¡Hagan lío! Wherein Fr. Z is pretty angry and wants to fight back

Bondage mask with Rosaries from the Met “Gay-la”

I’ve been pondering the Met “Gay-La” in light of some experiences here in Rome.

As a preamble, I still stand by everything I have written and said in the past concerning my  convictions about Summorum Pontificum.  It was a tremendous gift to the whole Church, intended by Benedict XVI as part of what I call his “Marshall Plan” to rebuild devastated Catholic identity in the wake of the 60’s, etc.   It was a tremendous gift to the people of God in parishes and dioceses because of the way that contact with the traditional form of the Roman Rite will affect their priests, who will adjust their ars celebrandi and who will begin to understand things about their priesthood that they have need known before.  Summorum Pontificum was a necessary corrective, medicine for a deeply wounded and enervated Body of the Church, applied at a late hour.

I stand by all that and I would be happy to come to your parishes to explain it in greater detail.

The Met “Gay-la”.

Let’s go a little deeper into the Twilight Zone.

SCENE: Elegant and yet modest, humble and yet conspicuous sitting room of a palazzo within the walls of the Vatican City State.  The tasteful illuminaton brings out the subtle mauve and lavander highlights of the decor.

JESUIT: …. And that’s why I maintain that website.   I just can’t… (emotional pause) give it up.

[SILENCE for several beats. The sound of ice dropping from just the right height into a glass of just the right weight is heard.]

SUPER HIGH PRELATE:  Thank you.  Thank you.  That’s what it is truly like to smell like the sheep.  You are an example to us all.

JESUIT [perking up and wiping his eyes]: Hey!  Did you hear that the Metropolitian Museum and Donnatella – she’s an old friend – want to borrow some of those old vestments in the Basilica sacristy and put on a gala event in New York?


CARDINAL: Did I!  They’ve been at me for weeks.   Just yesterday – while I was writing my piece for Sunday’s L’Osservatore on the theological nexus of the one liners of Homer Simpson with the unmistakably eschatological anthropology of Jim Morrison – you really must read it – some of these people came to my office and…

SUPER HIGH PRELATE: No… no… no.  This won’t do.  All that … that… carnival stuff in view?  The People might want more!  No.  It is to remained locked away.

[SILENCE for several beats.  The sound of ice in a slightly shaken glass.  In a corner, somewhat by himself, a figure in a plain black cassock with no buttons, sits in an armchair, face obscured in shadow.  A cigarette glows for an instant. The glow, with what could be interpreted in the shadow as an arm, goes to the armrest.]

UR-JESUIT: No?   Not so fast.  Do you really think that people might want more of that… that beauty [he manages to make it sound obscene], then by all means give these people everything they want.

[Protests errupt and then calm when the SUPER HIGH raises his hand.]

SUPER HIGH PRELATE: Please, you always bring light to our discussions.  What do you think we should do.

[SILENCE for several beats]

UR-JESUIT:  Give them everything they want and more.  However, you should contact our agents in New York and get them involved as a sine qua non.  They can help to plant disinformation stories in Hell’s… in the New York Times about the tittlating secret backstory of the negotiations in which we can create a fall guy for the bad press.   Then we must make sure that there are many fallen away Catholics involved and, if they have been especially acid in their use of Catholic imagery, be sure that they are visible.  No, have them perform their old hits.   The fashions must be sacrilegious and blasphemous…. [PROTESTS ERUPT and a had is raised in the shadow.]  Sacrilegious and blasphemous and entirely exaggerated so that everything that they have imitated they turn into a joke. That’s the key.  Then…. [the glow of the cigarette rises with the shadow of what must be an arm]… its the the Sistine Chapel boys choir going to be in that area?  They must be asked to perform… pardon the word use… to sing, but in the context.   Imagine, all those boys, in the very style of costumes being mocked by the fashionistas singing with those young little voices… so fressssh, and yet so close to all that tawdry and hyper-sexualized blasphemy.   [The coal-like glow rises and falls again.] Remember, let the women’s fashions be fleshy, but let the men’s fashions make you wonder which sex the model is.  That’s important.   But the key is to make every who sees anything of this gala forever have a distorted vision of the glories of the Church’s past tradition.  Think Fellini, double it, and make it real in front of their eyes. Their very… memory [the speaker almost coughs the word as if it stuck in the gorge] must have these new images superimposed in such a way that when they see an old church, beautiful vestments, that solemm and traditional .. wor… wor… worship that is reviving [the listeners imagine they hear a sound much like the cracking of wood, maybe centered near the armrest].   We must superimpose these new images, lay them over what they might see in churches and hear in choirlofts.   It must all be make a thing of mockery.

