Your Sunday Sermon Notes: 10th Sunday after Pentecost (18th Ordinary – N.O.)

Was there a GOOD point made in the sermon you heard at the Mass for your Sunday (obligation or none), either live or on the internet? Let us know what it was.

Too many people today are without good, strong preaching, to the detriment of all. Share the good stuff.

What was attendance like?

Tell about attendance especially for the Traditional Latin Mass.  I’m getting reports that it was waaaay up.

Was the Motu Proprio mentioned?  What was said?  I am getting messages that bishops are issuing at least preliminary statements.

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  1. Konrad says:

    We had very good attendance today – even more as we are still suffering from restrictions for Covid19 prevention. From what I could observe, attendance even grew after publishing Traditionis Custodes.
    Last week I had a chance to have a word with our diocesan bishop about TC and he assured us that he did not intend to restrict the TLM, we should continue as we did before. He doesn’t see any detrimental effect from the TLM in his diocese and thus feels free to let us continue as usual.
    Thank God for our bishop – one of the few really catholic bishops in Germany!

  2. bartlep says:

    Hundreds at the TLM at my parish today. A letter was read from the bishop that we will have 4 more Masses at my parish and then we will have future TLM in a “non-parish site”. A committee is working with Bishop McElroy, although his mind is set. The same is happening with one other parish with the TLM in the diocese. A meeting with the committee after Mass had many unhappy people. Our pastor just came to the parish and I guess he isn’t too happy to lose 300-400 parishioners seeking other place to attend the TLM (religious orders). The pastor reminded us that this was still our parish and we had financial commitments. I earmark my contributions to “mortgage fund only” as there is still a $3.5M outstanding mortgage. I do not want one penny to go to the diocese. Why would I fund a bishop who is kicking me out of the parish?

  3. The readings, in the ordinary form, have been leading up to the “Bread of Life” discourse in John 6, so for several weeks I have offered a homily series on the Mass and the Eucharist. Last Sunday and this, I talked about the aspect of *sacrifice,* this Sunday answering the question, why was God’s plan for the Son to die? The answer I offered was that humanity, because of sin, faced dying to self, whether the Son came to earth to take up the Cross, or not. So God chose to take our cross as his own! What wondrous exchange!

    I did talk about the motu proprio last week, briefly; the prior week I was, frankly, too upset to say much about it.

  4. Charles Sercer says:

    I was at a diocesan TLM today. It has been a once per month thing since its beginning almost 3 years ago. I haven’t been to it since May, but attendance was significantly more than then. It is a small church (a college Newman Center’s church) so the numbers by themselves weren’t impressive, but it was over halfway full and was definitely more crowded than usual.

    Before TC the Newman Center’s chaplain (who has almost always celebrated this TLM) had told us that we would be able to start having a weekly TLM. Unfortunately after TC that has been put off, although I have not yet found out why. But it was beautiful today.

    The sermon did mention the motu proprio and was basically about the riches of the TLM and that no matter what any pope or bishop may do it will always survive. There were no explicit comparisons to the Novus Ordo and no explicit criticisms of Pope Francis, and the priest (a retired priest of the diocese, not the usual celebrant) did mention that our bishop apparently has given permission for all priests in the diocese who say the TLM to continue to do so where they have been celebrated up to this point. Which was good to hear since our bishop has not made a public statement about TC that I am aware of. Then again, there are very few public TLMs in this diocese to begin with, and our bishop has made it clear in the past that he will not invite any traditional order/society into the diocese, as he seems to be against exclusive TLM parishes.

    But anyway, it was encouraging to see so many at our Mass today.

