Ireland votes pro-abortion for Trinity Sunday, the heavens respond

The Irish constitution begins in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, stating:

“In the name of the Most Holy Trinity, from Whom is all authority and to Whom, as our final end, all actions both of men and States must be referred, We, the people of Éire, Humbly acknowledging all our obligations to our Divine Lord, Jesus Christ . . .”

… vote to kill the unborn.”

In 2015, for Trinity Sunday, the Irish voted for same-sex mockery of marriage.

This year, 2018, Ireland voted for abortion for Trinity Sunday.

Also, this year, as reported by the BBC, terrible lightning storms raged between Dublin and London, the city to which Irish women went for abortions until now.   HERE there is a piece with amazing photos.

Around 15,000 lightning strikes were recorded in four hours on Saturday night, BBC Weather said.

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  1. vetusta ecclesia says:

    The lightening disabled for some hours London Stansted Airport the UK HQ of Ryanair

  2. Clinton R. says:

    First the legalization of aberro marriage. Now the legalization of the slaughter of the unborn. Ireland, once a nation of saints, has cast its lot with Satan. Lightning strikes will seem like a picnic compared to the day when the full wrath of God is unleashed upon all nations for our wickedness. May St. Patrick pray for the remnant of the faithful in Ireland.

  3. They probably haven’t got sense enough to be afraid.

  4. RichR says:

    Murder of the Innocents cries out to Heaven for vengeance.

  5. yatzer says:

    I am afraid Heaven may have given us up to our own devices.

  6. Justalurkingfool says:

    Cannot say, honestly, that I am surprised by the vote in Ireland. But, it is still heartbreaking.


  7. Kent Wendler says:

    Those who voted for this remind me of the crowd who allowed themselves to be urged by the Sanhedrin into demanding “Crucifixion!” for our Lord – and those whose task it was to so do. I wonder (even though it is really none of my business) how His prayer to the Father to “forgive them, for they know not …” will affect their particular judgments.

    I am not concerned about the fate of those who will now be killed by abortion – they’re all in God’s care, the best! But I do hope that through our Lord’s Divine Mercy they will avoid the terrible fate to which they seem to be going.

  8. LDP says:

    Indeed. Even from the other side of the Irish Sea, as I lay in bed last night trying to sleep through the lightning storm, I couldn’t help but think how coincidental it was for the Irish referendum result to be heralded with such a violent storm. Our African priest spoke in his homily today of how it had been an Irish missionary priest who had encouraged and inspired his priestly vocation – not easy listening. Even until recently people have, in spite of the clear facts, entertained the image of ‘Catholic Ireland’, somehow holding out against the rest of a rapidly secularising Europe. It’s with a certain sadness I suppose that such misguided naivety must now be definitively and conclusively quashed. The next target: ‘same-sex marriage’ and abortion in Northern Ireland. I fear it’s only a matter of time.

  9. Grant M says:

    From the book whose opening verse: “Diligite justitiam, qui judicatis terram” is literally spelt out in lights for Dante in heaven…

    Wisdom 12.

    [1] For thy immortal spirit is in all things.
    [2] Therefore thou dost correct little by little
    those who trespass,
    and dost remind and warn them of the things wherein they sin,
    that they may be freed from wickedness and
    put their trust in thee, O Lord.

    [3] Those who dwelt of old in thy holy land
    [4] thou didst hate for their detestable practices,
    their works of sorcery and unholy rites,
    [5] their merciless slaughter of children,
    and their sacrificial feasting on human flesh and blood.
    These initiates from the midst of a heathen cult,
    [6] these parents who murder helpless lives,
    thou didst will to destroy by the hands of our fathers,
    [7] that the land most precious of all to thee
    might receive a worthy colony of the servants of God.
    [8] But even these thou didst spare, since they were but men,
    and didst send wasps as forerunners of thy army,
    to destroy them little by little,
    [9] though thou wast not unable to give the ungodly
    into the hands of the righteous in battle,
    or to destroy them at one blow by dread wild
    beasts or thy stern word.
    [10] But judging them little by little thou gavest
    them a chance to repent,
    though thou wast not unaware that their origin was evil
    and their wickedness inborn,
    and that their way of thinking would never change.
    [11] For they were an accursed race from the beginning,
    and it was not through fear of any one that
    thou didst leave them unpunished for their sins. (RSV)

    You see the pattern: first the minor chastisements (the “wasps”), and a chance to repent, then, if a people prove obdurate…

  10. frjim4321 says:

    Hey, here’s an idea. Let’s figure out the factors that drive the tragedy of abortion and adopt policies to mitigate them? Like, figure out a solution to this problem that doesn’t involve bullying pregnant women? [STRAW MAN! FAIL!]

