WHAT IS THAT? Francis wearing rainbow colored Cross.

Would someone please explain this to me?

Is this photoshopped?

I don’t get it.

The fellow who sent it to me, who is from Latin America, wrote:

“They’re saying the colors represent regions of Latin America, but being from there, I don’t know how that’s actually the case.”

So… what is that?

It looks like a cross in rainbow colors, but in an abstract pattern so that it avoids a rainbow look (which must be purposeful).

What is that?


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  1. ArthurH says:


    Nothing much more to say, EVEN IF their explanation is ALSO valid. Sorta matches that all-grins photo from PF’s meeting with the American Bishops on the sex abuse scandal.

    Surely hope someone says this was a photoshop-joke, bad one at that.

  2. Pío Pío Pío says:

    Does the Pope think we are imbeciles? The Pope knows that a picture is worth a thousand words. He knows the rainbow is a gay symbol. This is so deliberate that it’s insulting the intelligence of Catholics around the world to say that this represents the “colors of Latin America.” Perhaps the Pope (or his advisors) would best understand someone who shares his native tongue?

    Por el amor de Dios, ¡deje la mariconería, Santo Padre!

  3. Livewire says:

    It’s going to get much worse I’m sorry to say

  4. Philmont237 says:

    As someone that (very nearly) has a graduate degree in Latin America Security Studies, the only groups in LATAM that use a rainbow motif as official symbols are various indigenous groups and homosexuals. Maybe this is for the Amerindians. I doubt it though.

    Lord have mercy…

  5. capchoirgirl says:

    THAT is something the pope should NEVER wear. Ever.

  6. ThePapalCount says:

    IF this is photo-shopped….poor joke. If it is not its shameful because Pope Francis knows well what the colors represent or what the colors are “close to” being. Shameful. The madness must stop.
    Clergy and laity we need to be loud in our call to stop this now. The Roman swamp needs to be drained. The carnival is over….to quote PF at the outset of his pontificate. (apparently said to Msgr Marini)

  7. Will Elliott says:

    This cross design is the Cruz de la Pastoral Juvenil Latinoamericana (http://www.pjlatinoamericana.org/simbolos.html). It is not an LGBT cross.

    Via Google Translate:
    “The Cross of the Latin American Youth Ministry carries with it the colors that represent the symbol of the PJ,
    Therefore, each color represents each region within the Pastoral
    Green: represents the Region Mexico and Central America
    Yellow-orange: represents the Caribbean Region
    Red: Represents the Andean Region
    Blue: Represents the Southern Cone Region.
    Likewise, the shape of the Cross is referred to the orientation of our continent.”

  8. Vincent1967 says:

    Dear Father,
    Globally, and in most people’s eyes now, this can only mean one thing. We all know it.
    Secondly, I have been so, so pleased to have been able to share my thoughts on your blog in recent years.

    But now, now, I have to make known where I am. I have posted in the past who/what I am, but also and as well my desire and prayer to accept the challenge my God gives me. However, my many years on this planet and evidence to the contrary now tell me I am wrong. The Pope himself shows me I am wrong . Enough is enough. I’ve wasted my attempts at purity.
    I am gay and have tried my best to live the life God asked of me for want of a better future world. The bile and prejudice that many throw at me was always – and even from Catholics – ok because I believe God gave me a challenge to fulfil, or a way to conquer my sins in order to be happy for ever in the next world. I read on Catholic blogs how bad people like me are. I know. I’m a sinner, but every night I go to bed alone knowing God has called me by my name and I’m doing the right thing, I may sin tomorrow, but hope not. I go to Holy Mass and other sacraments.
    Dear and good father, I promise now to continue saying my morning and night prayers; I promise to keep other duties like the rosary. But I’m done. I’m told that Holy Mass at the end of the youthsynod is going to ‘challenge’ me with new rituals. But I’m too old to change. I have already stopped obeying the commandments of the Church regarding paying the Church money. Why should I work over 60 hours per week for some priests to keep pads for their boyfriends. More breaches will follow. So I’ll stop now. I’m still an ultramontanist which probably explains it. Catholics always were. But I can’t practise anymore and ultramontanism is dead.
    I pray for your work on this blog and your priestly ministry often. Please pray for me, but I cannot be a member of this church any more. Catholics don’t believe the same things.

  9. TDPelletier says:

    Here is the adress of the facebook page of the youth group associated with the logo : https://www.facebook.com/337821840123486/photos/a.337854566786880/353725108533159/?type=3

  10. mysticmonk says:

    I heard this is the official World Youth Day cross for 2019…

  11. ChesterFrank says:

    it reminds me of those vestments used in Ireland not to long ago. there was some confusion about that symbols meaning also.subliminal

  12. Gil Garza says:


    Durante el Sínodo de Obispos, los jóvenes auditores de latinoamérica, han entregado al Santo Padre un pectoral con el símbolo de la Cruz de la PJ Latinoamericana, la cual representa el amor, oración y entrega de nuestros jóvenes latinoamericanos y de los agentes de la pastoral juvenil, asesores y animadores.
    La Cruz de la Pastoral Juvenil Latinoamericana, lleva consigo los colores que representan el símbolo de la PJ, por ende, cada color representa a una región:
    Verde: representa a la Región México y Centroamérica
    Amarillo-naranja: representa a la Región Caribe
    Rojo: Representa la Región Andina
    Azul: Representa la Región Cono Sur.
    La forma de la Cruz, es referida a la orientación de nuestro continente y los colores evocan los ecosistemas que posee Latinoamérica, tenemos selva, volcanes, playas y mar.