  5. Clara_Lux_Divina says:

    Today in Poland, we celebrate the Warsaw Uprising (1 August 1944, at 5 pm, the Warsaw Uprising erupted).
    Our priest has offered a homily about the Eucharist and several unknown heroes who were offering the Eucharist undercover to people who were sent to die.
    He asked very deep questions if we appreciate the Body of Jesus Christ as much as these people. If we fight for the Eucharist now and if we believe that this is the real Body of our Saviour.
    The priest gave the example of one of the very young heroines: Ludwika Uzar, pseudonym: Mice. She was the main link between the Home Army authorities and the prisoners. In addition to secret messages and orders, she transferred the prisoners of Holy Communion. She knew she was bringing them the greatest spiritual treasure, Jesus Himself present under Eucharistic species. Prisoners awaiting the execution of the death penalty or expecting such a sentence most wanted to obtain absolution, even at a distance, from an unknown priest and receive Christ in Holy Communion. In their suffering, they wanted to be united with Christ who “loved them to the end”.

    There were different ways of carrying Holy Communion to the prison grounds. In the chapel on Elektoralna Street, “Mice” received tiny hosts, each wrapped in tissue paper. She carried 15-20 Hosts in a compact or medallion. “Mice” died during the Warsaw Uprising. Her powder case and a medallion, in which she carried Holy Communion to prisoners, are in the Treasury at Jasna Góra (Father Jankic, “The heroine of the Eucharist in Pawiak” – book).

    During the German occupation and communist terror in our homeland, many Poles, sometimes in extremely dangerous conditions, adored and welcomed Christ present in the Blessed Sacrament. The Eucharistic Christ was for them their only hope and source of strength in overcoming the most difficult situations in life.
    I was so moved, I was not even aware of this.
    Every year at 5 pm (“W” Hour) wherever we are, we stop, we stand and we honor the heroes of the Warsaw Uprising. Now I can also think about the Eucharist.

  6. Sandmama says:

    Northeastern U.S.- 8:30a Low Mass. FSSP Parish, local diocesan priest. Homily on humility, how to cultivate genuine humility, St. Thérèse of Lisieux as a model of authentic humility based on love of God.
    Our bishop visited last week and gave a very encouraging short talk the “take home” of which was be loyal to the Church, no matter how difficult, and as long as I am Bishop, I will be loyal to the TLM communities.
    There have been many many very encouraging words of support from diocesan priests, all quite young! for the TLM. Which seems most important, there is tremendous distaste for the tone of the Motu Proprio, regardless of people’s preferred Mass.

  7. Angelo Tan says:

    Our bishops designated this Sunday as “St. John Marie Vianney Sunday.” What an excellent sermon we had from our new parish priest! He emphasized the priesthood and the Sacraments, especially the Sacrifice of the Mass. He asked prayers especially for those priests in jeopardy, sick, and tempted.

    Finally, a good note, “This is our major difference in other sects: their pastors can preach all day long, but they do not have the power to confect the Holy Eucharist and administer to you, dear faithful, the very Body and Blood of your Redeemer. Christ established the priesthood in the line of Melchizedek, and we, His priests, enjoy this power and is privileged to serve Him and you.”

  8. albinus1 says:

    Weekly TLM at a college Catholic center that also attracts a lot of families. It has been packed lately—and the students haven’t started to return yet. New young (diocesan) chaplain who is himself a convert. He moved the TLM from Sat evening, where it has been for many years, to Sun mornings and started saying Asperges at High Mass, which we had hitherto done only rarely. Today’s homily was the second in a five-part series he’s planned about the Eucharist, based on John 6. He’s planning a Solemn High Mass for Aug 15.

  9. benedetta says:

    N.O. at the Auriesville Shrine with a visiting priest assigned to work in Manhattan and from the Diocese of Fall River, MA. He preached on the bread of life discourse: although it is not evil to desire material necessities, we should aim to desire communion with the Lord above all, desiring daily communion if possible or if not possible to attend daily Mass to desire spiritual communion. St. Isaac Jogues himself who was martyred at the shrine said of his ability to say Mass again after nearly two years after having his thumbs and forefingers cut off, that he was able to live again. Also, this priest said after my confession that I was restored to my baptismal grace and that was elating.

