Weird and more weird

Yesterday, I posted about weird.   Now, like the commercial, I say:

But wait!  There’s more!

How about this?

Big fashion gala in NYC with cooperation of the Holy See.

Met Gala’s 2018 Catholic Church theme stirs up controversy on social media

Nothing strange about that, compared to the Austrian bishop with the transparent plastic poncho.


Vatican invites Katy Perry to talk about Transcendental Meditation

I believe this is the pop tart who made a name for herself with a bisexual song and a video about canibalism. During the conference, they passed out stuff of a new age theme tinged with satanism.

You would think that Malachi Martin was somewhere in the background writing the screenplay for this.

Alas, not.

¡Hagan lío!


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  2. Ms. M-S says:

    Well, I stopped to check the date, but it’s May 8, not April 1. We see a lot of references to George Orwell’s and Aldous Huxley’s visions of the future. Maybe it’s time to include the disturbing (at least for those of us who find them disturbing) visions of Malachi Martin, along with Michael O’Brien and Robert Hugh Benson, in the discussion.

  3. dbonneville says:

    To add to the weird: I just happened to locate all the Malachi Martin Art Bell interviews last night on YouTube and started listening to the first one, from 1996.

  4. Atra Dicenda, Rubra Agenda says:

    Truth seems strange than fiction anymore.

  5. JustaSinner says:

    Did Katy Perry kill another elderly nun?

  6. Ellen says:

    Last week a young lady wore a Chinese type dress to her prom and Twitter melted down over cultural appropriation. The young lady’s dress was, I thought, quite pretty and the Chinese Embassy agreed.
    There is nothing wrong in using Catholic art, but this is tacky. Just plain tacky. If the ways to God are the true, the good and the beautiful, these costumes are none of them.

  7. LarryW2LJ says:

    What is so gobsmacking is that a lot of the people who were “ooo’ing and aaahhh’ing” these dresses at the Met Gala last night were also the same voices that were ready to crucify that high school girl a few weeks ago for wearing that Chinese dress to her prom. Hypocrisy much? Cultural appropriation, much?

  8. frjimt says:

    In other news: the dominus flevit church will soon be selling flavored Jesus tear bottles…

    These kind of things make one weep..

  9. The Astronomer says:

    As someone who was honored to call Fr. Malachi Martin my best friend, this weirdness at the Met rivals (almost) anything he cooked up in “Windswept House.” Just look up the ultra-popular rock band called “Ghost”; their lead singer dresses like a satanic Pope who goes by the moniker “Papa Emeritus.”

    (The band picked that name in 2010…well before BXVI resigned…how’s that for weird?)

  10. S D Molokai says:

    All this ‘weird’ is the result of boredom. They don’t recognize God’s mission and purpose for them. They would realize they have this if they focused on their prayer life. They are afraid of that silence with God so they create this noise. Cardinal Sarah has a good book about that.

  11. Sandy says:

    First I saw that Katy Perry was at the Vatican and I wondered, who is running this Church?! Then yesterday’s pictures, and my heart sank. As is often asked, if another religion, say Islam, were mocked as ours is, can you imagine what would happen? This is out of control!

  12. Traductora says:

    It looks as if the Church has finally decided to consider the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence a real religious order after all…For those who don’t know, these were drag “nuns” who often appeared at gay events in San Francisco a few years back. Maybe they still do, or maybe, after things like this, they find it’s no longer necessary. How can you flounce around and be “outrageous” when Church approved behavior has already surpassed your act?

  13. Suburbanbanshee says:

    I took a look at the outfits. It was pretty sad. Most of them didn’t even know enough about our religion to be blasphemous. Anna Wintour looked like a dumpy hag misusing pretty fabric. There were attempts to dress up as nuns that just ended up looking like Dutchwomen, attempts to dress up as saints that just looked silly, an attempt at Yemaya the voudoun goddess, two women wearing almost identical black latex outfits, and Katy Perry doing angel cosplay. Many crucifixes, crosses, and rosaries were worn in stupid or sacrilegious positions.

