#ASonnetADay – GUEST Poet – G.K. Chesterton “The House Of Christmas”

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  1. UncleBlobb says:

    Thank you, Father Z. Merry Christmas!

  2. Ms. M-S says:

    This is wonderful. Many thanks, Fr. Z.

  3. WVC says:

    If you are looking for any other Guest Poets, might I recommend St. Robert Southwell? A martyr of the Elizabethan Persecution and a poet who influenced and even wrought envy in his contemporaries, men such as Ben Johnson and Shakespeare. I recently had 4 of his Christmas poems recommended to me, and I pass that recommendation on:
    A Child My Choice
    New Heaven, New War
    The Burning Babe
    New Prince, New Pomp

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Mariana2 says:

    Homesick in their homes, indeed. Thanks, Father!

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