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SEPTUAGESIMA SUNDAY 2020 – Pre-Lent begins! Get your head into gear.

In the new-fangled calendar Sunday is the 5th in Ordinary Time, and celebrated in green vestments,in the traditional Roman calendar this Sunday is called Septuagesima, Latin for the “Seventieth” day before Easter. The Roman Station for Septuagesima is St. Lawrence … Read More

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LifeSite posts verbatim interview with Bp. Sorondo of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. It isn’t pretty.

Diane Montagna posted something at LifeSite that serves a good purpose. She sat down with the controversial head of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences (you know, the crowd that has Jeffrey Sachs on speed-dial) who are musing about “transhumanism”, Bishop … Read More

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Card. Sarah: The priesthood is in mortal danger. Wherein Fr. Z rants to priests.

Ed Pentin, still the best, working English Vaticanista hands down, posted at the NCReg an interview with Robert Card. Sarah.  The Cardinal talks about the book, to be released in English in March. I’ve read it already (advance English copy … Read More

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