10th anniv. of Summorum Pontificum : Solemn Mass in Notre-Dame de Paris

I was sent a link to some beautiful photos of a Solemn Mass celebrated in the great Cathedral of Paris, Notre-Dame.  HERE  A couple of examples:




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  1. Leonius says:

    That altar looks so out of place in this beautiful cathedral!

  2. JonPatrick says:

    What is it with European cathedrals and ugly altars? That one looks like a prop from an old Star Trek episode, something that might have been used for religious ceremonies on the planet Vulcan.

    Still the setting is beautiful, the church itself, the stained glass windows, and the vestments. And the Traditional Holy Sacrifice of the Mass which is always moving, whether it is at a cathedral or on the hood of a jeep.

  3. Hidden One says:

    Altars like that one make me wonder about the history, liceity, and fittingness of the use of laudians.

  4. Mary Jane says:

    Not all European cathedrals have altars like this. I think this is just more typical of the Gothic style cathedral.

    I visited Notre Dame in 2007; it is a very beautiful but dark cathedral. Kudos to the photographer, those are great shots for the lighting situation there!

  5. pelerin says:

    The old altar still exists behind this modern one – you can just see the Pieta and Golden Cross on the first photo. I presume the modern one can’t be moved aside which is a great pity.

    Because French Cathedrals belong to the State at least this fact has saved the old altars from destruction although I agree so many have now installed ugly modern altars which contrast strongly with the original ones. Often cube shaped resembling butcher’s blocks these seem so stark compared with the magnificent beauty of the originals.

  6. pedantic_prof says:

    This Mass was not, unfortunately, advertised very much at all, as I would love to have attended.

    pelerin, only cathedrals built before 1905 belong to the French state. Also, since Alsace-Mosel was not part of France and belonged to Germany at that date (until 1918), all churches (and other religious buildings) belong to their respective groups; Strasbourg Cathedral is the most striking example. And the post-Vatican II renovations in the sanctuary are horrible there. I had to explain to a group of American students I was leading in a visit there a few years ago about why the intrusive contemporary layout was there. As non-Catholics, they simply couldn’t fathom why such aesthetically barren and aggressive modifications had been made to such a stunning medieval gem.

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