Division, division and more satanic division

I have over the last weeks watched the Kavanaugh hearings.  This morning I listened to speeches of Senators before the cloture vote.  The cloture vote passed and the vote to confirm Kavanaugh’s nomination to SCOTUS will take place in some 30 hours.

I have listened to Feinstein (D-CA) and Schumer (D-NY) this morning.  Again and again on news I have seen interviews with other Dem Senators.   Their rhetoric is exemplary.  It is mesmerizing.  Theirs is a superb demonstration of sheer prevarication.   They lockstep forward with unsubstantiated assertions and the pretzel twisting of facts.   They – with their shadow masters – activated a coordinated mob of paid protesters while inciting the violation of civil liberties against the other aisle, including even violence.   Each moment at a microphone brings more apocalyptic hysteria and the rejection of common sense.  That’s the essence of political libs: they demand that you reject facts as they rely on endless process to wear out the other side under a hail of vilification, shouting harassment, personal destruction, interruption and delay.

Now that the cloture vote has been taken and passed, watch the fury of the left stoke the storm.

On the churchy side of things, don’t we see much the same?  It’s a little quieter, but not by much.  If libs in the more secular sphere demand – with innuendo and screeching – that you deny the facts in front of your eyes, in the ecclesiastical realm they softly press that 2+2=5.   Because they already possess the seats of power after which secular libs slaver, they eliminate those who would resist one by one from what they claim they want, namely, dialogue and discernment and “walking together”.   They place themselves above the written, established process when is isn’t sufficiently preventing resistance and, with a raw imposition of will, override their own rules and reason.   Their moves, though veiled, remain visible to the attentive.  Moreover, they justify their deceits and authorize their wiles because they see themselves as entitled by the fact of their moral superiority.

Now that the Synod is underway, watch for the multiplication of manipulations.   Today, for example, we were told that the interventions of the members would not be made known because this is a “spiritual” process of “discernment”.   As if our knowing what they say will affect the members.  Do they have no resolve of their own?  So much for listening, transparency and their highly touted dialogue.

In both the secular and sacred sphere the media plays a galactically important role.  The mainstream media takes one side, blatantly, backing and spurring on the mob and their coordinators.

At least, thanks be to God and to the resolve of a few, there is now an alternative media.  In the secular sphere it began with talk radio.  In the ecclesial sphere there were small publications and then EWTN.  Now there is the great force multiplier, the internet.  We cannot easily be silenced and driven from the public square.  It can still be done, but when it is done, people see the sheer imposition of power and will and the stink of it lingers in memory.

Meanwhile, all around us we see division, division and more satanic division.

This world has its Prince, as the Lord warned.  This world’s Prince, the Enemy, the Devil and the Father of Lies, creates division.

Remember what the Italian proverb says: “Il diavolo non può nascondere la coda. … The devil can’t hide his tail.”  Old Scratch always let’s us know what he is up to.  Making it apparent makes us accomplices.  We have choices about what we see in the activity of the demon around us.   Moreover, “Il diavolo non gioca mai da solo. … The devil never plays alone.”

Remember too that certain sins attract and allow demons to attach to things, places and persons.  Steps must be take to drive them off.

Each of us has power to effect healing.   Our own calling is to manifest the image of God in which we are made in what we say and do.  We have God given vocations which call us to certain roles in life.  If we are clean within, through good use of the sacraments and diligent prayer and action, God will give us every actual grace that we need.   This sort of person, fasting and kneeling and praying is a strong bulwark against the machinations of the Enemy.

Go to confession.

Also, I will repeat what I have said so many times before.  Collectively we Catholics have a resource of ineffable influence on every dimension of human life to the edges of the globe and even beyond the doors of death.   Our sacred liturgical worship is the mightiest activity there is, bar none, greater than galaxies.  We must have a restoration and revitalization of our enervated and compromised sacred liturgical worship.  We must restore its integrity and continuity and then bring every good human endeavor to it for sanctification. Then we can take our aspirations back out into the world.

Save the liturgy.  Save the world.


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  1. Verygrateful1 says:

    Check out this priest dialog from “South Park” (13:08):

    PASTOR: Stop defending me. There’s things you don’t know.

    BOY: But it’s not your fault.

    PASTOR: Yes, it is. It is my fault.

    BOY: Why?

    PASTOR: Because I knew, all right? I knew. Years ago, when bad things started coming out about the Catholic Church, I went to the Vatican and I . . . and I found out that the problem was worse than anyone even thought. I thought I could help fix it, so I kept my mouth shut. I thought there was a cancer in the Church that we could get rid of, but the Church is the cancer!

    It’s not about a few bad apples. There’s only a few good apples and I’m clearly not one of them.