  11. Malta says:

    My last baby, who is now eight, was diagnosed as possibly having Down Syndrome; I begged my then wife not to abort her–today she is a perfectly beautiful, non-downs, red-headed Irish girl. I’m Irish and studied in Ireland; I was amazed at the number of beautiful downs kids you could see, who have more compassionate souls than many of us. Here is the reality of what this vote entails:

  12. Malta says:

    I swear to God, the OBGYN Doctor wanted to abort my baby just based on the fact that she had a little bigger hands and feet as an eight week fetus. I think babies are being killed left and right, without reason. I begged my ex-wife not to have the testing done, because what? So what if the baby has a birth defect.. She is no longer Catholic; but I digress. Even if my baby had downs I was going to raise her to her expected life expectancy of around 40 for those children. I was part of Right to Life. I would pray the Rosary with my two now oldest kids in front of the abortion mill where I live; I would get almost diabolical yells from people for us to stop. This is a spiritual issue comparable to the Aztec’s ripping out the hearts of children to create rain-first they would make them cry.

  13. jaykay says:

    Sadly, Fr Jim 4321, your comment about “bullying pregnant women” mirrors much of the boilerplate pro-abort propaganda we saw here in Ireland: “policing their bodies” etc. etc. If after 45 years of abortion in your own country (and 51 in the UK) the “factors that drive the tragedy of abortion” haven’t been worked out then that doesn’t say very much for human intelligence. Those factors are the same now as they were almost 2,000 years ago when abortion was condemned in the Didache.

    There actually weren’t any thunderstorms at all in my part of Ireland. We haven’t had one for a long time, and when we do they’re pretty tame anyway, so people tend to get excited when a good “show” happens – which would be regarded as nothing in other parts of the world (much like when heavy snow occasionally happens here).

  14. robtbrown says:

    frjim4321 says

    Hey, here’s an idea. Let’s figure out the factors that drive the tragedy of abortion and adopt policies to mitigate them? Like, figure out a solution to this problem that doesn’t involve bullying pregnant women? 

    Using that argument, prohibiting slavery in the mid 19th century would have been bullying plantation owners.

  15. Joy65 says:

    Dear Lord do whatever it takes to MAKE Ireland as well as our United States of America WAKE UP and reverse the horrible laws they’ve passed regarding Marriage and the killing of the unborn. PLEASE Lord help those who support these terrible wrongs to realize they are paving their way straight to Hell. Father, Son, Holy Spirit touch the hearts, minds and souls of those who are blind to their sin and their beliefs in what goes against your very will, help them to see their error and CHANGE the wrongs and make them right. Help all in authority to support Traditional Marriage and life in all of its stages from Conception to Natural Death. God have mercy on us and on the whole world.

  16. Imrahil says:

    Rev’d dear Fr Jim,

    Hey, here’s an idea. Let’s figure out the factors that drive the tragedy of abortion and adopt policies to mitigate them? Like, figure out a solution to this problem that doesn’t involve bullying pregnant women?

    Why, yes.

    One of the factors that drive the tragedy of abortion – not, I quite agree, the only one, but certainly one, and quite probably the most important one, is simply this:

    People will commit crimes if they are the most comfortable alternative and they do not face punishment.

    That is not restricted to either abortion or pregnant women. And though some of us may have had the good luck that it did not happen to us that one of the big crimes crossed our way as most comfortable alternative, I guess we find enough examples of this principle in action, at least for “mere sins”, in our Confession content.

    So, this is the factor, possibly factor number 1: People will commit crimes if they are the most comfortable alternative.

    Now, having an unwanted baby will always be less comfortable – at least look less comfortable when the baby is not yet delivered – than not having said baby. There is no room for mitigation here.

    But we can mitigate the other part; we can make them face punishment.

    Of course, sin is its own punishment (not its own only punishment, but it is some part of it), and all the more so if it involves killing a soul and losing a child. Which is, I guess, why so many women don’t abort and so many women who wish to do so are reluctant in their wish and quite willing to let themselves be helped. – But as we see, sometimes this isn’t enough.

    God threats with Hell and Purgatory, and as we can attest, this does help matters, both with abortion and with everything else. But it so happens that that isn’t necessarily enough, because to remote or because the people are unbelievers or somewhat lacking in their belief, and that’s why the secular power has the sword – whether it now has to combat aborters, or robbers.

  17. frjim4321 says:

    I get your point, Robert, but there is a problem with your analogy.

    A slave was not a person living inside another person’s body.

    I respectfully advance the opinion that this difference is very significant.

    [A baby is a PERSON no matter where she is.]

  18. Malta says:

    You know, this world is in the bottom of the toilet bowl as its being flushed. A boy of 14 can legally have a 60 y/0 boyfriend in London. I know in the middle ages young girls married older men, but this is a whole new paradigm shift not seen since late antiquity. This is poisnous evil. There are no “penumbras” in our Constitution allowing for abortion, yet men will create evil at any cost. I do agree that we need to have more social resources for pregnant women, but killing babies is the worst evil since Hitler killed Jews.

