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Worthy reading. More Pachamama and more from Archbp. Viganò.

At the Pontifical Mass at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception last week (HERE with VIDEO), you could tell that quite a few of the congregants were unfamiliar with the Traditional Mass by the fact that they sang the Pater … Read More

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VIDEO which could help some participate more fully at the Traditional Latin Mass (and probably Novus Ordo too)

A young priest of Denver, Fr. David Nix, put together a video about a year ago, in which, while he says a Traditional Latin Low Mass, he superimposes quotes from St. Francis de Sales – reflections on each step of … Read More

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Good VIDEO for people who aren’t familiar with the TLM or with our traditions

I occasionally catch video interviews that Taylor Marshall has with folks who interest me. Today I saw most of a video he did with Fr. David Nix, a good young priest in Denver whom I’ve met.  They both are both … Read More

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Cri de Coeur from a Catholic married couple. Wherein Fr. Z rants from his heart.

I’m tired of the whine from certain homosexualists and their agenda, to the detriment of concerns of people to adhere to God’s plan and nature and many other serious concerns which we face as a Church and society. I was … Read More

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