Don Camillo’s stands fast as the flood rises.

From the movie made from Giovannino Guareschi’s “Return of Don Camillo“.

Don (the title of a diocesan priest in Italy) Camillo is the pastor of a village by a river, which is in flood stage.  The people have fled to higher ground.  He is sad that he can’t celebrate services.   He is going to stay where he is until the flood subsides.  And it will subside.  This is not the first time that the river has driven them from their homes.  We now forget out differences.  When we want to die, we’ll try to smile. The sun will shine again and the flowers will bloom again.  Our village will again be a little paradise.   While the people flee, don Camillo will stay and ring the bells when things improve.

“May God be with you. Amen.”

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