Good VIDEO for people who aren’t familiar with the TLM or with our traditions

I occasionally catch video interviews that Taylor Marshall has with folks who interest me. Today I saw most of a video he did with Fr. David Nix, a good young priest in Denver whom I’ve met.  They both are both smart and sincere.

In this video, they discuss issues people encounter if, after having experienced nothing other than the Novus Ordo, start attending a traditional parish and the Traditional Latin Mass. There are things which have to be explained, because they’ve dropped by the wayside since Council and its disastrous implementation.

Taylor himself is a convert and Fr. Nix is a revert. They had to make a lot of discoveries as they “came into the Church” on a new level. They cover quite a bit of territory, from their discovery that in sacristies there is something called a “sacrarium” and how altar linens are to be rinsed by a priest before they are laundered, to certain customs of the confessional.

Being a convert myself, and having been a priest now for quite a while, and having been writing and answering questions for many years on this blog and elsewhere, it was fun to listen to their conversation. They had some good insights. In a couple cases, as in why a priest might start the form of absolution before the penitent is finished saying an Act of Contrition, I might add a thing or two. That’s okay.  It’s hard to get to everything in an off the cuff discussion.

There was a great point made by Marshall about how one might add prayers to one’s assigned penance for the priest in gratitude. That’s wonderful. Some priests whom I know keep track of the penances they assign and then do them themselves.

Another good point is a discussion of roles of men and women in marriage and the family.  Men have headship.  But that means that men have to step up and lead as a “cruciform servant”.  They, too, have had the experience of hearing men say, “I’d like to go to the TLM, but my wife won’t let us.”  Oh my.  Spiritual headship means men make the call.  BUT!  BUT!  Who is teaching the kids their catechism?  He or she?  Who is leading the family rosary?  He or she?  If men abdicate their leadership, there’s a problem.   If he is going to say, “We’re going to the TLM”, then he had better be stepping up as  “cruciform servant”.  On the other hand, say a guy’s wife wants to go to the TLM but he doesn’t.  Then we can get into the sacrificial love aspect and work it out.

Other good points. How to deal with the “chapel veil police” or unpleasant things at coffee and donuts after Mass.   I like that: Veil Police™.  Fun.  And TRUE in some places.

I loved the point about sung Vespers in the parish on Sunday evening!   That’s what we had in my parish in St. Paul.   It was extremely formative for me. That’s why there are prayers for Vespers in hand missals, by the way.

They talk about the differences in the rites of baptism and supplying the elements of the ritual missing in the newer form, or the way that the traditional sacrament of anointing is administered.   They consider how the Eucharist was moved to the place where the sick are to receive.

In any event, here’s the video. It could be helpful for people interested in getting into our Tradition.

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  1. Atra Dicenda, Rubra Agenda says:

    Fr. Nix was arrested for protesting at an abortion clinic….

  2. Fabiola80 says:

    That was awesome! I’ve been a traditional Catholic for as long as I can remember and I learned alot from that video.
    I’m going getting holy water in my home as soon as I can!

  3. Charles E Flynn says:

    From Father Nix’s Twitter account:

    FrDave Nix ?
    Walking through NYC in a cassock all day today. I find overwhelming kindness from people of all races, ages, classes and religions…all except white liberals who glare at me the same way they would have stared at a black person 100 years ago.

  4. robtbrown says:

    FrDave Nix ?
    Walking through NYC in a cassock all day today. I find overwhelming kindness from people of all races, ages, classes and religions…all except white liberals who glare at me the same way they would have stared at a black person 100 years ago.

    Superb comment.

  5. SanSan says:

    Yes, this was an excellent video. I shared with local priests and Catholics.

    Fr. Nix really has a strong calling which is much needed today.

  6. acardnal says:

    I’m was reminded. . . going to Confession as a young boy prior to the Council, the priest would always say the absolution in Latin while I was saying the Act of Contrition in English.

    Prior to leaving the confesional I always tell the priest that I will say a prayer for him.

  7. veritas vincit says:

    I would really be interested in this, if it weren’t a 90+ minute video.

  8. So, beyond saving time, what are the additional reasons for the priest starting the absolution while the penitent is still making his act of contrition?

  9. Anne C. says:

    I had already watched this video, having followed Dr. Marshall on YouTube for some time. I have seen his comments here, so he must also “follow” you!

  10. Skeinster says:

    I used to be a member of Dr. Marshall’s parish- if he still goes there. Our former pastor was
    death on the Veil Police as well as all other manifestations of “Tradder than thou”.
    Kept the atmosphere there welcoming and charitable, as much as possible.

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