    Damos gracias a Dios por la vida del Papa y por su servicio y amor a la PJ. Estamos muy emocionados. Gracias Papa Francisco!

    [And the “stang” was a pilgrim’s staff.]

  13. Gregg the Obscure says:

    Bl Antony Neyrot ora pro nobis. for now i am sorely tempted to the sin that befell him.

  14. NBW says:

    The Latin American cross my foot. They are trying to sneak their agenda in, just like they did at the World Youth Day in Denver when they had a female meme play the part of Jesus. The sodo-clerics are so sophomoric. First a stang, then this, I am afraid to ask what’s next.

  15. tamranthor says:

    I am unclear on what, precisely, the end game is for these homosexuals. They already control the hierarchy, and have sex with their boyfriends and rape sessions with seminarians. They already take hundreds of thousands of dollars from the collection plates to feather their filthy sex nests, and thumb their noses at the faithful. So, what is it that they are still pushing? Or are they just rubbing our noses in it all over again?

    I suppose Satan never rests.

    Still, it might be nice for Mary and her Son to do a little clearing of the tables in the temple. Even the faithful with the long view need a break from the sodomy celebration once in a while.

  16. Fr_Andrew says:


    Clearly that’s not ROY G BIV. How could anyone things that!

    Actually it’s : Verde, Amarillo, Naranja, Rojo. Violeta, Indigo, Azul or VAN R VIA.

    That may sound like the license plate for Cheech & Chong’s vehicle, but it’s clearly not ROY G BIV.

  17. Andreas says:

    It is unfortunate indeed that, a Father Z has noted with reference to the term ‘gay’, that the appropriation of something quite innocent like the colors of the rainbow is now, due to unwelcome inculturation, viewed by many as something quite…..how to best put it…. different.

  18. Pius Admirabilis says:

    @Will Elliott/Gil Garza: Thanks for shedding some light! So we can all calm down now, okay?

  19. Luminis says:

    Dear Vincent
    Please don’t leave us.There are plenty of good holy Catholics. Trust Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother. Don’t walk away from the Holy Eucharist as it is our strength to carry us through this dark time. The enemy wants us to walk away we cant do that.Our Lord suffered and died on the Cross for our sins, we(The Church) too are being asked to suffe,r to carry this cross. This is a purification and we need to stay close to Jesus and Mary to be able to perservere.Its going to be difficult. You must not let people trying to destroy the Church keep you from receiving the Lord Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament, it is worth dying for
    I would die without the Eucharist. Please reconsider.

  20. carn says:

    “Is this photoshopped?”

    No. And this is certain as Fr. Hagenkord of Vatican News who describes his synod impressions on his blog hosted by Vatican News shows this picture:


    and also offers the explanation:

    “Als Geschenk bekam der Papst ein Kreuz überreicht, das er auch gleich umhängte, das Kreuz der kommenden Weltjugendtages im Januar 2019 in Panamá. Die Farben repräsentieren die verschiedenen Regionen des Kontinents, Grün ist Mexiko im Norden, Gelb die Karibik, Rot die Andenregion und so weiter. Das Kreuz hatte bis dahin schon als Bischofskreuz einige schwarze Talare geziert, jetzt also kurz auch Papst Franziskus.”

    about colors representing different regions of the continent (google translate for i am too lazy now):

    “As a gift, the Pope received a cross, which he also immediately umhängte [put around his neck; there seems to be no direct translation for the german word], the cross of the upcoming World Youth Day in January 2019 in Panama. The colors represent the different regions of the continent, green is Mexico in the north, yellow the Caribbean, red the Andean region and so on. The cross had already been decorated as a bishop’s cross some black talare, now so briefly also Pope Francis.”

    (except for not knowing “umhängte” google translate is precise enough for confirming the explanation about colors)

    I have no found via googe any confirmation that this has some traction in the region; currently i think that whoever designed it had the idea of representing some regions with some colors on his own; and the benefit of doubt also requires me to note that the designer might have had this idea without any intent to accidentally create something which on first look like a rainbow cross reminiscent of the LGBT-flag.

    (only on first look, as LGBT-flag has 8 colors and this cross has 6).

    Also it seems the Holy Father is not under all circumstances carefully deliberating whether and how some items/pictures/symbol, etc. fits neatly to his duty of reducing confusion of the flock regarding him faithfully executing his duty of defending the faith.

