COFFEE WARS! (video)

I have for some years had an affiliate link for Mystic Monk Coffee.   You buy their coffee (and your TEA) through my link and you get good coffee and you help the Wyoming Carmelites build their spectacular monastery.   And, too boot, it is near to where my mother grew up and where I spent some of my childhood summers.  All good.   That link is HERE.

Over there, maneuver over to their “Sampler” page.  They have 2 oz samplers that make excellent stocking stuffers.  Also, there are a few people who are in charge of buying coffee for their offices: they use my link for Mystic Monk Coffee and everyone benefits.

That said, Mystic Monk has a little competition in my mind and heart right now.   A while back I received some Black Rifle Coffee from a reader off my wish list.  It’s good.  The company is vet owned and operated.

And these guys work really hard, as the following video demonstrates.

I’m waiting for the monks to post their own version.

So, Black RifleMystic Monk.

This isn’t an either / or dichotomy, of course.

You know you need coffee….

Also, could I – please – remind you to use my affiliate link to enter Amazon when shopping online?  Links for these USA and the UK are on the sidebar.


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  1. Kathleen10 says:

    Well done! It does make me wonder if the coffee is worth all that fuss. I haven’t had it yet.

    [I like it! It is what I am drinking these mornings.]

  2. Lepanto ! says:

    Entertaining, yes. And BRCC seems great on the surface, conceptually….
    BRCC markets ala 2A then disavows when someone exercises 2A. BRCC went woke when social media showed “the Kenosha King” wearing a BRCC t-shirt, falling all over themselves with virtue-signaling statements like feckless Bishops in front of their overreaching Governors.
    Weak. Like their coffee….
    Think Kyle Rittenhouse who took out the trash last summer while deftly and with restraint, exercised his 2nd Amendment Rights in the face of lawlessness. If THAT history doesn’t stand as self-defense, then the 2nd has already been gutted for all of us.
    BRCC woke = BRCC broke. NFL much? Dopes.

  3. JonPatrick says:

    Also Church Militant has coffee now. So many coffees so little time. I’ll stick with MM for now.

    The problem with good coffee like Mystic Monk is that when you go to a diner for breakfast their stuff tastes like dishwater by comparison. Back when I was working I would bring in some MM K cups and leave them in the break room with a warning sign as to their potency compared to the usual stuff.

    Coffee seems to be a love or hate thing. Mrs. JonPatrick cannot abide the stuff and even objects to the wonderful smell in the kitchen after grinding beans, comparing it to well seasoned roadkill. To each his own I guess.

  4. Chrisc says:

    BRCC’s PR distancing from Kyle Rittenhouse was rather tone-deaf to their supposed image.

  5. Semper Gumby says:

    I awake at 0400, chuckling victoriously to myself as Chuck Norris and Jocko Willink will not rise for another fifteen minutes. I say my prayers and add the Maledictory Psalms against Commies and SoyBoys. I hit the gym until it stops hitting back. I consume a half-gallon of special blend Mystic Rifle Coffee, three (the Trinity) pounds of steak (on Friday three boxes of fish sticks), seven (the Virtues) servings of fruits and vegetables, and twelve (the Apostles) raw eggs. [“… an’ picked yer teeth with a guidon stick…”] I don a suit of armor and step outside to greet the dawn by raising a Battle Banner of Lepanto while the Finale to the 1812 Overture thunders from speakers over the front door. The neighborhood dogs fall in, prepared for inspection. Another day in the vineyards of the Lord has begun.

    I forgot my car keys and head back inside.

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