Your Sunday Sermon Notes

Was there a good point made in the sermon you heard to fulfill your Pentecost Sunday obligation?

Let us know.

I may have a recording of mine, later.


Recording… difficulties… I hate Mac for this sort of thing… soooo clunky.

I the meantime, here are a few photos, courtesy of Te Deum.





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  1. Kevin says:

    Top drawer homily from Canon Lebocq Prior of ICRSP here in Ireland. He took each of the gifts of the Holy Spirit given to us in Confirmation showing how they point us to reject the abortion proposals being laid before us in the upcoming referendum. Three times we were told Catholics cannot vote for this, we have no option there is no alternative.
    This homily followed another excellent homily from Canon O’Connor last Sunday laying out the spiritual consequences of voting Yes to abortion and the peril that silent pastors are placing themselves. We are truly blessed. May God protect our nation. Pls. pray for us.

  2. TonyO says:

    My pastor focused not on Pentecost as an event (tongues of fire, other languages, etc), but on the Gospel passage, of Christ giving the power to forgive sins, and absolutely hammered the need for confession. He point blank said that one act of pornography / masturbation gets you into mortal sin, as does missing Mass one Sunday, or one act of contraception. !! He also deplored the “spirit” of Vatican II that demoted confession into oblivion and. And said about 6 different ways “don’t receive communion if you are in a state of mortal sin.”

  3. My homily emphasized the Fire of the Holy Spirit: the Holy Spirit is given to us not as an ornament or a hobby, but that we may be transformed. I gave two examples, one to illustrate how we can stifle the voice of God within us, and another to show how even a seemingly lost cause can be revived. I talked about conscience and the sacrament of confession along the way.

  4. Adaquano says:

    Mass in OF… Our pastor ended his homily be reflecting in Mary despite having the Holy Spirit within her from the Annucation, she was present in the Upper room, praying with and for the apostles. As we go forth filled with the Holy Spirit, we should remember that Mary is alyways praying with and for us, so that we may be filled with the Holy Spirit and that we can draw people to her Son.

  5. Michael Haz says:

    Canon Estrada gave a wonderful and warm homily especially for the kids at Mass today receiving First Communion. Happiness, love of Jesus, love of each other, love of family all were themes.

    Mass was beautiful. Extraordinary, indeed (pardon the pun). Strings and brass were added to the choir, a truly joyful sound. The pews were packed, and there were many guests, their presence made apparent by their looking around at the beautiful restoration, taking photos, and uncertainty about when to stand, kneel, etc.

    Those at the altar included two canons, three deacons, and 16 servers. It was marvelous, the kind of Mass that left us feeling moved and uplifted hours afterward.

  6. Ef-lover says:

    Pentecost in the Byzantine rite also celebrates the Holy Trinity, green vestments are used and the church is full of green vines and plants to symbolize life because the Holy Trinity gives life. Our priest focused on the Holy Trinity and the teachings on the Holy Trinity from the Eastern Fathers and from the Western Fathers.

  7. majuscule says:

    Father talked about the gifts of the Holy Spirit and how they result (when used correctly) in the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

    He always has some illuminating things to say about Scripture and today he told us that the thing that the Prophets all had in common was that they were unsure that they could do what God was asking them to do. But with His grace through the Holy Spirit they were able to accomplish what He requested.

    Before Mass I happened to be in the sacristy where Father was preparing to use the chalice that was a gift from his mother. He was telling us that he sees too much carelessness or even disrespect toward the Eucharist and that he takes care in preparing to celebrate Mass and to show reverence for the Body and Blood of Christ. Of course this shows in his offering of the Mass.

  8. Tom Ormon II says:

    Our homilist brought up the point that the gifts of the Spirit are meant for the Church (and not for our own personal edification … i.e., we shouldn’t “hide” the gifts provided so generously by the Spirit, but use them for the benefit of others who are in need of them). It actually reminded me of John of Avila (in his work, “The Ascent of Mount Carmel“, Book III Ch XXIX, para. 1), “I HAVE now to speak of the fifth kind of goods in which the soul rejoices, and which I call Supernatural. By these I mean all those gifts and graces of God, which surpass our of Joy, natural powers and capacities, called by theologians gratis datae—such as the gifts of ‘ wisdom and understanding’ * given to Solomon, and those mentioned by S. Paul, namely
    * faith, the grace of healing, working of miracles, discerning of spirits, the interpretation of speeches, and the gift of tongues.’ Though these are all spiritual gifts, like those of which I am about to speak, still, owing to the great difference between them, I have made a distinction.”
    These gifts have an immediate reference to the edification of others, and are given for that special end, as the Apostle saith : ‘ The manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man unto profit,’
    speaking of these gifts.” Our homilist didn’t go into the detailed breakdown that John of Avila did (including the distinction between ‘spiritual’ & ‘supernatural’ gifts of Spirit); however, he did go on to say that the gifts shouldn’t be points of contention among believers (… and the possessors of these gifts shouldn’t use them as opportunities for boasting. They are gifts after all!)

  9. rakowskidp says:

    Thank you for visiting us yesterday! Your sermon was outstanding! I’d love to share it, so I’m eagerly awaiting the availability of a recording.

  10. Fr. Reader says:

    Not related to the homily. I have always loved the vestments of the deacons.

  11. maternalView says:

    I was happy our prayer of the faithful included a petition that Ireland will vote to retain its 8th amendment and reject abortion.

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