An altar set up at sea

From time to time, I give you updates from a Navy friend CDR Johnson, who is chaplain on USS FORD, which is being put through its paces.

Today (happy B-Day Marines – ‘rah), after he saw one of my masthead images of a host on a paten, he asked about getting really traditional looking hosts.

We might have a future project to send him a load for the group.  Since the boat is atomic at least the hosts (and everything else) won’t wind up saturated with diesel fumes!  Yeah…

Here is a photo of how Fr. Johnson arranged the altar for Masses.  Take note of the details.

BZ shipmate! Crazy tall legio.

The other day, when FORD was doing high speed turns, he said that his candles were not doing well.  I can believe that.  I think he needs some ALIEN TAPE.  Incredible stuff.

Anyway, it could be that, as they make their way in an out of Norfolk while shaking the thing down, we could get some things for him and the chapel.  Stay tuned.


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  1. kenoshacath says:

    +JMJ+ The Altar is beautifully fitting for Our Lord. Greetings from all your friends in Kenosha, Fr. Johnson. You remain in our prayers. God bless you! KG

  2. Semper Gumby says:

    BZ indeed. God bless Fr. Johnson USN and the crew of the USS Gerald R. Ford. Fair Winds and Following Seas.

  3. JPaulZ says:

    This crew is being very well cared for. That is fortunate for them. It brings to question how many of our military Catholic Chaplains are embracing traditional practices, and if they experience the same acceptance or rejection that our parish priests receive from their superiors.

  4. ajf1984 says:

    On this birthday of the Corps, it’s fitting to read such an encouraging post about this wonderful Navy Chaplain! Indeed, if “the streets of Heav’n are guarded | by United States Marines,” then surely some Navy Chaplains are also to be found Up There, after faithfully serving their Marine brothers here below!

  5. Charivari Rob says:

    Would some small, inconspicuous spring clamps or C clamps secure the candle holders to the altar?

  6. Phil B says:

    Perhaps Fr. Johnson should remind the captain, at least during Mass, to “make straight the path for his ship, and all his ways shall be established.” (see Proverbs 4:26)

  7. kenoshacath says:

    Phil B: Perfect suggestion! : )

  8. Charivari Rob says:

    Phil B,

    One never knows – The Captain might reply advising he consult Matthew 8: 23-27.

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