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Priestly, not prissily.

In another post, I directed you to Michael Matt’s video.  In that video he touches on several points.  In my other post I underscored one theme.  Here, I’ll underscore what he says, pretty disparagingly, about priests who talk in a … Read More

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Why does Francis partner with JEFFREY SACHS?

Michael (“#UniteTheClans”) Matt of The Remnant has a video with some really good information, which you should all know about.  All of you.  All of you should know this. First, some of you will be tempted to focus on Michael’s … Read More

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The German Synod (“walking together”): the culmination of German alienation from authentic Church renewal

My old friend Msgr Hans Feichtinger has a piece today at First Things about the clown-car of a synod (“walking together”) going on in that caput malorum omnium, Germany.  He’s German, though not working in Germany (lucky, he) and he knows what he … Read More

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