Jesuitical screenshots

Here is something instructive from One Mad Mom.  Moms pay attention to details.

A Tale of Two Screen Shots

Two screen shots from Fr. Martin say what we all know but I’ll just paraphrase: “I have no say in what is published at America Magazine unless I want you to know I do!” Posted a mere half an hour apart. Apparently he doesn’t remember how plausible deniability works.


At 12:13 he writes that he was involved in discussions about who could write something.

At 12:42 he writes that he has no say over what gets published.

And… he seems to be on the ropes about women in the Jesuits.

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  1. Just being Jesuitical…arguing from both sides of the issue so you can’t claim he’s not right.

  2. Charles E Flynn says:

    Unfortunately, Fr. Martin is both editor in chief and editor at large of his own Twitter account.

  3. TonyO says:

    Wait a minute: is he seriously suggesting that an “Editor at large” has “no say” in what gets published?

    That could ONLY mean that an editor at large is not an editor. Which is to say (in other terms) that it is NOT an editor. Being an editor at large for him means getting the TITLE of “editor” without any of the content. Good deal, if you can get it.

    Yes: being Jesuitical apparently means making up terms to mean whatever you want them to mean, at any given moment, changing without notice.

    Has anyone bothered to notice that Martin is really a hum-drum hack? His writing would not be publishable material if it did not consist in reliably toeing the party line on every lib notion that comes down the pike, with a limp spine thrown in. It’s not like he has any access to information that is not readily available to everyone else, and he certainly does not present his ideas in any more elegant or more persuasive form than any other lib who has hung around academic circles for 20 years: yes, he can complete a sentence properly. The lib media celebrates him merely because he reliably backs up their prejudices. Wow, what a resume.

  4. DavidJ says:

    To be fair, I’ve been involved in many meetings at work about topics where I was not a decision maker. I find it hard to believe that someone with the title has _no say_ in what gets published. Maybe he’s not the final word, but I would think at least he’s involved in the discussions (which is what it sounds like).

  5. Kerry says:

    Surely, that is the way God made him.

  6. Kenneth Wolfe says:

    America magazine editors (collectively) get to vote on pieces getting published or not. I am stupefied editor-at-large James Martin, LGBTSJ, does not know this.

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