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POLL: Foot-washing on Holy Thursday where you are – ORDINARY FORM

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“Behold, I make all things new.”

US HERE – UK HERE The moment which, every time, nearly overwhelms me to the point of not being able to breathe is when Christ falls and His Mother has her flashback.  She – past and present – rushes to … Read More

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#GoodFriday and You: Prayers for Holy Souls in Purgatory and Plenary Indulgences

Something which would enormously help every aspect of the life of the Church in the modern world is a revival of classic devotions and the return to a style of prayer which, to our ears, seems quite formal and, at … Read More

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Good Friday Reminder: Fasting, Abstaining, and You

Tomorrow is Good Friday. Let’s review our obligations before the day arrives so that we aren’t taken by surprise. Two days of the year we modern Latin Church Catholics are asked both to fast and to abstain from meat. According to the … Read More

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