ACTION ITEM! Petition against removal of historic Cross where Fr. Marquette died

I received this request from TFP. It is a good cause.

Liberals and atheists are now trying to bring down another historical cross. This one is particularly important to our American heritage.

The Father Marquette Memorial Cross in Ludington, Michigan, was erected at Ludington, Michigan, on the site where Father Jacques Marquette died. Father Marquette was a French missionary from the late seventeenth century who explored the Mississippi.  [Fr. Marquette is a monumentally important figure for the history of the region.  He deserves an appropriate monument.  Nothing is more appropriate than a Cross, in which name he worked, where he died.]

The large, white Cross has stood near Lake Michigan in Ludington for over half a century. And now atheists want it torn down!

Sign the petition urging the Pere Marquette Township to keep the Marquette Cross standing

According to reports:

An iconic West Michigan monument honoring Father “Pere” Jacques Marquette has come under fire recently, and now the Michigan Association of Civil Rights Activists is calling for the Christian cross to be removed.

“The cross is in a hilltop memorial park on a small peninsula in Pere Marquette Township. The peninsula separates Lake Michigan and Pere Marquette Lake, and the cross is visible from either side. It was erected in 1955 on the spot where Marquette reportedly died.”

How could anyone even conceive of taking down this important marker?

This is not only an attack on our American heritage but on Christian civilization.

Please sign our petition, telling the Pere Marquette Township the Father Marquette Cross must be allowed to remain

We must take a stand! We cannot allow our country’s links with Christianity to be destroyed.

Please take the time to sign our petition, asking the Township of Pere Marquette to let the Marquette Cross stand.

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  1. Clinton says:

    There’s been a recent case of a southern town facilitating the removal of a
    monument to Confederate war dead. The city is in a state which had passed a
    law against just such removals from public lands. In this case, the city simply
    deeded the few square feet of city land containing the monument over to
    a private organization, which in turn removed the monument which was
    legally no longer on public land. (The town’s citizens weren’t pleased with their
    city council, but that’s a story for another time).

    Couldn’t some variation on that legal end-run work in this case? Could Ludington
    transfer ownership of the land occupied by the monument over to a private
    organization, a church, or a group of citizens? With the Fr. Marquette cross
    no longer on public land, the anti-cross group wouldn’t have a basis for complaint.
    Perhaps there’s someone out there more familiar with Michigan laws regarding
    transfer of ownership of public lands who could give us a better picture of the
    practicability of such a plan…

  2. SKAY says:

    The man behind the”take ’em down” group in New Orleans is a communist. We need to be aware of who these people are behind the removal of historical monuments and what their true reasons are.
    They may say one thing but the underlying reason is something quite different.

    “If you do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

  3. teomatteo says:

    I visited the site with my children many years ago. It is out of the way (hard to find) and very minimal but it is on a hill on the shore of Lake Michigan. I would even say that it is much more easily seen from the Lake. So it is an aid to navigation. It is not his resting place but where he died. Please pray that it is retained. thank you.

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