Aftermath: the modernist star-trek altar from Notre-Dame de Paris

You might recall that the fire in the roof of Notre-Dame de Paris brought down part of the roof precisely over the modernist star-trek altar set up in the crossing of the nave and transepts.   A massive rubble smashed down on it, almost as if guided by a powerful – perhaps – feminine hand.  VIDEO HERE

Today a friend sent a link to a Fakebook page where a priest posted a note about being ordained near that altar many years ago and that he is in “better condition”.  HERE

Congratulations to the priest on his 30th anniversary!

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  1. iamlucky13 says:

    Bizzare as the design may have been, it still feels wrong to see an altar lying on its side on pallets like scrap to be moved.

  2. Glennonite says:

    Sometimes the symbology just gob-smacks you. I hear you, Our Lady of Fatima.

  3. jaykay says:

    It looks like an old zinc water-tank from the attic. Of course, after some tons of vault-stone and burning roof-timber having collapsed on it, it wouldn’t look too good.

    Then again, it never did.

    That said, it was the Altar on which many High Masses were celebrated to start the Chartres pilgrimage, 8 of them in my time doing it, so…

  4. nasman2 says:

    If the altar stone has been removed and its been deconsecrated, then good riddance. It would be nice if they don’t replace it with anything and use the true high altar.

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