    So i think next time we see pictures of Pope Francis happily handling communist, pagan, LGBT, whatever-else-came-across-his-way-to-be-donned-at-once things, we can just skip any surprise; its not a bug, its a feature, Pope Francis seems to have little time to consider symbolism of things.

  21. Akita says:

    It’s a Play-Doh Fun Factory Project circa 1968. I believe it was promoted for clergymen as “Kolorful Kross for Kool Klerics”.

  22. Markus says:

    Symbolism is a form of communication, a language. It communicates a message regardless of location or language. The RCC has traditionally been the most prolific user of symbolism. Color and form are the vocabulary, the grammar. While many, in today’s world, attempt to change the meaning of words and phrases for their own agenda, they still communicate the original meaning to most, thus causing confusion, possibly their intent. If one has to explain the symbolism, they have failed to communicate their “new” meaning/definition. Obviously the designer of this “cross” is either ignorant or calculating.

    Fr. Andrew-I have no idea as to what you said. Nor do I have the initiative to search as to what it means.

  23. Dismas says:

    You know, I don’t even feel outrage about this. Squirrels make holes in my lawn this time of year because that is what squirrels do. Geese fly south for the winter, because that is what they do. Pope Francis is likewise consistent with his actions.

    God is not afraid of him, and can take his breath, as well as all his cardinals in an instant. If this this is intolerable to me, then my prayer life must go over and above the status quo.

  24. snegopad says:

    Concerning open support for LGBT by cardinals:

    our notorious Graf von Schönborn: https://gloria.tv/article/sKYqndmESLCk3g9kyt3d2ufm1

    And the newest: https://diepresse.com/home/leben/mensch/5512790/Schoenborn-bittet-Keszler-um-Hilfe
    ( cant find this in English, only in a video from gloriaTV: https://www.gloria.tv/video/m6Stj6PuRULZ4H6SFMzoKkfAS

  25. Akita says:

    Seriously though, I believe this is a calculated maneuver. Sadly, anything these days with a rainbow motif is immediately considered “pro-gay”. Catholics worldwide, especially children, will not appreciate the subtleties of the various colors representing Southern Hemisphere regions.

  26. snegopad says:

    Dear Vincent1967,

    Please dont leave Jesus in the Eucharist.
    The Church is Holy, and will remain so, no matter how many ( and which ) people in it are not!
    Look at the long time you were constantly striving to please God!
    Search a parish with a reverent Mass served with dignity.
    Stop being angry, dissapointed, unquiet, feeling the need to stay away from Mass!—–because all that is the aim of the Dark One, and part of his visual tail…..excuse me please.
    Read especially and mainly books with texts, that big Saints have written themselves.
    TRUST in God.
    HE loves you very much, so much , that He gave his live for you.

  27. JonPatrick says:

    tamranthor I believe the endgame here is not so much total destruction of the Church (as then they would lose their cushy livelihood) but a total hollowing out so that the shell remains but as an institution that totally follows the world’s values and no longer preaches about sin but is “accomodating”. Much like what has happened to most of the “Mainline” Protestant denominations.

  28. Bellarmino Vianney says:

    Ambiguity is one of the devil’s favorite tactics. That appears to be what is attempted by the profane, sacreligious cross – a “desolating sacrilege” or “abomination of desolation” – being worn by Jorge Bergoglio, S.J. It is no secret that mortally sinful, heretical, and flat-out evil people use ambiguity to “push the envelope” until they have achieved their evil goals.

    The cross worn in the above picture is a mockery of God.

    Relatedly, the “conservative” bishop that currently heads the diocese where this commentator resides did a similar thing with a crucifix. He published a picture a profane, blasphemous crucifix with a rainbow imprinted on it. When this commentator dutifully rebuked him in a written letter, the bishop responded by saying the rainbow stood for “God’s covenant with Noah”. That is “pushing the envelope”.

    Further, this bishop which is wrongly considered “conservative” has (as far as I know) refused to rebuke the gay group known as “PrismND” at a certain popular “Catholic” university under his wings.

    The above is not written to calumniate the bishop. It is simple public fact that requires being brought up for the salvation of his soul and the thousands (and millions, due to the world-wide popularity of the university in this diocese) under his guidance.

    These prelates need to be reminded that they can think (presume) they are going to heaven but may very well be surprised by God at Judgement Day to learn that they are condemned to hell. This is clearly explained by Jesus – God – in Luke 13:23-28.

    Read that passage; verses 25 and 26 clearly indicate that the people are “surprised by God” in that they are condemned to hell, whereas they thought (presumed) they were going to heaven.

    The “God of Surprises” may very well surprise many of these gravely evil people by casting them into hell on Judgment Day.

    This is very serious stuff and it is flat-out ignored and mocked by a large number of priests, bishops, and Jesuits.