  19. Malta says:

    I use “Malta” as my user name because I admire their stance on abortion. I studied the Maastricht Treaty at Trinity College, Dublin. The EU has basically coerced countries in Europe to accept abortion. Malta is now the last EU Country that doesn’t allow abortion, but it too could fall.

  20. Malta says:

    This is a great article:

    Most abortions in the US are because of “work, education.” We are killing human beings for no reason. There are plenty of infertile couples that would love to adopt those babies. I’m part of Right to Life of New Mexico, and this stuff literally breaks my heart. Ireland is going to suffer for this. The once Iron Tiger is no longer a tiger but a wounded one.

  21. Malta says:

    The whole jubilance over the legalization of abortion is also somewhat absurd for this reason: a woman, before the vote, could easily take a ferry over the pond and get an abortion in the UK. One of the people leading the charge in all of this is a satanic lesbian, or I should say atheist lesbian–I guess that are somewhat the same. I saw a picture of thousands cheering for this constitutional change; there is the demonic in all of this.

  22. John Grammaticus says:

    Fr Jim.

    I am bound to respect you because you are an ordained Priest of OLSJC but your argument is vacuous beyond belief. I am autistic and I worry because they are on the verge of developing a prenatal test for my condition which will probably lead to them killing people such as myself in the womb.

    I have prayed outside abortion centers and I have never seen pregnant women being bullied, if anything it is the counter protesters who have been the bullies. I have friends who work for the UK equivalent of crises pregnancy centers and the are harassed at every turn by the biased media, an ill informed public and the ‘progressive’ political establishment.

    What say ye Father? am I Life unworthy of life because of mental health disorder, should I have been from my mothers womb untimely ripped? You say abortion is a ‘tragedy, may I be so presumptuous as to ask what YOU personally are doing to reduce this scourge in your country ?

  23. Imrahil says:

    Rev’d dear Fr Jim,

    A slave was not a person living inside another person’s body.

    The fact that the baby lives inside the body of its mother, which is admittedly her own body, is properly taken care of by the fact that if someone kills a born person, he goes to prison for life, or perhaps to the triple injection in your country, while if someone kills an unborn person inside her own body, states should, and until things got mixed up did, only condemn her to a couple of years of prison.

  24. Carrie says:

    John, Here are just a few things we can do to reduce this scourge: pray (outside an abortion clinic, in your home, at Mass, anywhere); set up facilities/services and find generous benefactors to provide quality medical care for women and children whose jobs do not provide insurance and who cannot afford to purchase it (like— universal health care); fight for just wages for all— including minimum wages and equalizing male/female wages; write to college/university presidents and boards about the ridiculous cost of higher education that makes it inaccessible to many, and especially the poor; vote for candidates who are pro-care/rights for the poor, elderly, mentally ill, vets, immigrants, etc.—in other words, are pro-life, not just pro-birth. Typically, if a candidate is pro-wealthy and pro-guns, they will not care about the other issues; though they will say that they do to get elected by those who really want to believe them.

  25. Kent Wendler says:

    First of all, I rather suspect that “frjim4321” is a misleading “handle” and that this person is not at all a member of the Catholic clergy.

    Second, a claim like this indicates that a person is taking to himself a claim of having the right to kill another person, for whatever arbitrary reason the first person finds convenient. People like this should take care! Reciprocity then indicates that they themselves are vulnerable to arbitrary killing.

  26. Nan says:

    How about we return to Church teaching regarding sexuality? Save it for marriage until death do us part?

  27. Nan says:

    Abortion was first legal in Hitler’s Germany, required for liaisons he disapproved of.

  28. Barnacle says:

    A slave was not a person living inside another person’s body.
    I respectfully advance the opinion that this difference is very significant.’

    I disagree. I advance the opinion that it’s not very significant, and it’s not for very long either!

    What is a womb for, after all? During pregnancy the womb is still part of the mother’s body; no-one steals it; it’s still there in all its glory, actually carrying out the purpose for which it was intended, – for a short while…

    As a mother I can tell you that after the births of my children I always felt strangely empty and sad, and I missed feeling and holding my children inside me.

    It is in fact a wondrous, awe-inspiring process, which many would call a miracle, that a human life comes about and develops like this.

    With all these people baying for blood, well, – it breaks my heart.

  29. maternalView says:

    Upwards of 60% of women who’ve had an abortion in the USA admit afterwards they were coerced or pressured or bullied into it. So much for choice.

