IMPORTANT from @HeartbeatIntl – abortion pill reversal method rescues babies without bad effects, physicians network

This is VERY important.

The pro-life organization Heartbeat International has announced that they are now able to help women rapidly access a method to reverse – without bad effects – an in-process chemical abortion.

Imagine a woman who has taken the first of the drugs which will induce an abortion, a kind of “morning after” pill, RU-486.  Then, before she takes the second drug, she has a change of heart.  What to do?

A doctor, George Delgado and another physician Dr. Matthew Harrison, developed an FDA-approved method to reverse the process without ill effects either to the mother or to the baby.

But, because that reversal drug has to be prescribed by a doctor, they also developed a network of doctors all over these USA who can help these women in time.   The doctors can be contacted through a 24/7 hotline.

Now, Heartbeat International will take over the 24/7 hotline and the provider group, which will make the network far more visible and helpful.

To date, the network has some 400 doctors involved and over 450 mothers have successfully reversed the abortion process and rescued their children.

The complete press statement from Heartbeat International is HERE.

About Heartbeat International
Heartbeat International is the first network of pro-life pregnancy help organizations founded in the U.S. (1971), and the largest network in the world. With 2,500 affiliated pregnancy help locations—including pregnancy help medical clinics (with ultrasound), resource centers, maternity homes, and adoption agencies—Heartbeat serves on all six inhabited continents to provide alternatives to abortion.

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  1. monstrance says:

    It will be fun watching the libs doing backflips to slow this down.

  2. monstrance says: fun

    Not the word I would have chosen.

  3. majuscule says:

    I don’t think it will be just the libs doing backflips.

    Satan-the-prince-of-darkness and all the evil spirits who prowl through the world seeking the ruin of souls are not pleased about this.

  4. Fr_Andrew says:

    It would also be good if Heartbeat could get some private funding so that women who call the hotline could be prescribed the drug immediately and be offered it free-of-charge … a sort of endowment from which doctors who are not so virtuous to volunteer would be able to be paid for the services, and the drugs covered at no cost to the patient.

    That would not only make women who have such a change of heart be able to do so, but also would make it clear that we want to help them do this, because I can’t imagine the pro-abortion powers-that-be allowing such a “choice” to be covered by any insurance or government-funded plan.

  5. Malta says:

    I was with Right to Life of New Mexico–I used to pray the rosary in front of the abortion mill here in Santa Fe with my two oldest children; very legal and innocent. People would drive-by and scream at us–us being me and a 5 and 7 year old child. Demonic.

  6. Malta says:

    Dauneen Dulce, director of Right to Life of New Mexico (cf. also asked me to testify before a New Mexico Senate Sub-Committee on a parental notification bill; I was like, this might cost me my career, but I’ll do it, and I did, as an attorney. I also helped convince the parent’s of 14 y/o girl to keep her baby. The father literally came to my home (I don’t know how he found me) and he showed me the baby, and said this baby is alive because of you. I swear to God that’s a true story–my ex was there to witness it.

  7. Malta says:

    I am as hard-core pro-life as they come. If there is medical certainty that an ectopic pregnancy has occurred in the fellopian tubes than a residual effect of saving the mother; other than that there is no justification for abortion.

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