  29. grateful says:

    Vincent: a difficult prayer to pray:
    A Prayer to the Holy Spirit (by Cardinal Mercier)
    I am going to reveal to you the secret of sanctity and happiness. Every day for five minutes control your imagination and close your eyes to all the noises of the world in order to enter into yourself. Then, in the sanctuary of your baptized soul (which is the temple of the Holy Spirit) speak to that Divine Spirit, saying to Him:
    O Holy Spirit, beloved of my soul, I adore You. Enlighten me, guide me, strengthen me, console me. Tell me what I should do; give me Your orders. I promise to submit myself to all that You desire of me and to accept all that You permit to happen to me. Let me only know Your Will.
    If you do this, your life will flow along happily, serenely, and full of consolation, even in the midst of trials. Grace will be proportioned to the trial, giving you the strength to carry it and you will arrive at the Gate of Paradise, laden with merit. This submission to the Holy Spirit is the secret of sanctity.

  30. PetersBarque says:

    PF is as dumb as a fox. One would think…one would THINK he would exercise a little pastoral sensitivity in light of the current crisis, but no, no, not him. He ignored calls to cancel the Youth Synod, he uses his weekly platform to take insinuating jabs at those who call him out, he stonewalls the rest, and he DELIBERATELY flaunts these obvious props to rub them in the faces of those who dare cry foul.

    Vincent1967, we hear you. Please strap on your fighting gear and stay in this battle. Do not lose heart. Cling to the Lord. He will use you for His greater glory, foot soldier.

  31. Gabriel Syme says:

    Francis knows full well what he is doing here. That the not-well-known cross has some obscure connection to latin america is just the cover story – we all know what connection most people will immediately make when they see that symbol.

    Usually this tactic – which is classic modernism – is applied to documents, the Vatican II documents being good examples. A text is made sufficiently ambiguous such that it can be read in an orthodox way, but also it can be read it a different way.

    Then, when people complain about the resultant confusion and heresy, they are scolded “What do you mean? Look, read it again, its perfectly orthodox”. Then there is further confusion and infighting, when faithful Catholics, who genuinely believe the text to be orthodox, cannot understand why other faithful Catholics (e.g. SSPX) will not accept it.

    The same “double speak” tactic is in evidence here, but applied to a symbol instead of a text.

  32. hilltop says:

    2 Things:
    1) walks like a rainbow quacks like a rainbow. It’s a rainbow.
    2) wearing two pectoral crosses makes one of them alternative. Any bets on which Francis thinks is the alternative cross?

  33. KateD says:


    What has been going on in the Church has made me look hard at my faith, too and caused me to contemplate…. options.

    There will always be a Judas quotient among those whom Christ has called. We cannot abandon the Church or tear down what He established on their account. We just have to remain faithful and trust that God’s got this.

    It comes back to, John 6:67:

    “Jesus said to the twelve, “Will you also go away?” Simon Peter answered Him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life; and we have believed, and have come to know, that you are the Holy One of God.” Jesus answered them, “Did I not choose you, the twelve, and one of you is a devil?” He spoke of Judas the son of Simon Iscariot, for he, one of the twelve, was to betray him.”

    Hang in there, Vincent1967. It has never been easy to be a Christian, there have always been devils (or wolves) amongst us. We cannot allow these #sodoclerisits as, Father Z puts it, to rob us of our faith. She is worth fighting for. He calls us to be courageous and to follow Him, not to be turncoats and flee when things get tough. Jesus assured us things would become extremely difficult, for us individually and for the Church as a whole. Our enemy is fierce and a brilliant tactician….but if we remain faithful to God and what He has established for us and our salvation, then we will prevail with Him.

    I pray that God will give you the grace to successfully resist any and all temptations that lead you away from a life with Him and His, one and only, Church.

  34. Joy65 says:

    Dear Lord, PLEASE continue to give your good, holy, devout, TRUE Priests and clergy the graces they need to do YOUR will in YOUR Church. PLEASE Father Son Holy Spirit, Blessed Mother Mary, All Holy Saints and Angels surround and protect from satan and all his evil ways Your Catholic Church, All Priests, Religious Brothers & Sisters, Deacons, Seminarians, our Pope, Bishops, Cardinals and all discerning and preparing for the Priesthood and Religious life. Give all Catholics the graces they need to KEEP THE FAITH, hope and love in YOU and in Your Church. AMEN!

  35. Ave Maria says:

    It goes well with that thingy of a staff he was carrying that could be interpreted as a “stang”. They just keep pushing the envelope and keep the scandals coming.

  36. Man-o-words says:

    It is always dangerous, and probably sinful, to guess or assign intent to another’s actions. I actually believe that falls well in the realm of bearing false witness, as we presume to know that which we dont, and communicate a guess as a fact to others.

    That doesn’t mean we cannot judge an action with proper prudence. In this case, intent does not matter. There are clear facts here:
    1) there is a great heresy in play that uses these colors, or similar ones, to communicate strong support for this heresy.
    2) This heresy is clearly in violation of many doctrines of the faith
    3) To put on a token that might be confused with the support for this heresy is to cause great scandal.
    4) For the pope to do this is to cause great scandal, regardless of intent.