  30. JonPatrick says:

    From a practical standpoint I suppose this vote doesn’t change much as Irish Women were already crossing to England to get abortions. A little less traffic on the ferry to Holyhead. From a symbolic standpoint it is a tragedy showing how far Ireland has fallen as a former Catholic country, making a mockery of all the martyrs who died for their faith in the face of Protestant persecution.

    As to Fr. Jim’s argument, I’m not sure people really want to examine the reasons for abortions as this would involve looking at the contraceptive mentality that separates sex from procreation and sees it as another kind of entertainment.

  31. robtbrown says:


    I get your point, Robert, but there is a problem with your analogy.

    A slave was not a person living inside another person’s body.

    I respectfully advance the opinion that this difference is very significant.

    Both are Rights arguments.

    In fact, in law in the US the unborn have more rights than slaves did. The unborn have property rights; slaves had none. And the unborn have a right not to be murdered: Scott Peterson was convicted of 1st degree murder in the death of his pregnant wife and of 2d degree murder in the death of his unborn child

  32. JustaSinner says:

    “Fr”jim, [NO! I don’t like that scare quote BS. No.   o{]>:¬(   Make your point without that rubbish. FrJim may be dead wrong, but his sacramental character is to be respected.]
    Does Soros pay you trolls extra for posting on Fr Z’s blog?

  33. JustaSinner says:

    Jimbo, [NO! That’s not done here.   o{]:¬(   ] left unfettered, that ‘fetus’ you speak of will ALWAYS be born human, homo sapien, never a dog, horse or giraffe. And once OUT OF THE WOMB, born on American soil, makes them a citizen with good arantee of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

  34. Luminis says:

    Fr.Jim??? What do you suggest ?

  35. JustaSinner says:

    My apologies…did not know he was a priest. The internet is full of made up/fake-believe monikers.

  36. JustaSinner says:

    Once again my apologies Father…I guess DEFINATELY my bad as you run a tight ship and fake priests wouldn’t get through!

  37. KateD says:

    The whole point of the Irish Republic was to be free to practice our Catholicism without fear of persecution. The reason so many American’s are of Irish descent is because we would NOT give up our faith. They could starve us, beat us, shoot us, stab us, take our land, make us rent it back from them, refuse us work, slaughter our families, strip us naked and send us on coffin boats to strange lands….BUT WE WOULD NOT GIVE UP OUR FAITH. We as a people have suffered so much for our faith….what a betrayal to all Irish (resident and diaspora) this vote on abortion is.

    I found in a census record where my Great-great-great grandparents after having immigrated to America as young people and living their adult lives here in the States listed their place of birth as “The Irish Free State!” They were old, but so proud of their homeland’s hard won independence from the oppressive rule of England. How sad they must be to look down and see her shame today.

    For the first time in my life, I am ashamed of my Irish heritage.

  38. KateD says:

    Father Jim,

    Our right to life is not predicated upon location, age nor how much we are wanted.

    Row v. was an error and a miscarriage of justice.

    We now have the scientific and medical evidence which definitively proves that life begins at conception. And further that the child feels the pain when they are torn limb from limb in their mother’s womb. This is a human life created by Our Creator. He is their Heavenly Father. He who had us in mind from the begining of time has given that person an immortal soul. These children are willed into existence by the Almighty. Dare anyone destroy (aka//murder) what He has wrought so beautifully and called His own? If He finds it suits His purpose to bring a downs child into the world, who is man to deny God’s will? Father, do you not see the evil pleasure the demonic derive by driving humanity to such heinous acts and the horrific mutilation of those made in His image?

    Please reconsider your position.

  39. benedetta says:

    frjim4321, Why do you so resent the pro-life movement? One would think that you would appreciate and not disparage or mischaracterize a peaceful, prayerful, practical movement that saves lives. Admittedly, not enough, but still, of the small number of women who turn around in the light of the reality and truth that they really have no “right” in justice at all to kill another person, even when, or especially when, that vulnerable person dwells within, of that tiny number who realize that they can in fact choose life, there are absolutely never any regrets. Don’t you think, frjim4321, that you as a male cleric, ought to listen to those women’s voices? And what about those who are permitted to be born — why do you not respectfully acknowledge that they do not agree with this madness that pressures women into abortion as somehow a glamorous corollary to women’s rights?

    Will Ireland go the way of New York, where nearly half of the babies of color are aborted? It’s indefensible, frjim4321. It’s frankly never been as you eerily call it, a “solution”. One thinks of the genocidal and fratricidal “solutions” that men propose over centuries to deal with this or that “problem” of others living when one finds it inexpedient and inconvenient to one’t material pursuits, thereby justifying what should never be imagined as a just solution. The “tragedy” as you call it, like all those other historical genocides, does not inevitably lead to death as the cure to all of our social ills. Clearly though you are an example of the reason why the prolife movement needs to shake people out of their stupor towards a justice that Martin Luther King Jr would be on board with if alive today.

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