The TMSM welcomes Bp. Hying to @MadisonDiocese – UPDATED

His Excellency Most Reverend Donald Hying has come to Madison as the diocese’s 5th Bishop.  On Monday, 24 June, Vespers was celebrated on the vigil of his installation on 25 June.  You can see the ceremony and hear the Bishop’s sermon HERE.  In the video skip forward to about 40:00 for the beginning and 1:03:00 for the sermon.

The installation Mass will also be live streamed on Tuesday, 25 June.

I was pleased that the Tridentine Mass Society of the Diocese of Madison provided the vestments for the evening and also for the installation Mass on Tuesday.  That means that many of YOU readers have contributed to make these occasions more beautiful.  So, in a way, the “mutual enrichment” goes forward.

Here are a few photos from Vespers.

First, a couple shots of the fabric for these vestments being prepared for cutting, some time ago in Rome.  2017…

And now, in 2019 … the dalmatics and antependium are from what we call the “Madison Set”, because the pieces bear the diocesan coat of arms.

We now have 10 chasubles, including the one made for Bp. Morlino with his coat of arms and now the new one just made with Bp. Hying’s arms.


Just unpacked!  Thank you, dear readers, for your ongoing support of the TMSM and its work.


Gammarelli told me that they are just about out of fabric and they have run out of the trim.  If we want to expand this any more (though I’m not sure why) we’ll have to find another supplier.

The set has 7 copes, 10 chasubles and dalmatics (including 2 “plus” sized), canopy and ombrellino.   And, if you can imagine, all the chasubles came with all the other pieces needed for Mass, and the copes and dalmatics came with stoles.  There are piles of burses and maniples and chalice veils.

The TMSM welcomes Bp. Hying.

Dear readers, please say a prayer for him as soon as you read this?  Bishops today have a heavy mandate.

UPDATE 25 June.

VIDEO of the installation Mass is HERE

For the Bishop’s sermon advance to about 1:25:00

It good to see many of the TMSM’s vestments in play today.  A few shots.  Note: Archbp. Listecki with the pallium… a first for these vestments.

The Apostolic Nuncio.

At last, seated and with the symbols of his office.


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  1. SanSan says:

    Praying for the new Bishop of Madison. He has huge shoes to fill. May Our Lady guide him always.

    Beautiful vestments Father.

  2. Hidden One says:

    Post read, prayer said.

  3. Dad of Six says:

    Prayers said for the Bishop!

    I note that the Deacon has a nicely trimmed beard.

  4. acardnal says:

    Readers please note: a seventh candle was lit and added to the altar mensa and placed in front of the crucifix to note the Mass is being celebrated by the bishop.

  5. roma247 says:

    hmmm…am I being obtuse to notice that Cardinal Cupich is the only one who is not vested in one of the matching chasubles? I mean, I’m guessing he was the only Cardinal there, but is that typical? Because either way, I do know from experience that is his M.O. to refuse and then stick out like a sore thumb, just to make a point…

  6. Gab says:

    What a shame it wasn’t a Traditional Latin Mass.

  7. Bthompson says:


    I believe it is actually a protocol thing. Generally, concelebrants don’t outrank the celebrant, especially in formal situations. Thus, when cardinals attend big Masses, they quite often end up sitting in choir unless the celebrant is himself another cardinal or the Pope.

  8. Kevinbell says:

    Did His Excellency refuse the custom made chasuble with his personal arms embroidered in favour of the rather plain one he is wearing in the pictures? Mildly disappointing amidst the otherwise great day.

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