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After Querida Amazonia, Francis isn’t flavor of the month with seriously disappointed libs

Here’s an interesting tidbit. CNS reports that, during an ad limina meeting with US bishops, Francis expressed displeasure with the libs who accused him of not being brave enough to obey the Holy Spirit and approve of married priests and deaconettes. … Read More

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Wherein Fr. Z responds cordially to The Remnant’s polite response – #UniteTheClans

I opened my snail-mailbox and found my copy of The Remnant, freshly arrived. In this offering (31 January 2020… late?) you find their coverage of the event in Munich, the Acies Ordinata, in protest against Card. Marx and the antics of the … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Adoption and “rescue” of frozen IVF embryos in cryogenic oppression through surrogate motherhood

From a reader… QUAERITUR: We recently had a Mormon physician die who became unhealthily fascinated with procreation. He began an IVF “service”. With his passing, there are untold numbers of cryogenically frozen human embryos. If Catholics, who had nothing to … Read More

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