VIDEO: Fr. Finigan on the English Martyrs!

My good friend, His Hermeneuticalness, Fr. Tim Finigan, has posted a wonderful short video talk about the English Martyrs, whose Feast was celebrated yesterday in England.

You won’t be disappointed!

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  1. robtbrown says:

    Excellent. No surprise, that.

    One of the most impressive Roman sights is found at Venerable English College. On the wall alongside the stairs are inscribed the names of English Martyrs who had studied there and returned to England after ordination. Among the names is St Ralph Sherwin.

  2. CanukFrank says:

    Wow! Thank you for this Fr.Z. The more I read of the English martyrs the more I am deeply and profoundly impressed. I like the way Fr. Tim ties thier example back the the present day.

    Lol, on another note, growing up in London (UK) in the ‘60s one of our rivals in the south London Primary School (aka Elementary school in N. America) Catholic Cup was the ‘English Martyrs’ school in Bermondsey. Our nickname for them were the “English Tomatoes”. To understand the silly play on words you need to use the English cockney pronunciation for ‘tomato’, not the N.American pronunciation. No? Well, as 8 year olds we thought it was absolutely, knock-down hilarious!

  3. OssaSola says:

    Now that I’ve learned how to cast a YouTube video to our TV screen, our whole family sat down to listen to this. I wish I had a way to thank Fr. Finigan for his outstanding talk and to beg him to publish more of the same! Thanks to Fr. Z. for posting this.

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