    Meanwhile, Madonna dressed up as a Spanish queen in black. She had a stupid cross-shaped cutout in front, but it didn’t really show much. Strangely, she actually looked much more attractive and less blasphemous than everybody else.

  14. Suburbanbanshee says:

    What I will say is that it’s obvious that celebrity women want to wear tiaras, but that celebrity fashion designers aren’t sure how to make good ones.

  15. Joy65 says:

    So now Catholic “fashion” makes the Catholic Church cool???????????????????????????????

    God have mercy on us and on the whole world.

  16. Suburbanbanshee says:

    I forgot to mention Kim Kardashian, who was almost tasteful. She was wearing a cross on her hip, but the clear idea was to evoke folks who wear their rosaries hanging from their belts. Maybe the back of the dress was worse, but it was just a skintight dress with a lowcut bosom. Practically a church dress, next to the competition.

    Sarah Jessica Parker was another one that was almost tasteful. She had a dress that covered everything, the Sacred Heart pattern was almost historical, and the hat was very Spanish. Then she put a Nativity set in the hat… but again, that’s well within the range of European Catholic fashion, if it had been a painting or woven picture, instead of statues. And she coordinated with her escort, who was wearing a nice Spanish-style suit. Nothing wrong with looking like a toreador. Sadly the outfit clashes with her life, but she doesn’t seem to have been trying to hurt anyone.

    OTOH, the guy who dressed up as Jesus and wore a crown of thorns wreath on his head — he was trash.

  17. Did the Met Gala people happen to notice a hand writing on the wall?

  18. Benedict Joseph says:

    The pericope from this morning’s Office of Readings came to mind as I heard the report of this event and the approval and participation of the hierarchy.
    “You must not love this passing world
    or anything that is in the world.
    The love of the Father cannot be
    in any man who loves the world,
    because nothing the world has to offer
    – the sensual body,
    the lustful eye,
    pride in possessions –
    could ever come from the Father
    but only from the world;
    and the world, with all it craves for,
    is coming to an end;
    but anyone who does the will of God
    remains for ever.” 1 John 2:15-17
    Ironic at least. Surely beyond weird. I’d characterize it as tragic, but unsurprising. Is anything surprising anymore?

  19. MrsAnchor says:

    Those bracelets for the uninformed; are “blessed” by psychics!
    That’s what I’ve been telling people about those bracelets for years!!! They’re way too popular..i’ve Seen them on Catholics at the Tridentine Church no less!! (I would have thought they’d view things with magnifying glass in hand, but they’re human like everyone else) Those bracelets now have had the partnership with Disney for two years I think,? So they’re EVERYWHERE

    I had seen in the news the Owner had been sued by employees because she wanted them to mandatorily go TO Psychics and Readers, like Scientologists and their being “audited”…..

    What happened with Anthony Hopkins and “The Rite”? …Doesn’t anyone care what they come into contact with? The Evil One permeates into every corner, as we see with this grotesque display…
    Boy, if we haven’t had a bad reputation from Borgias & Anti Popes etc in days past…now Christian denominations think we’re off the wall yet…yet again!

  20. JKnott says:

    In “The Interior Castle” St. Teresa of Avila speaks about the lizards in the moat in the first stage of the interior life. Just picture the beautiful sparkling crystal castle where God resides and the moat outside with these characters floating around. I don’t even think they realize their sparkling costumes are blasphemy. Lizards covered in worldly make believe glitter. Prayer is the only remedy to get them into the REAL castle.
    The n of course, there is the star: “The Ascent of Mount Carmel” by St. John of the Cross that says it all.

  21. Gaetano says:

    The Church and modern fashion are irreconcilable, so the inevitable result when the Church collaborates with the spirit of this age on their terms is mockery and kitsch.

    Their ability to discern the good, beautiful, and true has been corrupted. Starving people can’t discern flavors.

