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So a guy with gas cans walks into @StPatsNYC in Midtown Manhattan…

…. No!  Really! The NYPost reports – and I have verified through a NYPD source that this is for real – a guy with gas cans walked into St. Patrick’s Cathedral in midtown Manhattan today and got his crazy ass … Read More

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ARRIVED: Tenebrae Hearse! And a successful bout with Zuhlsdorf’s Law

The Tenebrae hearse arrived in time. I wanted it days ago, but it came. I wanted it days ago so that we could check it out and solve problems (which, since I have read a lot of Augustine, and I … Read More

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PRAYERCAzT: What does the Latin Exorcism really sound like? FOR PRIESTS ONLY – UPDATED

UPDATE 17 April 2019: A while ago I had a request from an exorcist of a US diocese for a recording not only of Chapter 3, but also of Chapter 2.  “Euge! Euge!”, quoth I, “It is, however, long.   But … Read More

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Fundraising idea for #NotreDame

I’ve been chatting with a friend.  Here’s an idea. Those who are responsible for Notre Dame Cathedral might sell cubes of charred wood and vault from the burned roof.   Say, 1 cm (5 cm for a lot more).   This would … Read More

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VIDEO: Interview with Fr. Jean-Marc Fournier

Here is an interview with Fr. Jean-Marc Fournier, the priest military chaplain to the firefighters of Paris.  He was a member of the FSSP. Generally accurate translation (by someone out there): ‘I am Father Fournier, chaplain-major at the Paris Fire … Read More

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WDTPRS – Spy Wednesday, the last Collect of Lent

The term “Spy” Wednesday is probably an allusion to Christ’s betrayal by Judas. This prayer was the Collect for this same day in the 1962 Missale Romanum. It was also in the ancient Gregorian Sacramentary in both the Hadrianum and … Read More

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VIDEO: Interior of #NotreDame after the fire. WHEW!

This video… I hope it works… show the interior. It could have been a LOT worse! One thing that occurs to me is, Holy Cow! could our forebears build!  And, the sheer size of the place helped to isolate the … Read More

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