    We can only pray for him to see the impact of his actions and to provide clarity to the world.

  37. Il Ratzingeriano says:

    It is a sacrilege pure and simple. The rainbow colors signify the approval of sodomy, which is a sin that cries out to heaven for vengeance. Lying is also a sin. It therefore exacerbates the sacrilege to falsely claim ignorance of the message that the rainbow cross sends. (It also insults the intelligence of those who are upset by this.) Lying always accompanies justification of sin (e.g., calling abortion a “reproductive right” when it in fact is a homicide that occurs after reproduction has occurred). On top of all this, it is hypocritical in view of Pope Francis’ March 18, 2018 Angelus address, in which he said that the “the crucifix, which is not an ornamental object or a clothing accessory — that is often abused — but a religious sign to contemplate and comprehend.”

  38. Il Ratzingeriano says:

    Adding to my previous comment, I for one cannot make light of this. It is deeply upsetting to me. It is worse than merely giving a signal of support to gay rights and in the process insulting one’s intelligence by denying what is obvious. That is bad enough but what is worse is that it associates with Christ’s pure and holy crucifixion a grotesque and obscene sin.

  39. dbf223 says:

    The optics here are clearly bad, but there’s some clear differences from LGBT symbolism:

    – The cross does not include the color purple, whereas gay pride rainbows all feature purple.
    – Likewise, the color order differs. All gay pride rainbows that I have seen follow the traditional rainbow color order – ROYGBIV. The colors might start at one end or the other, but I haven’t found one that reorders the colors. Here the green and blue are on opposite ends of the warm colors.

    Per Will Elliott’s comment above, the colors and specific symbol appear to be associated with a particular Catholic youth organization in Latin America. I don’t know anything about the organization and wouldn’t dare speculate on whether they mean anything more suggestive with the color selection.

    So, while I agree that there’s a lot of troubling things happening with the synod and with this papacy, I’m not sure we should get that worked up over this particular symbol and photograph.

  40. Charivari Rob says:

    Thank you, Will.

  41. MrsMacD says:

    I think that cross is hideous. I hate how sodomites have stolen our precious rainbow for their filthy sin promotion. I wish/pray Pope Francis becomes a Catholic and a saint.

    Dear Vincent1967 God wants you to grow in hope and faith and joy, so He’s permitting this trial. Read the book of Job. He’s calling you to be faithful like Job. Don’t let the devil get you. The devil hates you with a hate you can not imagine. Stay very close to Jesus. He will help you through this darkness. Stay off the internet for a time. Pray and read good holy books, scripture, the Imitation, Story of a Soul, etc). No Saint was without his cross in this life. Be the hero God is calling you to be. And as I tell my boys,” never give up, never say die!”

  42. MaHrad says:

    Even if those colors have meaning other than an LGBT flag, why do they need to be in that order? Having kids with lots of colored toys, I’m well aware that you can order the colors differently and it does not look like a rainbow. It seems they think we are either stupid or they just don’t care anymore.

  43. iPadre says:

    Matching ferula, mitre, and vestments? ;-)

  44. MrsMacD says:

    @iPadre And a sombrero!! He he he.

  45. Vincent1967 says: But now, now, I have to make known where I am. I have posted in the past who/what I am, but also and as well my desire and prayer to accept the challenge my God gives me. However, my many years on this planet and evidence to the contrary now tell me I am wrong. The Pope himself shows me I am wrong . Enough is enough. I’ve wasted my attempts at purity.

    No, you have not wasted your attempts at purity. And the world outside the Church is not the home of pristine purity, any more than it is the home of pristine Truth. Yes, the world is talking through the mouths of senior prelates, and this is horrible; but did Jesus not warn us that tares would grow up alongside the wheat, and that it is precisely for the sake of the wheat that the tares would not be torn out until the harvest?

    The Church is now undergoing a Passion, just like her Head. Will you abandon her now?

  46. SanSan says:

    Grateful for you *grateful* and for all the faithful who love and understand the plight of all of our brothers and sisters. God is in charge. All is well. Peace.

  47. JuliB says:

    The explanations are ridiculous and insulting.
    While it references some obscure youth organization, and could also be compared to the promise to Noah, but… the rest of the world interprets it as a homosexual symbol.

    I’ll believe the the excuses when I see the Pope wear a swastika in order to honor Sanskrit.

  48. chantgirl says:

    A rainbow cross, right now, while our sodoclericalist scandals are raging?

    The Synod is looking like one big grooming party.