[SILENCE for several beats]

SUPER HIGH PRELATE: That’s it.  That doesn’t work well on a small scale.  But on the grand and exaggerated scale it just might work.   [Hurriedly]  Not that I for a moment doubt.

OMNES:   Of course not!

JESUIT: Oh, Super High.  This is so… so fabulous.  I’ll contact all my friends immediately.   It’ll be bigger than … than… the Broadway opening of The Producers!

CARDINAL: And even more gay and corrupting.   Let us make sure that at least one Cardinal is there.   I could… could… mind you, sacrifice some time and go to New York to over…

SUPER HIGH PRELATE:  You [pointing at the JESUIT].  Put your website aside for a little while and get to work on the brethren in New York, that one guy in particular.  He has an in now with all the tools whom we need.   You.  [point at the CARDINAL] Put your L’Osservatore article aside for a bit and begin to meet with these people.   However, I stress this. Thread into their hesitations and protestations of respect etc etc etc hints that if they might accidentally go a little too far, we won’t be overly upset.  As a matter of fact, were there some donations to good causes, our moods could be considerably improved.

OMNES: We obey!

UR-JESUIT [whisper]Perinde ac cadaver!

You don’t think this is plausible?

Remember how a small group met in the 1960’s at Hyanissport – key Jesuits and politicians with ultra-liberal moralists such as McCormick and Curran influenced byJesuit John Courtney Murray – to map out a strategy to give cover to catholic politicians so they could take a pro-abortion stand.  To scratch the surface HERE. And do read The Faithful Departed: The Collapse of Boston’s Catholic Culture by Philip F. Lawler US HERE

This sort of meeting does take place.  Think of the meetings of the Sankt Gallen group.  Think of the small meetings of key prelates and theologians during Vatican II.   Many important things are decided by very few behind closed doors.

What sparked this?   I was sitting in the FSSP church Ss. Trinita dei Pellegrini during the beautiful Solemn Mass for Ascension Thursday.  The music was beautiful.  The vestments were beautiful.  The church was beautiful.  The liturgical rites were dignified and reverent and beautiful.   And I had an image of a couple people walking into the church as the music was going and the altar was being incensed and, behind their hands tittering something about the pictures they saw in the newspaper from the Gay-la.

That’s when I got mad.  

I realized that, down to its roots, the Devil was at work.

Here’s the thing about the Enemy, the Devil: he always tells you upfront what he’s doing.   If you slow down and examine events and even personal temptations, the Enemy is hiding in plain sight.

So.  Now I’m mad.

However, I think that this is going to backfire on the Enemy and his agents.   Why?

A couple anecdotes.

I was at supper with a priest friend the other night.  He used an image for the Church’s traditional life which I found compelling.  Think of a balloon that someone is trying to force down underwater.   The moment they let go, even a little, it blasts back to the surface.  It can be held down for a little while, but not forever.

I was in a Roman clerical shop the other day.  I’ve been a regular client in some of these places for over 30 years.   The fellow in the shop recounted that in the days after it got out into the press that His Holiness pretty much pummeled a young cleric who had a Roman hat, a saturno, they sold in that shop more Roman hats in a couple of days than they ordinarily sell in a whole year.   I am reminded of how gun stores in the USA had pictures of Pres. Obama with blue ribbons for “Salesman of the Year”.

I was in chats with various seminarians the younger clergy in the recent past.  They have their eyes fixed on many great things for the future.  Most of them are open to and want our Roman – their Roman – tradition.  Most of them could give a hill of beans about ongoing controversies that are fed in the rock fights of Twitter, etc.

