#ASonnetADay – 86. “Was it the proud full sail of his great verse…” Last of the “Rival Poet” set.

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  1. benedetta says:

    Having been distracted by last week’s events I got away from watching these but I’ve watched several in a row now and am grateful to you Father for persevering and continuing to post these. Uplifting and edifying.

  2. xestobium says:

    According to my family in France, to whom I emailed this question, here is the correct “french” answer, agreed to by all of them:
    “In French it is invariable, following the same logic as lave-vaisselle (dishwasher); faire la vaisselle = to wash the dishes … (faire les vaisselles does not exist). Therefore it is 1 lave-vaisselle and 2 lave-vaisselle.
    Since there is only one God, it makes sense to keep it invariable.
    (However, assuming that polytheist do use prie-dieu if a plural were to be used, it should follow the French plural and be with an x.)”

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