Your Sunday Sermon Notes

Was there a good point made in the sermon you heard during your Mass to fulfill your Sunday Obligation?

Let us know.

You were paying attention, weren’t you?

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  1. Argument Clinician says:

    Usus Antiquior Mass of Christ the King. Father spoke of the threefold aspect of government–legislative, judicial, and executive–that Christ exercises as King. (Father referred to Pius XI’s explanation in Quas primas.) Christ is Lawgiver, Judge, and “Effector” of the Kingdom of Heaven. Father went on to describe how each of the faithful is called to exercise this role of government as a member of Christ’s Body: in accordance with our state, we are to order our own world (beginning with ourselves!) in obedience to Christ’s own gentle rule. In this way, we cooperate with Christ in bringing His Kingdom.

  2. Prayerful says:

    Fr evoked well the relentless attack on the Social Kingship of Christ with the blasphemy referendum, and the prevailing sense that any sort of blasphemy (except against the false religion of Islam) is permitted.

  3. Philomena Mary says:

    I’m still travelling through the USA and had the pleasure of attending a Solemn High Mass in the traditional form at Old St Patrick’s in New Orleans for the Christus Rex feast. It was fairly well packed with parishioners, including lots of young, large families. There was a beautiful choir singing and a young priest who gave a most excellent homily. The well-attended traditional parish with young priest and lots of young families has been a pattern throughout my entire trip and it is exciting to see.

    Father preached on the nature of Christ’s Kingship, the true nature of the papacy and where the Pope’s authority derives from, and the nature of papal infallibility. He noted that where the Pope contradicts sacred Tradition, he cannot speak infallibly. He asked us to pray for the Pope, and indirectly referenced both the current crisis (and the Pope’s role in this) as well as the response of those who decide the See is vacant as a response – although there can be bad Popes, we cannot separate ourselves from the Church.

  4. Jonathan Marshall says:

    At this Sunday’s Novus Ordo Mass our Curate’s homily was excellent. He made the point that Bartimaeus means “son of the unclean one” (which I never knew before) and likened Bartimaeus’s throwing off of his cloak our need to throw off all impediments to following our Lord.

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