A note about comments, moderation, etc.

I have to use the “moderation queue” feature for many posts.  I can’t watch what is going on 24/7 and I won’t allow the combox to descend into the horrid fever-swamp of the comments at, say, Fishwrap.   As a result, fewer people comment here, but we can live with the absence of the lack of brains and charity.

Also, only people who are registered here can post comments.  Again, that is to keep the knucklehead stuff out of sight, not to mentioned spammers, etc.

Remember also, that any comments that bring up in any way the moderation of comments are instantly deleted.  I don’t even read the rest, once I spot that.

Some people send me email with their comments.  That’s fine.   Some people even ask me to post them for them.  No.  Unless they are exceptionally good, no.  I have enough to do.

I am grateful for feedback.  I am grateful for voicemail (see the sidebar).  I am grateful for contributions, alerts, donations, heads up, etc.

On the subject of donations, today (25th of the month) is a really “thin” day.   Donations keep this blog afloat.  I’m just sayin’.


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