Your Sunday Sermon Notes

Was there a good point made in the sermon you heard during your Mass to fulfill your Sunday Obligation?

Let us know.

You were paying attention, weren’t you?

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  1. MrsMacD says:

    Salvation is in the middle. Not enough sleep and too much fasting can ruin your health as can too much sleep and too much food. So not enough sleep and too much fasting can leave you discouraged so that you give up and too much sleep and too much food can leave you open to temptation and sin especially to sins of impurity. Those who neglect the two Ps, prayer and penance are likely to be impatient and disturbed. Not all of us is called to eat rotten potatoes like the Curé of Ars, each of us has to prayerfully discover God’s will for us. Whatever we do it should aid and not take away from our duties.

  2. CaliCatholicGuy says:

    The Deacon preached on how he discerned his vocation – that he had lofty goals of being a middle manager big shot for BMW while working in Saudi Arabia, but soon found himself preaching the gospel in a country where it is forbidden and he could have gotten into a lot of trouble. He then said the Ite Missa Est is not the end of our Sunday hearing and sharing the gospel but rather the beginning of when we as Catholics have to go out and proclaim the good news in the world by living our specific vocation in life.

  3. Greg Hlatky says:

    It was noted that the FSSP celebrated its 30th anniversary last week.

  4. Greg Hlatky says:

    It was noted that the FSSP celebrated its 30th anniversary last week.

  5. Rob83 says:

    This was primarily a pro-Rosary sermon sprinkled with some admonishments against purchasing costumes representative of the powers of darkness. As men were more prevalent among those present, we were asked, rhetorically, if our rosaries were in our pocket before Father launched into presenting it as a spiritual sword.

    I believe Fr. Donald Calloway’s book Champions of the Rosary was also recommended but to be honest, when Father sometimes, as today, ties together many different ideas to relate them together it is hard to remember all the details when he approaches 30 minutes.

  6. Gab says:

    The homily was all about missionaries, specifically the Missionaries of St Thomas (MST), which is Father’s order. Father did say at the start that he was dispensing with the usual homily in order to shamelessly advertise the MST, how its works and how laity can be involved. Twice asked us if anyone would think of joining in any capacity. He is obviously very passionate about it. :)

  7. Imrahil says:

    Sermon for the all-world’s-Dedication, that is, the Sunday where all Bavarian churches celebrate their dedication:

    Why the gospel of Zachaeus, what does Zachaeus have to do with this temple here which our forebears built and our more recent forebears rebuilt after the Second World War?

    It is a sobering thought: “He entered into a sinner’s”. Now this gossip by the people may have been unfriendly; but it was correct in the first place: Zachaeus actually had chosen his path of life for himself; he had entered the service of the occupying power to tax his own people; he had actually participated in the over-taxing and tax-defrauding that were, in addition, common among the publicans. – But with the sinner under whose roof Christ entered we are meant. The people had the habit of keeping sinners and righteous people strictly in their own circles, and (and this was a thought we hear rather rarely in this context, thus interesting) on the human side there is much to be said for such a construction: after all, could not a weak righteous man be perverted to sinfulness if having too much contact with sinners?

    We do know, though, that had Christ kept to this principle, obviously he would not have become Flesh and dwelt among us at all.

    – Our preacher then went on a bit about how we are His Body’s members, sanctified by His Spirit and how we should leave the Church, which this Sunday is about, more sanctified than we entered it.

  8. JonPatrick says:

    EF Mass. The Jews wanted a Messiah that would throw off the yoke of Roman rule. But anyone who rebelled would be arrested and crucified. So when they asked Jesus if it was lawful to pay the tax to the Romans they thought they had Jesus in a trap. But he saw through their hypocrisy. Government is a fact of life and we have to participate in it and support its legitimate functions. We need to make informed decisions about voting. However we have to give to God what is God’s. We have to be aware when government overstepa its bounds and violates natural laws. That requires us to think and pray about our votes. Like St. Thomas More who said “The King’s servant but God’s first”.

  9. arcillajohn says:

    To go to Confession!!!!!

  10. APX says:

    Just because marijuana is legal now in Canada doesn’t mean it’s okay to use it. Using Marijuana causes one to lose the use of reason, as well as causes health and cognitive issues. The younger a person is who uses it, the more damage it does to one’s brain cells. Thus, using marijuana is a mortal sin, except in very limited therapeutic circumstances, and even then one should think carefully before deciding to use it.

