Cellos, differently

I ran across this again. A little fun for Saturday.

It reminds us that tool can be used in a variety of ways.

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  1. Will499 says:

    I remember you posted this in August 2014. My grandmother was dying from cancer at my house and this video brought some much needed humor.

  2. YellowRoses says:

    This reminds me, Father. When (not if, when) you make an official album of all your parodies, it needs to be called “Wherein Zuhlio Rants”.

  3. if our music went that way, where would our society be? good gracious!
    obviously madmen. lock em up.

    It was once observed that Picasso’s horrifying disjointed mad cubist paintings weren’t so much a reflection of his madness as much as he being the true artist, his mad art was only depicting the madness he saw in the world. Truth in art is okay – except when the truth never reflects any peace or beauty whatsoever.
    and thus, the music of today reflecting the truth of current chaos without the mitigating effects of beauty…

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