  22. Malta says:

    Calling Kim Kardashian almost tasteful is like calling Martin Luther almost Catholic. Anyway, the Vatican is falling into disrepair–actually the Church is falling into disrepair, at least here in Santa Fe, NM. I have a straight Priest friend who is fluent in four languages, and was a corporate attorney, they relegated him to a tiny town. It’s the Lavender Mafia here. He is considering the FSSPX.

  23. NBW says:

    Pray for them. “Adopt” one of the celebrities and Fast and pray for their conversion. Jesus the King will triumph!

  24. ThePapalCount says:

    The Cardinal Archbishop of New York, Cardinal Dolan was in attendance. Fox News reported the
    cardinal’s comments: “But think about it just for a moment. It’s because the church and the Catholic imagination — the theme of this exhibit — are all about three things: truth, goodness and beauty. That’s why we’re into things such as art, culture, music, literature and, yes, even fashion.’’
    Really. Sad.

  25. MrsAnchor says:

    I forgot to mention that those bracelets once “blessed” contain energy per the Company, to seek to remedy the situation & balance the wearer.

    On a side note does anyone think it’d be funny if Apple (the company) turns out to be the maker of the phylactery mentioned in Revelation? The watch/phone that keeps heartbeats & your movements on record for you….or can be used to pay for items? I find it extra eerie that it’s an Apple as the symbol. The serpent and that story in Eden. Don’t get me wrong I think it’s an amazing advance but at the same time view all this advancement with unease….
    How do frogs feel when they’re put into water and the heat is turned up on them slowly?

    Emmet O Regans book had an interesting spin on the last days & yes once one reads O Brian’s Elijah, the imagination just opens up to the How it will end!

  26. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Well, I found out why Madonna’s gown was relatively decent. It was because she was doing an incredibly nasty and blasphemous performance later on. (Facepalm) Get over the anger, woman! You’re not being a nice Jewish girl, either!

    Moving along, there were some normal gowns and some tasteful gowns. I really liked Zendaya’s St. Jeanne d’Arc hairstyle and pretend armor/mail beaded silver dress. (Predictably, a lot of the fashionistas totally missed the historical reference. At least one thought that this St. Joan had been a queen of France.)

    And Ariana Grande had a gown featuring the Last Judgment from the Sistine Chapel, all over her back. So there’s a bit of “Mene mene tekel upharsin,” if people were paying attention.

    As for the guy with the beautiful suit in a nice color, who decided to have the Eye of God in a glory cloud as an applique on the back of his jacket — words fail me. I hope it’s a case of “they know not what they do.”

  27. Traductora says:

    Hey Malta, I was just in Santa Fe a couple of weeks ago. Fantastic Catholic history, but like that of my town in Florida, it is almost supressed by the powers that be. Our bishop loves our history but he’s very weak.

    I’m very sorry to hear that the Lavender Mafia has taken over in Santa Fe (probably even more so with your new bishop).

    I go to Chimayo every time I go to Santa Fe and I actually heard a very good homily a couple of weeks ago from the nearly crippled older priest who is there now.

  28. Semper Gumby says:

    This Pontificate sometimes appears to be incorrigible. So now it’s seminars on Transcendental Meditation by a pro-cannibal pop singer, narcissistic entertainers in impious costumes, and occult jewelry (see David Lynch, the Third Eye, “Alex and Ani,” and the claim this jewelry has “ancient wisdom that empowers the world.”) This sounds remarkably similar to the goings-on at a pagan convention such as Pantheacon, ConVocation, or HexFest.

  29. Giuseppe says:

    Katy Perry is that “angel” on the left.

  30. Andreas says:

    Father Z. noted that, “Nothing strange about that, compared to the Austrian bishop with the transparent plastic poncho”. I must admit to being neither shocked nor surprised by seeing our new Bishop (still a parish Priest when the photo…assuming it is really him…was taken) clad in what appears to be rather impressive see-through inclement weather gear. The reasons for this may become apparent upon viewing some of the ‘art’ installed in and on our Bishop’s parish church prior to his becoming Bishop of the Innsbruck diocese: and (you can click the small white arrows to the left and right of the photos to see them all).

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