“Damn!”, quoth I.  “That’s the spirit.” Coasties getting the job done.

Last night I saw on the news a video of a Coastie jump onto a moving surfaced submarine hauling narcotics to these USA and pound the hatch till it opened.

“Damn!”, quoth I.  “That’s the spirit.  That’s an object lesson.”

This is fantastic.  The admiration meter is now broken.

Fr. Z Kudos to the US “Semper Paratus” Coast Guard.

A somewhat “raw” account, HERE.

The analogies for our attitude in The Present Crisis are multiplying rapidly in my mind.

With what kind of courage must parents raise their children today, given the not-even-submerged poisons being hauled to their souls?

With what sort of determination must priests have in preaching and teaching the truths of the Catholic faith and in their celebration of the sacred mysteries?


You, dear reader, have a vocation.  How are you living it?


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  1. I saw this last night. What a brave bunch of guys! I am so glad he didn’t slip off the sub.

  2. Kathleen10 says:

    Holy cow, that’s exhilarating! Manliness to the extreme! What a lesson to be sure, in why we need virile MEN doing these jobs. I’m sorry, but this beautiful example of manly virtues makes it all too clear. We do a disservice to the military when we force women into slots that men should have for exactly this reason, they have the physical strength and innate drive to do these kinds of things.
    No woman could do what that cadet just did in front of our eyes. If only common sense and reality prevailed.
    Well done, Coast Guard! You make us proud.

  3. bobk says:

    I’d suggest the people in that craft are the luckiest smugglers alive. It could have been sunk in a second by the pursuers. It reminds me of then Captain Daniel Gallery in WW 2 capturing a German submarine rather than sinking it in order to get its secrets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIgyF1R1D88
    Very gutsy men in our Coast Guard. I expect the smugglers will spend less time in captivity than the German POW’s did.

  4. Kevin says:


    Kathleen10 – Well said! Thank you.

  5. Semper Gumby says:

    Well Done to the Coast Guard. That is taking the bull by the horns.

    Yep Fr. Z, that account was “raw” but well worth reading.

    Kathleen10: Good point. A buddy’s email a few weeks ago had a story about the newly appointed first female infantry division commander in US history (California National Guard 40th Infantry Division). Apparently, (it’s unclear) the California Adjutant General, not the Pentagon, appoints National Guard division commanders. No doubt she is a fine National Guard general and a fine helicopter pilot, but having not spent one day or night as an infantry officer the opportunity to “lead by example” seems minimal in this instance. Well, a sincere good luck to all in the 40th.

    bobk: Thanks for the U-505 video, I’ll have to look at that. The U-505 is at the Chicago Museum of Science & Industry. It’s impressive. (Supposedly, it’s available for dinner parties).

    Wait a minute…well I’ll be…


    I’ve always thought a great place for a Chicago-area bash would be Bob’s Country Bunker from the Blues Brothers.

    Anyway, the Museum of Science and Industry (what a great name, ‘Merica!) also has the finest model railroad layout on the planet.

  6. carndt says:

    Always enjoy your replies.

    The Coasties are an awesome branch and their training is gruesome. They are on the front line along with CBP on the war on drugs. It is just that a WAR.
    Sent the video to my sons. Both in the military.
    I agree with you and Kathy regarding women in the military.
    Yes the U505 is worth a trip to see. If also in the Chicagoland area check out the 1st Division Museum at Cantigny in Wheaton, IL.

  7. Semper Gumby says:

    carndt: Thank you. God bless you and your sons.

    Here’s a video about Coast Guard training at Cape Disappointment, where the Columbia River empties into the Pacific. Small boats, big waves:


    The CBP is in the thick of things. One news report says that sub was carrying around 7 tons of cocaine worth about a quarter billion.

    Cantigny is a good recommendation, visited as a boy, the WW I exhibit was impressive.

  8. hwriggles4 says:

    Years ago, I applied for a Coast Guard Direct Commission Engineer. They only picked four guys that year (I didn’t make it) and the year before they picked three.

    Anyway, two things I learned from the USCG recruiter I had – more people come to them , and the USCG doesn’t brag about what they do. They do good work By the way, I would have been an aviator but I had an eye problem.

    “We’re always ready for the call, we place our trust in thee…..Aye, Coast Guard we fight for you.”

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