemen in reference to my post about clapping, applause, in church.  HERE

The video to which he refers is HERE.

I am very grateful for feedback.

I am also grateful to all of you kind people make donations and who remember me in prayer.

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  1. marthawrites says:

    There is a photo on the Internet ( I saw it on epicPew) of the late Msgr. Vincent J. Topper of the Harrisburg, PA, diocese who at age 104 was the oldest living ordained priest in the U.S. Msgr. Topper was wearing his BIRETTA ; it wasn’t an old photo either.

  2. PTK_70 says:

    OK, I’ll admit it…..the closing hymn starting at about 1:42 gave me chills. Gotta love that full-throttle, organ-accompanied, triumphal musical expression of the Christian faith found in English-speaking lands. May God grant success to the Ordinariate and lead many Anglicans into the fold!

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