Books For Seminarians Project – COMPLETED!

I posted HERE about this year’s project to give a great book to all the seminarians of the Diocese of Madison, shepherded by the Extraordinary Ordinary, Most Reverend Robert C. Morlino.  At that post, I have some blunt things to say about the state of the Church.

I also described in that post what I think Pope Francis might be up to.

In any event, this year’s choice for the seminarians is a terrific new book by Australian theologian Tracey Rowland, Catholic Theology.  


On every page she hits for six (did I say that right?).

I just checked my Wish List for progress and found…


So!  The project is completed with a spare.  I will make sure that the Vocations Director gets these books.


BTW… they have not yet all arrived here at the Cupboard Under The Stairs.  They will soon.

I want to thank, in particular, a constant benefactor of this blog, DY, who sent 15 copies!  Thank you!

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