For years I have generally reached for a plain alb and a rather simply surplice when about my duties.   One of the things that libs do – especially those who are projecting onto others there own sexual deviancy problems – is denigrate traditional or conservative with labels about lace or fancy vestments, as if the use of some lace on an altar or alb is somehow “queer” (as the accusers usually are).   Anyway, it may be that I let that get to me and figured, “Okay, I’ll use mostly simple stuff, leaving the lace and fancy for the bigger feasts.”   To heck with that.  The deviants and their devilish teammates who developed the anti-Catholic Met Gay-la tried to spike the ball over our net.  I say, let’s block that ball and spike it right in their hornéd faces.

To that end, as I went with a friend to a clerical shop so he could pick up some ordination gifts, I spontaneously told the shopguy, I take one of those and one of those.

Afterward, we walked over the the great Gesù, the magnificent church of the Jesuits in the heart of Rome.  I went to the image of the Sacred Heart (so many of you know it) in the chapel on the right.  Knelt down and prayed for and against the Jesuits… for their conversion and against everything they are doing to hurt our Catholic identity.  And then I said aloud, “Okay, my Heart.  This is Yours now.  I’m handing this to You.  You have to do this now.  C’mon.  Help us.  We need you.”

We need to fight back now.


Let’s get into the game and leave nothing on the field.  We need super powerful reverent sacred liturgical worship, in continuity with our forebears, according to the vision of Benedict XVI – you KNOW that he was right.   We need gracious corporal works of mercy and bold spiritual works.   These in tandem cannot be stopped by all the powers of Hell.

Do all you can at your local level.

You can also support this by giving donations to the Tridentine Mass Society of the Diocese of Madison!  501(c)(3)   We are trying to raise the tide so that all boats rise.

You can participate in a long-term project here to get birettas for seminarians.  HERE

You can send donations to me.  I’ve got to step it up a little too.

Encourage your priests!  We priests – most of us anyway – are not prec

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  1. JustaSinner says:

    I know what Christ wants me to do…but why do I feel compelled to go Old School St Michael on them?

  2. SanSan says:

    Amen Father. From your lips to God’s ears!!

    Praying for the conversion of all clergy who have lost their way. Praying for all the strong souls in Christ who are leading the charge……His Kingdom Is At Hand.

  3. RichR says:

    Our priest who offers a monthly EF Mass put out a Christmas wishlist for beautiful vestments and chalices. His price tag was $35,000. The (young parent) parishioners put up $95,000. The felt chasibles and glittery 70’s stoles are being shipped to missions in South America where, presumably, they will be usd ……or burnt.

    [Good efforts and good people. I’ve been very restrained so far with the TMSM. I’ve made sure we have the bases covered for just about every type of rite. Now, however, I really would like to raise funds and make some truly spectacular vestments. I have an expensive imagination and vision which I have kept seriously in check. Your comment gives me a boost.]

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  4. JabbaPapa says:

    I realized that, down to its roots, the Devil was at work


    Here’s the thing about the Enemy, the Devil: he always tells you upfront what he’s doing

    Exactly so — he’s said it brazenly to my face.

  5. Ave Maria says:

    We should all have a righteous anger over the mockeries and blasphemies that are out there, including this disgrace at the Met which was okay with a cardinal, a well known bishop, and a certain jethuit. Of all the indecent costumes, the one with images of Our Lady all over it and the one mocking Our Lady of Sorrows hit me the most–that is my Mother and Our Lord’s Mother they are blaspheming. We must make reparation to these insults against Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart; this is one of the reasons for the Five First Saturdays: has everyone made these?

    Until Our Lord intervenes, yes, manly lace and the lovely trappings that belong to our traditions and liturgies are not to be ashamed of.

  6. Benedict Joseph says:

    More than plausible. It reflects the essential truth.
    God reward you for your zealous response to this outrage, the debased nature of which is actually beyond words.
    God reward you.

  7. Ave Crux says:

    FANTASTIC article…..very, very powerful – and critical – insights that would never have occurred to me. Thank you!

  8. Traductora says:

    I think yours is a bold and excellent response to this cruel, twisted sacrilege. I have been unable to stop thinking about it, and it grieves me and makes me angrier every time I do. It was even more appalling than Francis’ projection of apes and predators on the walls of St Peter’s a few years ago.