  11. Philomena Mary says:

    I’m still travelling throughout the USA and went to the Sung EF Mass at St John the Baptist Cathedral in Savannah GA. It was one of the most beautiful and edifying Masses I have ever been to, with a young and reverent priest and an extremely talented schola.

    Father preached on how although both Satan and the fallen angels, as well as humans, try to trick God out of a false sense of pride, God is always triumphant in the end. He spoke about the “scourge of modernism” (!) and compared it to the Biblical story of the Tower of Babel. He contrasted this with the Mass of Ages, which he stated fostered a spirit of humility in both celebrant and us; giving lots of examples including ad orientem worship, kneeling at the communion rail, the Confiteor and Domine non sum dignus, and the double genuflections at points in the Mass.

    Splendid stuff – I was very much reminded of your posts emphasising lex orandi, lex credendi!

  12. Gregg the Obscure says:

    Confirmation was occurring later in the day, so Father preached on the graces of that largely ignored Sacrament and asked us both to pray for the confirmandi and to plan what we can do to support them in their assuming a more adult role in their own faith. He even made some very good references to piety – not something I’d ever heard from him before.

  13. Gregg the Obscure says:

    Confirmation was occurring later in the day, so Father preached on the graces of that largely ignored Sacrament and asked us both to pray for the confirmandi and to plan what we can do to support them in their assuming a more adult role in their own faith. He even made some very good references to piety – not something I’d never heard from him before.

  14. SanSan says:

    The Priest gave a talk on the importance of receiving Jesus kneeling and on the tongue. He also gave a history talk on the “institutional abuse” of receiving by hand and from unconsecrated hands. Powerful and full of Truth. (The Priest celebrates in the EF).

  15. tamranthor says:

    “You know that saying that God never gives you more than you can handle?

    Yeah, well, that’s not true. God never gives you more than He can handle.

    And that crucifix right up there is the image of Jesus’ throne, the throne that the Sons of Thunder wished to sit beside.”

  16. Angelo Tan says:

    I attended two Masses; one in Saturday evening and one on Sunday morning. Both emphasized the essence of humility, God’s grace vs. sin. We must combat sin with his grace. We shall all return to God.

    It’s a homily that’s straight to the core that I’ve heard after weeks.

  17. rcg says:

    Our visiting priest is apparently a radical. He said it isn’t enough to feel bad for a sin that it isn’t even enough to change your ways. You should make some form of restitution!

  18. Riddley says:

    At my usual TLM, the priest told us that while Caesar’s likeness was on the coins, God’s likeness is in each of us and we are therefore accountable to God rather than to Caesar. This led to a nice criticism of the separation of Church and State.

  19. SPWang says:

    The young don’t want to shape the Church before the Church can form us”

    Ex-Form, Wangaratta, Australia. We had the submission from the Australian Catholic Students Association read out as a glimmer of hope for us all. You can have a read -

  20. docsmith54 says:

    On the road, I went to a church I had not been to in four years. After the opening ‘Rain down, rain down….’ I lamented I hadn’t overslept and missed a TLM 40 miles away.

    This is NO these days: goofy opening gather song, blah blah.consecration, blah blah, bring catechumens up for blessing, blah blah, ‘go forth and serve each other’ )no mention of the Lord.)

    You want reform? Undo 55 years of the abusive practices.

    The homily? Indian priest: mostly ok but heretical at one point.

    Why do men attend mass?

  21. Jeannine says:

    Our deacon preached about the prophetic quality of Humanae Vitae in regards to the negative effects on family life and society of contraception. After Mass I congratulated him on his courage; it was perhaps the second time in fifty years that I have heard a homilist mention this topic.

  22. Joy65 says:

    Was at a weekend retreat called “Women at the feet of Jesus” here in Louisiana and Father gave one long absolutely amazing homily. He touched on the theme of all of the women we had discussed at the retreat who had actually physically been in Jesus’ presence at one time or another. I can even begin to put into words what he said but it all hit home and it all was definitely meant for me to hear. Also just a little something else I especially got out of the retreat, I have to STOP being a Martha all the time and be a Mary. All the things of this world will pass but my time I spend with Jesus will only grow stronger and become clearer once I leave this life. Yes we MUST do our duties here and we MUST take care of the necessary things and people in our lives but we can’t let that be our ONLY focus. God first, others second, myself last. Was a very inspiring and much need weekend and I am blessed for having gone.

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