Tartan of the “Anglican” Personal Ordinariates is READY and things are arriving

In November of 2020 I wrote about a new tartan developed for the the Personal Ordinariates of Walsingham (UK), St. Peter (US) and O.L. of the Southern Cross (AUS).

Today I received this:

I don’t know if you are interested in the Ordinariate Tartan. I do not attend the Ordinariate but I supported their Kickstarted campaign partly because the tartan contains four liturgical colors. My stole arrived today and it is very nice!

This video shows the production and significance of the tartan:

I am of Scottish ancestry and do have a family tartan. But I’m afraid in my case they were all Protestants—so a Catholic tartan has extra meaning for me.

This is good news.

I note with interest that the thing he ordered arrived.   This doesn’t always happen quickly with something funded through Kickstarter.


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  1. Grabski says:

    I’ll be buying one

    But there are six liturgical colors, including rose and black. :)

  2. Gil Garza says:

    I got mine yesterday! It’s absolutely beautiful and the quality is magnificent! I highly recommend getting yours!

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  4. UnwaffledAnglican says:

    Just – please, I beg of you – no kilts.

  5. Gaetano says:

    The weight of the tartan they produced is too light for kilts.

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