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7 July 2021 – Tour de France Stage 11, the Monastery at Le Barroux, and wine

Yesterday I posted that Stage 11 of the Tour de France would focus on Mount Ventoux, indeed near to where the beautiful, traditional Monastery Ste. Madeleine is. The monks and nuns of their sister Abbey have revived an ancient vineyard, … Read More

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7 July – Stage 11 of @LeTour, the Monks of Le Barroux, and YOU

This post brings together three great offerings from France: good wine, great chant, and the Tour de France. I while ago I wrote about the wonderful wine made by the traditional Benedictine monks of Le Barroux in S. France.   I … Read More

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Stepping on the Third Gear

Tonight, I heard of this story for the first time.  As I was flipping past something I figured would be boring I heard the word “peloton”.  Since I avidly follow the Tour, I clicked back and saw that the company that … Read More

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Tour Talk – #TDF2019 – @Le_Tour Stage 19 – The WEATHER wins!

High drama in the highest altitudes of this year’s Tour. As they crested the high point of this stage, a hail and snow storm hit the route in the Alps, and the officials called the race.  They also determined to … Read More

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Tour Talk – #TDF2019 – @Le_Tour Stage 15

The coverage of the Tour continues, with magnificent coverage. There are closeups in the peleton, cams on bikes, helicopters and motorcycles. Today one of the guys on motorcycle talked about the rules and dynamics of being on the road. Sudden … Read More

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Tour Talk – #TDF2019 @Le_Tour Stage 6

SPOILER WARNING (if you haven’t watched your recording) The Tour continues.  Peter Sagan had an amazing sprint to win Stage 5 and Alaphilippe is still, as I write, in the Yellow Jersey.  Wellens is King. They have moved from Alsace … Read More

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Tour Talk – 2019 Tour de France

I am sure you already are deep into it, but for those of you who are behind the curve, the 2019 Tour de France is underway. In my distant youth I did a little cycling, so I have a taste … Read More

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French stones and soutanes

As I do each year, I’ve been watching the Tour de France.  When I was young, I did a bit of riding myself.    The coverage is technically amazing and the scenery along the way is beautiful.  It’s like a … Read More

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A glimpse from the Tour de France

I usually follow the Tour de France.  I did some biking when I was younger. The Tour got off to a rocky start today, with some drama toward the end: massive pile-ups in the peloton, etc. The TV coverage is … Read More

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