    And I think you’re right about its intention: this degradation was meant to permanently soil one’s vision of these sacred items. The participation of Church officials was, furthermore, meant to show that nobody takes these things seriously, probably nobody ever did, and the joke was on us simpletons for having believed that “Holy” is part of the title of the Church. After all, the One and the Catholic are nearly gone, the Apostolic spot seems to have been filled by Martin Luther or perhaps even by Francis himself, so why not really rub our noses in it and make it clear that it’s not now and never was Holy, and in fact, there’s no such thing as holy and we were just gullible. This while, as you say, they rattle the ice in their glasses, or, in one case, send out for hot dogs amidst great chortling.

    It really is time to fight back.

  9. ex seaxe says:

    I count myself as pretty liberal, both politically and in liturgy and theology. But this thing is clearly devilish and how clerics can get mired in it is beyond me. Some of them do seem to have rather sickly grins on their faces. They need to be reminded “He who sups with the devil needs use a long spoon.”

  10. Absit invidia says:

    Anything our modernist church can do to swoon for praise from Hollywood, they will say and do.

  11. Joy65 says:

    3 Our Fathers
    3 Hail Marys
    3 Glory Bes for our Catholic Church and all who serve in Her and all She serves.

  12. Sieber says:

    Hmmmmmm. You’ve been reading Malachi Martin again.

  13. Kathleen10 says:

    As things ramp up my husband and I are more Catholic than we were before. We more determined to be Catholic, authentically Catholic in the traditional sense. The more they work to destroy, the more determined we become.
    The Met thing should school us. I still read people saying “oh but the Vatican said they didn’t KNOW the objects were going to be used that way…”. Oh..my…word…a gentleman wrote he worked at a museum next to the Met and knew how things worked. These items were selected, noted, catalogued, and there was much discussion about how they would be used, for probably two years prior. They are out like trout, in the Vatican and elsewhere. Blatant, and in our face, about their orientations and plans. I don’t find your script unthinkable, Fr. Z., I find it now entirely plausible. There is a great deal of evil afoot, and they are now hiding in plain sight, so much power do they feel they have. This Met gala was just this week’s poke in the eye. There will be another by Monday.

  14. You are innocent. Stay that way.

  15. adriennep says:

    That’s great! Now where are your friends the other priests and bishops of this country who are going to also speak out against this? Doesn’t this likewise condemn their souls for non action? And where can we find that list?

  16. adriennep says:

    That’s great! Now where are your friends the other priests and bishops of this country who are going to also speak out against this? Doesn’t this likewise condemn their souls for non action? And where can we find that list?

  17. Akita says:

    Poke in the eye? Is that all you can muster Kathleen? It’s more like they took a hot poker, impaled the globe, the vitreous fluid running down our faces, blinding and maiming us terribly.

  18. iPadre says:

    Bravo Padre! We have all had enough of their dung.

  19. rbbadger says:

    Because I am a liturgical thrill seeker, I have long had an interest in the liturgies of the Eastern Churches. When I was a seminarian, I found it much safer for me to go to a Byzantine liturgy or a Maronite liturgy than to the extraordinary form, which I would generally only attend in another diocese in another state where I was completely unknown.

    I really developed a great love for those liturgies. Though I am, and always will be a Latin Rite Catholic in my heart of hearts, I will also always have a great love for the Eastern liturgies I came to know. When I was transferred to the major seminary for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, attending the Melkite parish was a major source of liturgical sanity for me.

    It also became a source of great frustration. I could go to the Melkite parish and hear beautiful chanting in Greek and Arabic. I could go to the Armenian Catholic parish and hear nothing but the chants of the Armenian Rite. While the Maronite Rite was a mixed experience, even that had more of their authentic tradition than most of the liturgies in the Ordinary Form. I really could not say that I had really experienced the liturgical tradition of the Roman Rite, especially since this was in the bad old days of the pre-2011 “translation”.

    I am a priest now. It concerns me deeply that many Latin Rite Catholics don’t have a firm grasp of their tradition let alone their faith. In my time spent around Eastern Christians, I have always been impressed by the love for their distinctive traditions many of them have. We also have distinctive traditions which have nurtured the faith of generations of saints. These earnestly need to be recovered.

