14 May: Sts. Victor and Corona, martyrs. (How to get her statue.)

In the 2005 Martyrologium Romanum for 14 May, we find that, in the first place, St. Matthias, Apostle, is honored on his Novus Ordo feast.  In the Vetus Ordo, Matthias is celebrated on 25 February.

His scriptis, in the 2005 MartRom we find in entry 4. : “In Syria, sanctorum Victoris et Coronae, martyrum, qui simul passi sunt… Of saints Victor and Corona, martyrs, who suffered together in Syria.”

St. Corona is also known in Greek as St. Stephanida.

Since 14 May is, in the traditional calendar, a Feria in Paschaltide, we could celebrate Sts. Victor and Corona at Holy Mass, using the formulary in the Common of Martyrs in Paschaltide, which is “Sancti tui“, using the orations, “Pro pluribus Martyribus tantum” would be used.  And, in a very Novus Ordo-y fashion, there are two options for the orations.  There are also options for a different Epistle and different Gospel.

As you may know in this time of Chinese Corona planned-demic some people think that that St Corona has been invoked against plague.  I don’t believe there is any strong evidence for that practice in the Latin Church.  But the “can’t hurt, might help” principle could apply.

The older Martyrology has a somewhat more extended entry.

You can get your statue of St. Corona.  HERE


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  2. I have prayed this prayer daily for almost a year now. I love the statue and will try and buy one that is lower in price if there is one.

    Prayer to St. Corona – in time of epidemic

    Lord Jesus Christ,
    You came into this world for our salvation.

    Look kindly on us now, we pray,
    that we, and all those who serve You,
    might be kept safe from this epidemic.

    Heal those who are sick,
    comfort the suffering, bring back
    those who have gone astray, and
    above all, increase our faith, O Lord.

    Give us the grace to follow You and,
    like the martyr St. Corona, who gave
    her life for love of You, to take up our
    crosses daily without fear or hesitation.

    Lord Jesus Christ,
    Son of the living God,
    have mercy on us
    and on the whole world.

    St. Corona,
    patroness of epidemic victims,
    pray for us.

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