    We are not to believe our lying eyes when:

    -Francis refuses to kneel in front of the Eucharist, but will kneel to wash anyone’s feet.
    – Francis accepts a hammer&sickle cross.
    – Francis uses a *non stang* ferula.
    – Francis winks at communion for those in adulterous relationships.
    – Francis promotes abusers and enablers of abuse to the highest offices.
    – Francis’ cronies brag about conspiring to get him elected invalidly.
    – Francis denies that souls go to hell in more than one interview and does not offer any retractions.
    – Francis gives permission to use contraceptives to avoid conceiving a child with Zika.
    – Francis refuses to answer the dubia or Vigano’s letter.
    – Francis gives many homilies that would not pass the heresy sniff-test.
    – Francis hurls many insults against faithful Catholics.
    – We have TWO pope figures running around in white.

    Just don’t notice what is in front of your eyes, and if you do, just don’t say anything, or you might become a Great Accuser.

  49. Man-o-words says:

    Kinda hard to ignore the pattern.

  50. Archlaic says:

    @chantgirl: you read my mind and saved me the trouble of trying to format a list on a small screen!

    All I can add is: someone please throw a net over him and get him off the stage!

    Francis ignores the “Dubious Four” and Vigano… are they the only ones who are willing to speak out about any of this baloney? Seems as though you can count ’em on one hand, with Bishop Schneider being the most fearless, but the silence – or acquiescence – of the majority of the bishops at this juncture speaks volumes about who they are. Not to promote cabals, lobbies, or conspiracies – but isn’t it logical to expect some sort of group of orthodox and courageous bishops and other senior churchmen to coalesce and emerge as a serious force for fidelity which Francis cannot ignore? That it doesn’t seem to have happened yet is probably an indication that their numbers are so small as to be negligible…

  51. Malta says:

    I wonder what the gay-friendly Pope has to say about this: https://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/us/2018/october/switzerland-votes-to-criminalize-homophobia-and-hate-speech

    Switzerland used to be a Catholic land (I’ve skied in Zermat, etc.).

    So, now if you’re a Priest in Switzerland you can be arrested for calling homosexuality a sin. Unreal. I guarantee this rainbow-colored ‘cross’ wearing Pontiff will say nothing.

  52. un-ionized says:

    dbf223, the sodomy rainbow has six colors, not seven, indigo is missing. God’s rainbow has seven colors.

  53. MissBee says:

    Father I scrolled down and said aloud, at my desk, “what the hell is that?”.
    Hopefully I am not in a state of venial or mortal sin, now.

  54. rcg says:

    Is he signaling the homosexual community that he is will remain faithful to them and their agenda? I think he needs them to survive and reach his goals, whatever they are. Would his darkest fear be that homosexual priests leave the Church and the money machine they operate dry up? It would devestate the Church financially and the already critically under-manned popoulation of priests would drop below the numbers that can operate the Church successfully. Businesses face this problem all the time. Credit unions have, in recent years, opened their membership to the most tenuous relationships so that what was previously restricted to teachers of a certain district is now open to anyone who has ever lived in the district, even if they never attended the school or had any family member who did. membership in the Body of Christ is dwindeling and progressives reject their complicity in it and view it as a marketing failure. So we open the doors to those who otherwise reject the teaching and laws of God to keep the doors open. They are trading options on the future of the Church; they are money changers by any means.

  55. Benedict Joseph says:

    It’s either clueless or feigning cluelessness.
    Either way its off the rails.
    May the Romper Room Synod reveal itself for exactly what it is without ambiguity.

  56. Spinmamma says:

    Will Elliot, thank you for the link. However, I perceive this cross as a combination of the gay rainbow and the Youth ministries cross. The youth cross has 4 colors: red, yellow, blue, and green. It associates 4 regions with the 4 colors. Part of the design is to use two shades of blue, which are technically the same “color. ” The one our Pope wears adds orange, a new color. It is, in my view, yet another purposeful ambiguity–it is very hard to not perceive this as a mockery of the rigid Catholics concerned about the homosexual scandals. I also have to wonder why a colorful cross such as this would be adopted by an organization for youth.

  57. Simon_GNR says:

    Catholicism and orthodox Christianity in general need to reclaim the rainbow. The rainbow was a sign of the covenant God made with Noah after the Flood. Perhaps the priest who got into trouble for burning a rainbow banner could have “repurposed” it and used it as a sign of God’s first covenant with Man, and linked that to the New Covenant signified by the cross superimposed on the rainbow colours?

  58. arga says:

    Photoshopped, obviously. How could you fall for this, Fr. Z?

  59. MrsMacD says:

    @chantgirl Don’t forget that he threw the Chinese Catholics under the bus.

  60. Gabriel Syme says:


    I believe your post above to be sincere, and I say this with the greatest respect, but I am genuinely amazed and horrified that – even at this stage – people will still attempt to make excuses for Francis, downplay his actions or assign them to some honest blooper.

    It comes across like “Well, the Nazis murdered millions of people….but, y’know, the world is over-populated”.

    Nothing – nothing – Jorge Bergoglio does is done without calculation and consideration of its impact.

    You would be a fool to believe otherwise. If he was genuinely some unwitting simpleton who just kept “putting his foot in it”, then he would surely have learned by now.

