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Initial reaction to Benedict XVI’s latest essay: a cri de coeur

Benedict XVI has released a three part essay address, firstly, it seems, to the clergy of Germany. It is a scolding. However, it is also clearly for the whole watching world. The MSM will be excited about the title: The … Read More

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CQ CQ CQ – #HamRadio Wednesday – More DMR and THE MOON

Be sure to catch up on ZedNet progress.  HERE Also, as a follow up to the fascinating tale of the Israeli Moon lander Beresheet (Hebrew for “In the beginning…” (1st word of the Genesis, and also of Gospel of John) … Read More


A public “Amoris Laetitia” celebration of getting around adultery

It has been some time since we’ve looked into issues arising from the ambiguity laden Ch. 8 of Amoris laetitia.  Remember that those who wish to distort the words of the Lord and Catholic moral theology will read it one way, … Read More

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First photograph of a real Black Hole

No, this is not a photo of the HQ of the Fishwrap, a place so dense that no light can escape it. Nor is it a pic of the Jesuits’ Generalate in Rome.  This isn’t an artistic rendering of the … Read More

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