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ASK FATHER: What are the authentic rubrics, postures for lay people at the Traditional Latin Mass. Are we doing it wrong?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Father, I had a conversation with someone who said that we were all kneeling and standing at the wrong time in the traditional Latin Mass that we have.  Instead, we are supposed to be doing what … Read More

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All those synodizers, those dreamers of process, get a key thing wrong

The left has a problem in view of the Amazon Synod (“walking together”) and Francis’ document Querida. The Synod was stacked so as to make certain recommendations. They made those recommendations. Francis tells everyone to read them, and he himself ignores … Read More

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Card. Zen, Cops, and a Cappa Magna

As you know, the great Card. Zen is in NYC now for a great meeting and Mass.  We will hear all about it.  How I wish I could have been there. That said, I just received a great photo from … Read More

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WDTPRS – Sexagesima Sunday: Some make it but many do not.

In the traditional Roman calendar, last week was the first of the pre-Lenten Sundays, Septuagesima or “Seventieth” before Easter. This Sunday is called Sexagesima, “Sixtieth”.  This number is more symbolic than arithmetical. For a fuller explanation, HERE. Pre-Lent Sundays have … Read More

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