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VIDEO: Trailer for Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce as Benedict XVI and Francis in upcoming ‘The Two Popes’

Well, this is going to be … interesting. It will be interesting to see if their portrayal of Benedict (Hopkins is a great actor) is anything like the real Benedict. Back in the day, I had an awful lot of … Read More

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BOOKS RECEIVED and a strong recommendation and a new liturgical rites manual

For a while now I have been plugging Tracey Rowland’s insightful book.  I WARMLY recommend it.  Catholic Theology.   US HERE – UK HERE I recently recommended it in the context of the PODCAzT reading I did of Donum veritatis (I was suggesting it for … Read More

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Kwasniewski instructs @MassimoFaggioli about real “rupture”

Recently Massimo “Beans” Faggioli has attempted to stir up a pingle and, with it, attention for himself, by denigrating our Catholic Tradition – nay, rather – by denigrating the people who desire our Catholic Tradition. His latest clickbait shtick, which … Read More

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GOOD BOOKS: For LutherFest 500 and for the TLM

I get quite a few books for review. I can’t handle all of them, but this one, for sure, I will recommend even before I read it… and I will read it. This is timely. Luther and His Progeny: 500 … Read More

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New book about influences of Communism and Socialism on Pope Francis

I arose today to a loud PING on my phone as a friend in Rome sent me a link to a piece in the American Spectator by the hardly-ever-subtle George Neumayr about the influence of Communism and Socialism on Pope Francis. The Spectator … Read More

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Books For Seminarians Project – COMPLETED!

I posted HERE about this year’s project to give a great book to all the seminarians of the Diocese of Madison, shepherded by the Extraordinary Ordinary, Most Reverend Robert C. Morlino.  At that post, I have some blunt things to say … Read More

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ROME: Sacra Liturgia Conference – Day 2 – Part Duh… errrr… Deux

Lots of French this afternoon at the Sacred Liturgy conference. I follow French well but… with the jet lag and the first topic… damn! I had to walk around and find coffee for to stay wakeful. And I find lots … Read More

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“When ‘Guitar Masses’ became a chew toy between traditionalists and progressives

There is a smart and well-written article at The American Spectator on liturgical music by Patrick O’Hannigan, whom I have mentioned before. The piece is longish, so here are a few bits to whet your appetite. Can Liturgical Music Be … Read More

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REVIEW: New book by Aidan Nichols: Criticising the Critics

UPDATE 20 March: I am getting emails from people asking how they can get the book I was reading on the airplane yesterday (see that entry).  I am reposting this entry for their benefit. __________ ORIGINAL entry 7 March. __________ … Read More

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WSJ: liturgical diversity

From the WSJ with my emphases and comments:   The Pope Lets a Thousand Liturgies Bloom [This is an echo of a famous phrase that helped to spark the so-called "Hundred Flowers Campaign" in Communist China.  "Let a hundred flowers … Read More

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