UPDATED: United Nations published environment, population control children’s book called “Pachamama”

Do you know about the so-called “Sorites or Heap Paradox”?

Imagine you have a heap of sand.  You begin one by one to remove the individual grains of sand.  One by one.

QUAERITUR: At what point is that collection of sand grains no longer a “heap”?

At a certain point, it stops being a “heap” and becomes some other collection of sand grains.  And then none.

Is that what is going on in certain sectors of the Church?   Remove elements until it is no long a Church, but rather an NGO with a really wide-spread network?

Is that what is going on in certain sectors of the Church regarding our Catholic Faith?  Remove or change or add elements until at some point it is a different religion?

You can draw your own conclusions about what is going on in the Church over the last decades.  You can consider this in more recent goings on, in the time leading up to, during, and after the pre-programmed Amazon Synod (“walking together”), with its funding from the German Church and the Ford Foundation… along with their agendas.

Now I see at Ed Pentin’s place this really creepy bit of information.

Again, it concerns the demon idol venerated before during and at the end of the Synod, Pachamama.

Mind you, Francis invited form UN chief Ban Ki-moon and major abortion activist Jeffrey Sachs to participate in the Amazon Synod.  HERE Francis also said that we have to obey the UN.  HERE

Now for Pentin.  My emphases and comments.

Pachamama: New to the Vatican But No Stranger to the UN

The United Nations Environment Programme published a children’s textbook in 2002 interestingly entitled Pachamama — a course on why the world’s environment is being degraded and an assessment of “how our Mother Earth is doing today.”

The UNEP says in the book that “Pachamama” means not just ‘Mother Earth’ in Inca culture but also “living in total harmony with the Earth and not from the Earth. It suggests a lifestyle in harmony with nature.”  [That sounds rather like what they were talking about at the Synod (“walking together”).]

During the Amazon Synod last month, what the Holy Father called “Pachamama” statues regularly appeared in churches, ceremonies and the synod hall. Pictures of indigenous people bowing down before them in the Vatican Gardens and in a church nearby led many faithful to see them as idols, leading Austrian Catholic Alexander Tschugguel to seize four of them and throw them into the Tiber.

The UNEP’s Pachamama course appears benign by contrast but its first of 7 modules is about “population growth,” teaching children that populations grow “more slowly” if each set of parents “only has one child.” It then predictably argues for “sustainable development” and goes on to teach about such subjects as “measuring pollution,” “government action,” and “understanding biodiversity.”  [The Italian bishops published a booklet with a pray to Pachamama, as some sort of embodiment of the environment. HERE]

In its children’s book, the UNEP doesn’t describe the Pachamama as an idol of course — instead it seems to have just borrowed the word for the course’s title which consists of contributions from young people, authors and artists.  [It’s called “creeping incrementalism”.  You prepare the terrain carefully, patiently.  You plant seeds well in advance, looking down the line for the harvest.]

But the connection with the “Pachamama” and the UNEP shows that its appearance at the synod did not happen by chance, and is, in its own way, another indication of the ever-increasing “inculturation” of the UN and the global environmental movement into the very marrow of the Vatican.


As an addendum, Melinda Gates, a liberal Catholic whose Gates Foundation promotes similar globalist values diametrically opposed to Church teaching, privately met the Pope on Wednesday, according to a reliable source. The Vatican and the Gates Foundation were asked twice if they could confirm the meeting but neither responded.

Put separate puzzle pieces together and, slowly, a picture emerges.

Creeping incrementalism.

There is the Sorites Paradox: slow removal of grains. There is the Frog in the Water method: slow addition of heat.

By one method you change the thing by removal.  By the other method you change the thing by addition.

It is said that, “That which we tolerate today we will embrace tomorrow.”   The Enemy is good at being an enemy.  The Enemy moves patiently, through the knowledge that were we to be jerked off course too quickly, we might wake up and haul the boat around to the right course again.  We might turn the heat down, or start putting the grains back.

Our response?

  • Deeper fidelity to our vocations.
  • Promotion of traditional sacred liturgical worship.
  • Acts of penance and reparation.
  • Prayer for the perpetrators and prayer against all their projects.


I received these two note during the night.


Also during the synod, the 2008 cartoon, “Pachamama “, was listed on Netflix as “trending“ Family Movie.

Thank you for all your “better than the news” information.

And also…

Dear Fr Z, fyi- just started running a few months ago on Netflix- animated film called “pachamama”. Was 14yrs in development. A quote from the end of linked Variety background article:
“With “Pachamama” about to make its global debut, Antin is working on his next project, writing a script along the same lines as “Pachamama,” but set in the Amazon.”

Juan Antin’s Animated Film ‘Pachamama’ Bows on Netflix June 7 – Variety

Some people with huge money and influence worked for a long time to develop these projects and then bring them together into public view not only during a Synod (“walking together”) but to the very altar of St. Peter’s Basilica.


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  1. James C says:

    Another very troubling thing coming out of Rome is Pope Francis and the Vatican’s repeated use of the phrase “the new humanism”. This has also been repeated by Italy’s leftist Prime Minister, who is closely tied to Sant’Egidio.

    The problem is, “the new humanism” is a very Masonic phrase.





  2. Philmont237 says:

    Did you see that Netflix released a children’s movie this year called “Pachamama”?

