Concerning vestments and the TMSM and YOU

One of the things I have tried to accomplish with the Tridentine Mass Society of the Diocese of Madison (the TMSM is 501(c)(3)) is to provide worthy vestments for the celebration of the sacred mysteries. YOU readers, from all over the world, have helped in this regard through your donations. My gratitude is expansive.

The idea has been, along the lines of the vision of Benedict XVI and Summorum Pontificum, is that there should be a mutual enrichment of the Ordinary Form as well as an expansion of the use of the traditional Roman Rite. The TMSM vestments are available for celebrations great and small. For example, our white Pontifical set with the diocesan arms has been augmented by an addition half dozen chasubles and dalmatics so that they could be used for ordinations. We also have extra red chasubles for the same reason, since ordinations here take place at the end of June. Our purple pontifical set was used for the funeral Mass of the late, great Extraordinary Ordinary, Bishop Morlino (though the celebrant – grrrr – brought his own mismatching vestment).

In any event, because many of you have been so good to us, I wanted to let you know what we are up to.

Here is the new purple set (different from the purple pontifical set). We had this made with chasuble, dalmatics, cope, humeral veil, antependium, and tabernacle veil. We had a gremial made for it as well, so that it could be easily used for a Pontifical Mass at the Faldstool. This set remains at the parish where it is to be frequently used. This way we are not using pieces from the complete pontifical set, and moving them around town, thus exposing them to more wear.

Here are some action shots from Quinquagesima Sunday.

And for Ash Wednesday, from the stream.  Same crew, but the diocesan vocation director took the role of celebrant for this.

Also, we have now in the works a new set.  The tailors at Gammarelli are cutting the fabric today or tomorrow.

This will be the full pontifical set again, with all the dalmatics, tunics, needed for Mass at the Throne.  In addition we are getting a “plus” size dalmatic and chasuble for a couple of the bigger boys on the team.

I will have special labels made to sew into these vestments with the name of the generous donor who made this set possible.  When they are used, I will ask the sacred ministers, every time they put them on, to say a prayer for the donor.  

There is the chance that we will have some embroidery of coats-of-arms of a priest or two on extra chasubles.

After this, dear readers, I intend to have a truly magnificent set made in BLACK to replace to dreadful set we obtained as a stop gap early in my administration.   Of course I am looking for lots of money!

We will dedicate the new set to the memory of Bp. Morlino, who did so much to promote beauty in worship, and who so willingly celebrated Requiem Masses for the deceased priests and bishops of the diocese.   The All Soul’s Requiem was his last Pontifical Mass on earth.  His intention will be included in the next one.

¡Hagan lío!

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  1. Pius Admirabilis says:

    Pater reverende, the vestments look absolutely stunning, and so do the fabrics you have chosen! Very, very beautiful! May I just suggest a tiny thing? Of course, this is just my humble opinion, but I think it would look great if the Cope had an application at the back. This must be done professionally, of course, because otherwise it can very easily look cheap and ugly. But maybe there is a way to get the Holy Cross embroidered, or maybe the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, or a Sacred Host with rays of golden string coming from it? This is not my call to make, but I honestly think it would add a nice touch to it, especially considering it is used during the Canon, the most solemn and most important part of Holy Mass.

    [Perhaps you are talking about the humeral veil, rather than the cope.]

  2. Pius Admirabilis says:

    Yes, Father, sorry. The Humeral Veil.

  3. arcillajohn says:

    Surely you have thought about getting a different style. Semi Gothic, Borromean or even Saint Philip Neri styles would be nice to add to your collection.

  4. JustaSinner says:

    So pray tell, Father, what does one complete set of the black vestments run?

  5. I haven’t designed them yet, so I don’t have an estimate. However, add a zero to your check.

  6. I’ll give that some thought.

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