    His conduct is exactly why he was elected.

  61. chantgirl says:

    MrsMacD- Yes, I forgot a few things- notably the Chinese fiasco and the death penalty shenanigans. I guess it wasn’t really an exhaustive list, but more of a highlights reel.

  62. Kerry says:

    Henceforth, a pectoral white flour, water and salt cross, painted with watercolors, will be his entire costume on Halloween, when the Pillsbury dough boy wants to dress up as Bergoglio.

  63. Fr_Sotelo says:

    I have read throughout this comment box that the multi-colored cross is a hidden LGBT symbol which is being flaunted but whose message is not explicit, but between the lines.

    Except not one, single person has offered any proof beyond: 1) it’s obvious 2) the pope runs around with gays 3) gays like the pope 4) the sodoclericalism of gay priests is rearing its head again 5) the pope knows what he is doing and thinks we are stupid.

    And yet, when have practicing same-sex attracted Catholics been subtle and sly about inserting their messages or symbols into anything? When was a “pride” parade toned down and understated? You would think that at least one gay group would be shouting from the rooftops about their victory to get a “gay cross” as a synod symbol. Yet, from the LGBT, crickets about this cross.

    If they are behind, as everyone here says they are, this symbol of the “Pastoral Juvenil” in Latin America, they are uncharacteristically being silent about taking credit for it. I have no doubt that LGBT activists have infiltrated Catholic structures. But on this one symbol, I think people have mistaken the source and meaning which was meant.

    Now, the snark can begin in 3,2,1….

  64. The Cobbler says:


    Speaking as another man who hasn’t always been able to do the right thing simply because it is the right thing, and who hasn’t always practiced his faith, I hope you don’t mind if I offer a word of advice (beyond the value of the Eucharist, which others have noted well enough).

    Stay faithful just to be against these [expletive deleted] who obviously never had half the faith you did. To be better than them. To spite them. To prove them wrong (they are, after all, convinced you should be excused because they don’t believe you can stay the course, or at least that it isn’t worth your effort). I don’t care which; any and all are better than letting them have the power to break your spirit.

    I don’t know about you, but most days anymore I feel like there’s nothing worse than having no one on my side: friends all pushing the wrong way, society and its authorities refusing to have my back, ignorance (usually wilful ignorance!) everywhere, and all this hamstringing me on the things that matter most to me; an uphill battle is one thing, as is a battle against one’s own purported allies, but both as one in the same is just cruel.

    Yet in my more lucid moments, the ones where I rather suspect God’s speaking to me even though I can’t stand anything He’s saying, among the other insights I’m granted I remember there’s one thing that’s even worse: there’s no regret like knowing I screwed up when it came down to it. And that thought, sometimes, keeps me from being able to give up ever again. Even if I have to find bad reasons to hang in there.

    (That reminds me: find a good, orthodox and practically effective spiritual director and make sure you’re advancing in prayer. I’m not going to tell you it gets easier, because it doesn’t. But the alternative gets a lot less appealing when you pass the point where you can see things from a Heavenly perspective if you want to and God won’t stop bugging you about it.)

  65. crjs1 says:

    Sometimes the most obvious explanations are true – that the cross represents Latin America and was gifted to the Holy Father who promptly put it on in that regard.

    Not everything is a conspiracy, or plot.. Can’t we just take the Vatican and Holy Father at his word? The rush to second guess every word and action of the Pope no matter what he says or does it getting absurd.

  66. Ben Kenobi says:

    “the end game is for these homosexuals”

    Confirmabit autem pactum multis hebdomada una: et in dimidio hebdomadis deficiet hostia et sacrificium: et erit in templo abominatio desolationis: et usque ad consummationem et finem perseverabit desolatio

  67. un-ionized says:

    Fr. Sotelo, you are right. I make rosaries and one style is to have every decade a different color representing the different continents. Blue, Oceania, etc. But the witch hunters say it’s a gay rosary.

  68. Markus says:

    Fr. Sotelo, you could be correct. In my (professional) dealings with the clergy, it always amazed me of the naivety of some clergy. The higher the position within the Church, the” less in touch “with lay society they appeared to be. Our newer bishop, as observed by some of his clergy-have stated to me, only spends a limited amount of time in the diocese while travelling to conventions and speaking engagements outside the diocese. Never been to our parish.

    Another example; one parish that I was on a project in CA had three Our Lady of Guadalupe shrines, one for the Anglos inside the nave (correct colorization from the original), one large outdoor shrine for the Mexican community (colors altered for a political statement), and the Guatemalans shrine (also altered, political colors). The pastor never noticed the different colorizations or their meaning. I can understand a pastor not being aware (too busy to observe) but the Vatican, it appears, may be living in an isolated world all their own. Quite opposite from the reign of St JPII which seemed to be more aware of the flock. Priorities?