    Then there is Catholic identity itself. We will never fit in with American culture completely. I think that is something to rejoice in. We should not be afraid to be distinctive. In that spirit, soon after my priestly ordination I was invited by the Mormons to be on a float in a parade in my hometown. As an interreligious gesture, they had decided to put a float in the parade for my home parish’s fiesta. As the first priest to come out of that parish since its founding in the mid-19th century, I decided that I should appear devastatingly Catholic. And so, on a float sponsored by the Mormon faith community, I wore a cassock, fascia and biretta!

  20. Malta says:

    This Met-Gala thing is all too real for me; as a former FBI Agent I am working on a case involving the biggest satanic cult in Northern New Mexico. This weirdness, bondage etc. is no joke: it’s demonic. I was finishing a report and everything flew off my desk and my lights turned on-and-off on their own; a young mother was with me to witness even more strange demonic phenomena where satanic bondage took place. This stuff is not fun and games.

  21. LeeGilbert says:

    In the course of my wife and I reading God or Nothing by Cardinal Sarah we came across the following passage (p. 280) the other evening and Cardinal Dolan came to mind. Although Cardinal Sarah was speaking of the welcome offered to homosexual persons expressed in the Relatio post disceptationem from the last Synod on the Family in 2014, it applies just as well mutatis mutandi to Cardinal Dolan’s involvement in the recent “Heavenly Bodies” gala.

    “While Christians [in the Middle East] are dying for their faith and their fidelity to Jesus, in the West, men of the Church are trying to reduce the requirements of the Gospel to a minimum. . . .The real scandal is not the existence of sinners, for mercy and forgiveness always exist precisely for them, but rather the confusion between good and evil caused by Catholic shepherds. If men who are consecrated to God are no longer capable of understanding the radical nature of the Gospel message and seek to anaesthetize it, we will be going the wrong way.

    Well, we have been going the wrong way for a long time, getting softer and softer, our disciplines more and more mitigated, so that “Heavenly Bodies” at the Met was just another fully predicatable point on the trajectory. It is a logical development. Not yet do we have a prostitute dancing on the altar of of St. Patrick’s, but that is on the trajectory, too, and so long as it is done in good taste and draws the movers and shakers of the city, only the hypocritically rigid will quibble. Yet, since this is probably a few decades out, it doesn’t seem likely at the moment. But only yesterday “Heavenly Bodies” was also unthinkable.

  22. LeeGilbert says:

    As for an antidote to this miserable development, this morning the man who opens the church told me of his talk at his grandson’s wedding, the first of his 18 grandchildren to get married. He lay awake for three nights thinking of what to say. He addressed the virgins at the reception, saying “no offense” to those who are not, but saying, “You think virginity isn’t important? It is huge. Huge! Therefore Our Lord decreed that His mother would be a virgin forever.” He mentioned that his grandson and his bride had dated for three years without sleeping together, and that while he himself was a rascal, he dated his wife for seven years and she held out all that time. And many blessings have come as a result. When he finished six or seven seminarian friends of his grandson came up and thanked him profusely, for they had never hear the like at their seminary. Moms came up and expressed their appreciation for his talk. And then he asked me, ‘Why do priests never address this? The virgins in our midst need support.”

    The script you wrote is fully believable, and the strategy understandable, but for my money the answer is monasticism, not the highly mitigated monasticism of today, but the monasticism of the desert fathers, of St. Benedict and St. Bernard and de Rance’, poverty, chastity and obedience lived out in a radical self-oblation that would once again bring down grace on the Church, support virginity, prevent unworthy prelates, inspire the young, provoke conversions and hold Babylon at bay.

