This might have an effect on Ham Radio operation.  Also, those of you in the north might watch for aurora borealis!

From SpaceWeather:

GEOMAGNETIC STORM UNDERWAY NOW: A surprise geomagnetic storm is underway on May 14th. Storm levels are currently at G2 (moderately strong), which means auroras may be visible in northern-tier US states such as Minnesota, Michigan, and upstate New York. The reason for the storm: A crack has opened in Earth’s magnetic field, allowing solar wind to enter the magnetosphere. Aurora AlertsSMS Text.

MULTIPLE CMEs ARE COMING: Three and possibly four CMEs are en route to Earth following a series of explosions near sunspot AR2741. The most potent so far occurred on May 12th when a filament of magnetism surrounding the sunspot became unstable and erupted. The blast zone was more than 200,000 km in diameter:

Similar eruptions on May 10th (twice) and May 13th have combined with this one to produce a train of faint coronal mass ejections (CMEs) heading in our direction. The incoming CMEs are lightweights compared to the bright massive CMEs typically seen during Solar Maximum. However, their combined effect could rattle Earth’s magnetic field.

NOAA forecasters estimate a 55% to 60% chance of geomagnetic storms on May 15th and 16th when the CMEs arrive. Storm levels are expected to range between G1 (Minor) and G2 (Moderate). This means auroras could be sighted in northern-tier US states such as Montana, Minnesota, and upstate New York. Aurora AlertsSMS Text.


By the way, if you haven’t read William Forstchen‘s books, I recommend them.

Check out

One Second After


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  2. dahveed says:

    Father, I think this is yet another reason you should join us in Ohio for Hamvention. Yes? ;)

  3. The Northern Lights will apparently also be visible tonight and tomorrow in parts of Scotland…

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