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SPACEWEATHER: Strange Northern Lights!

This is from SpaceWeather…. very cool. I’ll bet this freaked out a lot of people… though there aren’t a lot of people up there. ___ ROCKETS DUMP CHEMICALS INTO NORTHERN LIGHTS: Last night (April 5th) in Norway, researchers at the Andøya … Read More

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Wherein Fr. Z makes an appeal

Dear readers, this is an appeal. Your use of my links to stuff on Amazon or your use of my search box on the right sidebar provides important income. Every time you enter Amazon through my links or that search … Read More

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Minimalist Catholics or More?

Fr. Jerabek, at his blog, has a good reminder about Lenten penance, and Fridays, and fasting and abstinence. All Fridays of the year are days of penance.  Fridays of Lent are more specific. All Catholics who have completed 14 years … Read More

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Your Sunday Sermon Notes and Passion Sunday POLL: veils on images

Was there a good point made during the sermon you heard for your Mass of obligation this  5th Sunday of Lent (Novus Ordo). From this Sunday, traditionally called 1st Sunday of the Passion, it is customary to veil images in … Read More

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