BOOK NOTES – What I’m receiving and reading about the “spirit of Vatican II”, the Devil, priests in history

I have a lot of books stacked up.  Happily, I receive them from authors and publishers.  I can’t possibly get to them all.  But I can get to some.

For example…

Among the books I have recently received I note especially…

Slaying the “Spirit” of Vatican II With the Light of Truth by Fr. Robert J. Araujo S.J. and The Bellarmine Forum with an introduction by the great Bp. Paprocki.


First, I love the title.  Second, I love the fact that the title is over the name of a writer with “SJ”.  Third, Bp. Paprocki.  Fourth, I have an essay in it.  What’s not to like?

Here are photos of the table of contents.

Unfortunately, this is not yet available also for Kindle.  C’mon!  Get with it!

Next, here’s a provocative title…  again, not for Kindle… yet…  GRRRR….

The Devil’s Role in the Spiritual Life: St. John of the Cross’ Teaching on Satan’s Involvement in Every Stage of Spiritual Growth by Cliff Ermatinger


I look forward to drilling into this book.  It is heavily salted with quotes from St. John of the Cross, an author I would like to know more about, and the themes are presented thematically.  Given that today there are some foolish writers who deny or repudiate the use of any martial imagery when it comes to our Catholic lives, I immediately read through the chapter on “Spiritual Warfare”, which covers time-honored wisdom of John of the Cross, a great spiritual warrior standing on the shoulders of many others.

Also, last night I wound up and sleepless because I read into the depths of the night in a book I recently wrote about in these electronic pages.  HERE

Heroism and Genius: How Catholic Priests Helped Build—and Can Help Rebuild—Western Civilization by Fr. William Slattery


This is really good.   Last night I read about Alcuin and his influence on Charlemagne and his subsequent heritage, passed on through other clerics.  It is very well written.  There stuff in this book I’ve never heard of before… and I’ve heard of a lot.

So… here’s some good reading ideas for you!



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  1. acardnal says:

    Thanks so much for these periodic book recommendations. I use them as a personal reading guide.

    Speaking nostalgically, I miss the old Tag Cloud.

  2. William says:

    Father, you continue to add to my mountain of to-be-read books.

    Do you have your books cataloged on (or a similar website)? I would love to see what your library looks like.

    [I do not. I have to look into that. However, I have a LOT of books and I think I do NOT have the time to catalogue them. As a matter of fact, I have recently resolved to downsize. I have to find a new home for my library.]

  3. Gaetano says:

    The second article “The Second Vatican Council: The Reality and the Myth about the Nature of the council” is by Fr. Robert Araujo, S.J. Father Araujo was an Army veteran and an accomplished attorney before entering religious life in the Society of Jesus. He was a talented Catholic legal scholar and dedicated priest who was known to celebrate the Divine Liturgy in both the Ordinary and Extraordinary Forms. As St. Paul exhorted in Philippians 2: 12-13, he worked out his salvation with fear and trembling.

    Father Araujo died on October 30, 2015 at age 66, after a lengthy battle with cancer. Please take a moment to pray for him.

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  5. wmeyer says:

    On the matter of Kindle editions: Yes, please! It is my only viable strategy for avoiding the endless purchase and placement of book shelves.

    That said, I have lately availed myself of a flood of Kindle volumes, mostly fiction, and I have issues:

    – Spelling! Must I say it, really?
    – Grammar. Writers should have a love, even a reverence for, the language.
    – Number, case, antecedents…

    I confess to being somewhat OCD with respect to reading. When an author demonstrates a disregard for his primary tool, I feel inclined to toss the book. Not a good idea with a Kindle, so the level of frustration is elevated.

    It has reached the point where I felt compelled to write some boilerplate I can simply paste to the reviews of the most offensive authors.

    To be fair, however, Amazon has done little to address the problems. They ought, at the very least, to encourage their authors to improve their skills, as these issues detract from the perceived value of the Kindle.

    Finally, why do so few books offer the “matchbook price” offer where one may purchase the e-book of a volume already bought through Amazon on paper?

  6. Jacques says:

    I remember my young years in a Jesuit College not later than 1963 or 1964. The “spirit of the council” already was in the zeitgeist though VATII wasn’t yet over. We were spoken about Teilhard’s “cosmic Christ” and other sillinesses alike that I was utterly unable to grasp.
    My holy mother was upset.
    Jesuits actually were at the avant-garde, and they still are… towards Church’s destruction if they haven’t disappeared before.

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