  3. RLseven says:

    Good suggestions, especially deepening fidelity to our vocations. Sometimes I take my vocation for granted, so I will be thinking and praying about this in days ahead.

  4. ArthurH says:

    Per Alexander Pope:

    “Vice is a monster of so frightful mien
    As to be hated needs but to be seen;
    Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face,
    We first endure, then pity, then embrace.”

  5. I think if it as being like the process of petrifaction, where minerals dissolved in water gradually leech out and replace organic material.

  6. jcariveau says:

    If I might add to “Our response?”, here’s some things that have been on my heart.


    Keep Wednesdays and Fridays by abstaining and fasting, observe Sundays in the traditional way, practice penitential Advents and Lents, fast and abstain on the vigils of great solemnities, pray the rosary, pray morning and evening prayers, have a home altar or icon corner on the eastern wall and use it, go to mass as often as possible, read the Church Fathers, memorize Psalms and pray them daily, read the Bible, prepare for reception of the Holy Eucharist through fasting and abstaining from marital relations, go to confession weekly.


    Use the Roman canon every time. Start saying ad orientem masses. Pray the Breviary out loud in the sanctuary. Say the St Michael prayer after masses. Insist on the propers. Intinct for communion. Use the ‘62 Rituale for baptisms and blessings. Regularly exorcize your parish grounds and your city. Talk about the sacramental grace in your homilies, especially confession. Hear confessions more frequently. Encourage the rosary and the traditional ascetic and fasting life outlined above. Revere the Bible and quote from it often. Use the Catechism of Trent and immerse yourself in it.

  7. Gab says:

    Lately, the words “we are the remnant” comes to mind a lot and has more meaning.

  8. SemperServusDei says:

    When the Pope addressed the UN in 2015, he did not mention the Name of Jesus even once!

  9. Laurelmarycecilia says:

    Just commenting not urging (necessarily) …… Part of my family’s solution is the Traditional Latin Mass. We find spiritual nourishment worshiping with people who seem to believe ‘the old stuff.’

    (‘seems” is for those who feel compelled to say: you can’t judge, and “I know a TLM attendee who’s terrible, etc etc etc )

  10. Suburbanbanshee says:

    It sounds like the SJW overseas crowd was tired of saying “Gaia,” and decided to go with something Peruvian. Never mind that real indigenes do really dubious things with it; they needed something to make a show. Probably also connected with some new neopagan hotness in Liberation Theology, as people were talking about with the Paco guy.

    Remember when Erzulie was suddenly a liberal thing? Remember when it was sweat lodges, and before that, smudging with sage? Nothing like nasty people fooling around with stuff they don’t understand or want to understand, except that it isn’t Christian. But I notice they keep picking worse things to jump into.

  11. albinus1 says:

    Apropos of ArthurH’s quote from Alexander Pope, one thing that has struck me repeatedy is how *ugly* the Pachamama idol is. At least the Greeks and Romans understood, however imperfectly, that Beauty is an attribute of the Divine, and strove to depict their gods as beautiful.

  12. Paul says:

    Is the Holy See in that much financial need, deficits, may I say corruption that it needs or is getting donations from UN, Soros, Gates and Ford Foundation and will transform the church for the sake of money?
    Are thirty pieces of silver the new dogma?
    God help us.
    Pray the Rosary,
    go to Confession.

  13. Semper Gumby says:

    “Francis also said that we have to obey the UN.”

    Quite frankly, that’s none of Francis’ business. His opinions on the UN, how many children in a family (“breeding like rabbits”), economics, politics, etc. can be ignored.

    That’s unfortunate, we want our popes to do well. We want our popes to bring the Gospel and the Joy of Jesus Christ to the heathens. Certainly one should pray for Francis’ soul, though one can also pray that his secular ambitions meet with utter ruin.

    Francis would benefit by a more informed perspective on the UN:


  14. TRW says:

    Whatever one might think of Malachi Martin, in his book Windswept house he describes something that the conspirators themselves refer to as “The Process”. It is clear that there are many individuals inside and outside of the Church that wish to establish a New World Order. To what degree they are actively conspiring, in a conspiracy proper, is irrelevant. The Evil One has his ” useful idiots”. The progressive agenda(Marxist, Masonic, Leftist) is perfectly in line with Satan’s; it seeks to undermine our primary duty to obey our Lord and his Church. The Evil One knows he can never create anything. He can only attempt to destroy. The primary objective of progressivism is always to first tear down what is “old” and “oppresive”. It is not a coincidence( as has been mentioned elsewhere) that this most recent synod extols the virtues of the pristine Paradise of the Amazon. They want us to believe that we can re-enter an earthly Paradise, establishing an enlightened New Humanity. Anti-Gospel. Anti-Church. Anti-Christ.
    “Why hath God commanded you, that you should not eat of every tree of paradise? “

  15. The Masked Chicken says:

    Oh, the Sorities problem. I solved that ages ago :) It’s just a transition involving a Cusp Catastrophe with the basin of attraction determined by the inverse of the best fit distribution of humanity’s judgment of when the transition from heap to grains occurs.


    Oh, and that frog thing – totally a myth. Frogs are not stupid and they have a central nervous system. They will jump out of the pot long before they cook.

    The Chicken

    P. S. A signed drawing of my solution of the Sorities paradox is available for a Sorities of money.

  16. The Cobbler says:


    Is that a fancy way of saying it’s no longer a heap when most people would no longer recognise it as a heap?

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