  2. Amerikaner says:

    2+2=5 is so passé. 6+6=6 is all the rage.

  3. Sandy says:

    The phrase “walking together” reminds me of the “listening sessions” that Bishop McElroy is having around the diocese. I don’t have the stomach to attend one, because I would probably be thrown out or not allowed to ask my question. It would be fascinating to hear what is going on and being said at all of them. Those phrases I mention sound as though they could be from the Alinsky playbook.

  4. eben says:

    Pray daily, there is power in prayer.

  5. Bellarmino Vianney says:

    It is necessary to distinguish between the types of division – Satanic division and good division.

    The Word Became Flesh to separate/divide good from evil, to divide the sheep from the goats, to purify the impure. Jesus Himself says He came to divide: “Do you think that I have come to give peace on earth? No, I tell you, but rather division”. (Luke 12:51)

    This comment is necessary because PF and other liberals will say, “look, you oppose us and are causing division! [They wrongly claim] All division is from Satan! Therefore, you are from Satan!”

    Banhardt has a good post describing Satanism and how one of their tactics or goals is syncretism/synthesism – a false type of unity.

  6. dbf223 says:

    So much noise on TV, the news, everywhere right now (and all the time). Perhaps we should all remember the power of . . . silence? (At least, genuine, holy silence.)

  7. Kathleen10 says:

    My plan is to go to Confession tomorrow.
    I used to be pretty astounded at the misfortune of having the worst president ever (Obama), IMHO, and the papacy run amuck at the same moment in time. Now I know it was no coincidence.
    What is truly stunning though, is the level and amount of hatred, venom, and just plain evil, that has infiltrated the American landscape. No, it is not everyone, but too many, too many. President Trump has crystallized this for some reason. I have seen nice old gentlemen turn into sneering haters in a moment, just by mentioning President Trump. Eerie. These are apocalyptic days.

  8. L. says:

    “We must have a restoration and revitalization of our enervated and compromised sacred liturgical worship.” One of the projects of the lavender mafia running our diocese was to wreck churches around the diocese to make them more amenable to “How Great We Art/Novus Ordo/Let’s Look At Each Other” worship and difficult if not impossible to use for the Vetus Ordo. The wrecking of my own parish church was based on a lie by our former pastor, the lie being that he didn’t tell us that if you voted for any one of the myriad choices on the ballot (a new water fountain in the foyer, for example), he would that as a vote for all of the changes on the ballot. So, the old liar claimed that the parish had voted in favor of everything on the ballot, including the removal of the marble altar railing and the marble altar and the creating of a great concrete block in the middle of the church with a wooden table on it for an altar and a recirculating dipping pool in the back. These same guys were in a frenzy to wreck two more large parish churches before our Airport Bishop reached age 75. I thank God that they were not able to do so in time (they didn’t even have time to stage a fake vote and were going to force these changes on the parishes) because the Apostolic Administrator– so far– has stopped all renovation plans. We’ll know that things have really changed when the lavender malefactors have been deposed and permanently stopped. Perhaps, God willing, we’ll get “a restoration and revitalization of our enervated and compromised sacred liturgical worship” around the diocese.

  9. Simon_GNR says:

    “Our sacred liturgical worship is the mightiest activity there is, bar none, greater than galaxies.”

    Well said, Fr. Z. The Mass is at the centre of Catholic Christian life – the source of the power that drives everything else. The Mass is like an immensely powerful nuclear reactor that sends its energy into every corner of the Church, and through the Church into the world. The imperceptible (to human senses) miracle of transubstantiation that takes place on the altar during the consecration of bread and wine is, to me, every bit as much of a wonder as the Big Bang the cosmologists tell us about, and the black holes, pulsars, dark matter, dark energy etc.

    Save the Liturgy, Save the World. Yes, because without the liturgy and the sacraments the Church is nothing, and lacks the capability of doing any real good in the world. Every Mass offered does some good, somewhere, sometime, somehow, but usually no-one can know what, where, when and how.

  10. KateD says:

    Talk about satanic….

    How about the howling and screetching during the Senate vote? Now there is confirmation that you’re doing something right! That they are fighting so hard confirms what a good man Justice Kavanaugh is.

    God bless him!

  11. hwriggles4 says:

    Kavanaugh prevailed.

    You know, if certain Senators and protesters behaved like that as an employee of a 9-to-5 business (including retail stores, customer service, restaurants) they would have been shown the door immediately. Some people think, “rules don’t apply to me.”

  12. Ben Kenobi says:

    Then the Gods of the Market tumbled and their smooth tongued wizards withdrew
    And the hearts of the meanest were humbled and began to believe it was true.
    That all that glitters is not gold, and two and two make four…

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