  69. Marion Ancilla Mariae II says:

    I use a huge rainbow-striped umbrella, big enough to shelter two people from the rain. I bought it because it was raining cats and dogs one evening; I ducked into Sears, and was dismayed to find they were sold out of almost every umbrella model. All they had left that evening were the cheap-o mini, collapsing umbrellas that can fit into an evening bag (and which turn inside out at the slightest breeze), and these big, rainbow-striped ones. So I grabbed one of the big, rainbow-striped ones, paid $25 for it, and have used it ever since. I could replace it, but twenty-five bucks is twenty-five bucks, and being from a family from New England, you don’t spend money on something when you have a perfectly serviceable one already. (“Use it up; wear it out; make it do, or do without!”)

    I suppose some people who see anyone carrying a rainbow-striped anything must jump to conclusions about the political statement being telegraphed, but sometimes there really is no statement, except, “At the moment this was the option, and I’m too old to stress about it!”

  70. grateful says:

    Litany of Trust: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9ap0DaiJyY

    From the belief that
    I have to earn Your love
    Deliver me, Jesus.
    From the fear that I am unlovable
    Deliver me, Jesus.
    From the false security
    that I have what it takes
    Deliver me, Jesus.
    From the fear that trusting You
    will leave me more destitute
    Deliver me, Jesus.
    From all suspicion of
    Your words and promises
    Deliver me, Jesus.
    From the rebellion against
    childlike dependency on You
    Deliver me, Jesus.
    From refusals and reluctances
    in accepting Your will
    Deliver me, Jesus.
    From anxiety about the future
    Deliver me, Jesus.
    From resentment or excessive
    preoccupation with the past
    Deliver me, Jesus.
    From restless self-seeking
    in the present moment
    Deliver me, Jesus.
    From disbelief in Your love
    and presence
    Deliver me, Jesus.
    From the fear of being asked
    to give more than I have
    Deliver me, Jesus.
    From the belief that my life
    has no meaning or worth
    Deliver me, Jesus.
    From the fear of what love demands
    Deliver me, Jesus.
    From discouragement
    Deliver me, Jesus.

    That You are continually holding me
    sustaining me, loving me
    Jesus, I trust in you.
    That Your love goes deeper than my
    sins and failings, and transforms me
    Jesus, I trust in you.
    That not knowing what tomorrow
    brings is an invitation to lean on You
    Jesus, I trust in you.
    That you are with me in my suffering
    Jesus, I trust in you.
    That my suffering, united to Your own,
    will bear fruit in this life and the next
    Jesus, I trust in you.
    That You will not leave me orphan,
    that You are present in Your Church
    Jesus, I trust in you.
    That Your plan is better
    than anything else
    Jesus, I trust in you.
    That You always hear me and in
    Your goodness always respond to me
    Jesus, I trust in you.
    That You give me the grace to accept
    forgiveness and to forgive others
    Jesus, I trust in you.
    That You give me all the strength
    I need for what is asked
    Jesus, I trust in you.
    That my life is a gift
    Jesus, I trust in you.
    That You will teach me to trust You
    Jesus, I trust in you.
    That You are my Lord and my God
    Jesus, I trust in you.
    That I am Your beloved one
    Jesus, I trust in you.

  71. un-ionized says:

    Marion, I have a lot of rainbowy things. De colores.

  72. PetersBarque says:

    I think I’ll stick with the Litany of Humility.

  73. PanOrganista says:

    Dear Vincent,

    I don’t know if you will read this, but I hope that you do.

    I know EXACTLY how you feel, because I am carrying the same cross; and there are days when I wonder why I bother with the Church, when it seems as though everything I believe has been tossed aside and contradicted by no few churchmen as though nothing matters: And it brings me to the brink of despair.

    I don’t know who you are, or where you live, but if I may give my advice, something which has helped me tremendously: live Tradition. I am blessed to be able to serve Low Mass once a week, and I have been praying the Traditional Breviary, and these two things give me great comfort in my daily trials, to know that I am praying and worshiping as countless saints have done, gives me great hope, and the courage (and in these latter days it takes great courage) to believe that which the saints have always believed, despite the diabolical noise coming from no few prelates.

    Live Tradition, it is what and who we are.

    Remember, as tired as it sounds, that He Who is Love loves you, and desires your happiness in Eternity, and will never test you beyond what you can bear. I pray that you persevere in the Faith, that the devil does not win. Keep going, for, in the end, “All shall be well, and all shall be well, and in every manner of thing, all shall be well”.

    May the peace of Christ be with you always.

  74. marcelus says:

    It has to do with the ecosystems of Latan right or wrong. Also from Latina America here

    “La forma de la Cruz, es referida a la orientación de nuestro continente y los colores evocan los ecosistemas que posee Latinoamérica: tenemos selva, bosques, volcanes, nieve, desierto, ríos, playas, mar”, añade Celam.

    ‘The shape of the Cross, is referred to the orientation of our continent and the colors refer to the ecosystems that Latin America has: we have jungle, forests, volcanoes, snow, desert, rivers, beaches, sea,” Celam adds

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