  23. Antonin says:

    What a colossal failure of leadership. I don’t want to get into what about if…but nobody would DREAM of mocking Jewish regalia like this or engage in songs striking at their sacred things like the land or state if Israel and obviously never for Islam or Buddhism ..,,,would never ever happen and their leaders would not permit. Ours not only permit it but attend …..Doland has betrayed the Church of Christ …..if they (bishops and cardinals) want the modern world they need to understand that respect is earned not granted just because the don a collar or wear red….he has not earned my respect and it will not he given ….if he wants it he needs to gain it back

  24. Rouxfus says:

    It is especially appropriate, Father, that you prayed for the Society of Jesuits in that particular church, in that very chapel, because devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus was, at one time, a key and emblematic devotion of that order of holy priests. As Malachi Martin (whose literary spirit you seem to be channeling in the first part of this post) describes, in his history of the society to which he had previously belonged, the significance of the devotion:

    From the moment that Rome accepted the authenticity of Alacoque’s revelations in the late seventeenth century, the Jesuits officially and enthusiastically accepted the commission to spread this devotion. No image was to take such a hold on the piety and devotion of the ordinary faithful as that which came everywhere to be called the Sacred Heart of Jesus; and no other single ascetic devotion came to be recognized as so typically Jesuit as devotion to that Sacred Heart, the perfect symbol of the Jesuit ideal in personal holiness.

    The deliberate cultivation of this specifically Jesuit note—personal devotion to Jesus, especially under the image of his Sacred Heart—in the members of the Order, as they spread out all over the world and worked at the most diverse jobs with different talents, techniques and results, explains what many have noted with curiosity about Jesuits in the past: the high degree of individualism rampant among them and, at the same time, that strangely winsome and impressive commonality shrouding them as a group.

    And, as the devotion to the cor sanctissima became the emblem and touchstone of the order in its later post-suppression prime, so too the wholesale abandonment of the devotion was the canary in the coal-mine whose silence betokened the presence of an odorless and invisible, but nevertheless toxic gaseous smoke—toxic to the fidelity of the order to the faith, the the vow of obedience to the Holy Father personally…

    Nor was Modernism a fact in the general consciousness of the Jesuits during the fifties and sixties. No one seemed to notice that a strange, radical change was taking place in Jesuitism. Nevertheless, that specific note on the part of individual Jesuits of personal attachment to Jesus was being undermined silently, unobtrusively. One of the Society’s greatest Father Generals emphasized that specific note in a warning fashion.

    “We can measure the extent to which we are faithful to the call of Our Lord Jesus to his Society,” Father General Ledochowski wrote in one of his letters to the whole Society, “by the importance that devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus holds in each one of us and in the Society as a Religious Order.”

    Without here delving into the causes that did away with that importance of devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus as the centerpiece of the Jesuit character, we can get a very poignant idea of how profoundly that classical character of the Jesuit had changed at the beginning of the seventies, by reading the words of Father General Pedro Arrupe in 1972.

    As that year was the centenary of Father General Beckx’s consecration of the whole Society to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Arrupe planned a centenary celebration. But when he broached the subject by word of mouth and in letters with the other Superiors and leading Jesuits in Rome and elsewhere, he found—as surely he must already have realized at least dimly—that Jesuits on the whole and in their majority had simply lost interest in devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Some regarded it as childish, primitive, unsophisticated, repellant, unworthy of a modern mind. Some found it even gross and sensuous. Some others had decided that the modern mind could not accept such a devotion, though they themselves saw some merit in it for very simple people—little children, peasants, and such. Still others alleged theological difficulties. Few saw any connection between this devotion and the Ignatian character of the Jesuits. In sum, Arrupe could not find a commonly shared persuasion any longer among his Jesuits that the Society had a divine commission from Christ through Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque and the Holy See to propagate this devotion.

    Nonetheless, Arrupe went ahead with his plans. His letter to the whole Society about the centenary celebrations would make the angels weep.

    Arrupe began by admitting that “conflicting opinons [are] found in the Society today regarding this devotion.” He spoke of the “indifference” of some, the “subconscious aversion” of others, the “distaste, even repugnance” of still others, concerning this devotion. Some, he added, “prefer to maintain a respectful silence and await developments.” His letter, therefore, consisted of an endeavor to solve “the ascetic, pastoral, and apostolic problems which the devotion to the Sacred Heart presents today,” although he found it “difficult to treat of.” He did not say why he found it difficult.

    The letter, in digest, recommended that Jesuits develop “a broad understanding” of the devotion, that they put aside “one-sided exaggerations or purely emotional reactions,” and in effect allow every Jesuit to do as he pleased.

    In sum, devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus as an official devotion of the Society was as dead as a doornail.

    [Malachi Martin, The Jesuits]

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