ACTION ITEM! Novena for the preservation of Summorum Pontificum. Save The Liturgy – Save The World

Today I saw at the French site Notre-Dame de Chrétienté a proposal for a Novena to St. Joseph to maintain the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum.

If there is a threat to Summorum, this is a good thing to do.

If there isn’t really a threat to Summorum, this is a good thing to do.

If there is, St. Joseph is a great intercessor (as I have lately been reminded).   Let us not forget him as Patron of the Church and Terror of Demons and Patron of the Dying.  Let us not forget the Bux Protocol.

If there is not an immediate threat, then asking St. Joseph’s help cannot possibly hurt.

As a matter of fact, I suspect St. Joseph would inspire more priest to be men and to man up and learn the traditional forms and to get something going in their parishes, etc.

This cannot hurt and it will surely help.  The whole world needs this.

The site I cite is in French.  They suggest that the Novena begin on 10 June. With those present in person at a Church dedicated to St. Odile, they will say this prayer together live on their site.

Neuvaine in Saint-Joseph to request in the Church the preservation without restrictions of the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum

Prayer of Brother André, the Apostle of St Joseph, 1845 – 1937 (Each day of the novena)

Saint Joseph, so faithful foster father of the divine Child, virginal husband of the Mother of God, powerful protector of the Holy Church, we come to you to recommend us to your special protection.

You have sought nothing in this world except the glory of God and the good of your neighbor. Given everything to the Savior, it was your joy to pray, to work, to sacrifice yourselves, to suffer, to die for him.

You were unknown in this world and yet known to Jesus, his gaze rested with complacency on your simple and hidden life in him.

Saint Joseph, you have already helped so many men, we come to you with great confidence.

You see in the light of God what we lack, you know our worries, our difficulties, our sorrows.

We recommend to your fatherly concern this particular matter, the preservation without restrictions of the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum in the Church.

We place it in your hands, who saved Jesus the Child, but first of all implore for ourselves the grace to never separate ourselves from Jesus by mortal sin, to know him and to love him always more, as well as his holy Mother, to live always in the presence of God, to do everything for his glory and the good of souls, and to one day arrive at the blessed vision of God to praise him eternally with you.



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  1. Chrisc says:

    FatherZ, a short prayer I have lately been using quite a lot fits with your theme. Dear Jesus, through Saints Joseph and Mary, send us generous men to be priests and fathers after your own hearts. It works nicely in chaplet form with some Hail Marys.

  2. oledocfarmer says:

    St Joseph is the perfect solution here. Bravo!

    He generally gets you much more of [WHA-EVA] for which you asked. And he’s FAST…..just ask St Teresa!

  3. prayfatima says:

    St. Joseph is the best, glad to see him being asked for this.

  4. Sprouting Thomas says:

    I have just come to the end of a novena for the same purpose, using the Litany of St. Joseph. In it, I asked that the ancient liturgy “not only be preserved from curtailment or restriction, but ever more generously vouchsafed to the faithful”. I shall join in this one, too.

  5. OzReader says:

    I too can vouch for the powerful intercession of St. Joseph. Really good initiative.
    Perhaps we could also consider a Novena for those who seek to destroy Christ’s Church from within.

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  7. Sprouting Thomas says:

    Would readers kindly consider adding “and for the integrity and freedom of all Old Rite religious communities” to the petition?

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