  10. Oh, about attendance at the TLM…

    This is very limited data, but here goes…The Archbishop said I can’t celebrate the TLM “publicly,” I can’t “announce” or “schedule” it, but…I can offer it “privately” (please don’t think badly of my archbishop; he didn’t create this mess).

    So, for several years, I *scheduled* a TLM at 5:45 am on Wednesday; but after the motu proprio, I was no longer able to *schedule* it. So I told people: I don’t have anything else to do at 5:45 am…so if you show up in church…*shrug*…

    We had 2-3 times as many people show up…coincidentally…when I just happened to offer a *private* Mass.

  11. Jim Dorchak says:

    Well we finally have the doors open to our Church here in Chile. B u t…. and there always is one… we must be vaccinated under the guidelines set down by the bishops of Chile. We would still have to sit 6 meters apart from our spouses, wear a mask, no communion on the tongue. This is not Catholic. Plain and simple.

    So we will no longer be going to Mass. Likely never again.

  12. teomatteo says:

    Polish born priest. Pharisee vs Publican. We must love God but not use God to further ourselves- . We can fall into a sin free view of ourselves but still go thru the motions of ‘loving God’. We cannot get to heaven without humility.

  13. Toan says:

    DC suburb Novus Ordo. No TC mentioned. Our pastor focused on the second reading, “not living as the gentiles do”. He started with a reference to how some people think it’s OK to kill babies in the womb. Continued on to list a variety of physical aberrations in the human condition: diabetes, mental disorders, and so on. Then he listed other aberrations, like “people being attracted to the same gender”, porn, substance abuse, confusion about what one’s own gender is, and so on. All aberrations, he said, and we never reject people for an aberration, although those suffering from an inclination to sin have a responsibility to refrain from sinning by, for example, being chaste if the inclination is sexual. He plugged confession.

    He said that leading a faithful life will result in merciless persecution by the world, declared that he’s ready for it, and asked if we were ready.

    It was great, really. He got a round of applause after that homily.

  14. BayviewBadger says:

    Weekly TLM at a church in a diocesan parish of 2 churches.

    Attendance was about 10% higher than “normal.”

    Our pastor has been away, so today we heard from him for the first time about the Motu Proprio. He focused on Lex credendi, lex orandi and how the two are inseparable. He also talked about Judas the betrayer, and while he stopped shy of directly tying the Motu Proprio to betrayal, those who know our pastor know that was his intent. He pledged to us that he would do everything in his power to keep our TLM going.

  15. LT Brass Bancroft says:

    I was at the 7:00 AM Mass for my FSSP parish for the first time in months (I usually go to the late Mass). Attendance seemed to be higher than I remember for the early Mass. There weren’t many places to sit, and the line for Confession (do we capitalize “Confession”?) went from the confessional in the back, almost all the way to the communion rail.

  16. Legisperitus says:

    Way up this weekend and last weekend.

  17. ErinC says:

    This is the last Sunday our parochial vicar was to spend with us before relocating across the country. At the beginning of the homily, he took a moment to remind us of one of the less often reflected upon aspects of Holy Communion, which is to strengthen the bonds among the members of Christ’s Mystical Body. Thus, he says, so long as he doesn’t get excommunicated (!), with every worthy Holy Communion we each make, we shall grow, not father apart, but closer together.

    Congregavit nos in unum Christi amor.

  18. kurtmasur says:

    @Father Martin Fox, so I guess this is the beginning of the underground TLMs under TC.

    To other priests with unfriendly bishops: take note.

  19. Kathleen10 says:

    The comments here are particularly touching today. My heart goes out, sincerely, to all who are experiencing the most unjust oppression in the place they should never experience it, our own church. To see bishops act as they are in some places…
    Our attendance was the same today, we always fluctuate a bit because our area is a tourist area. Our Mass is so beautiful, but there is a sadness now, thinking of all those who are being deprived of it. Our pastor reminded us today, that we need to remember those who don’t have what we have, the people in China, the Middle East, and now, those people are everywhere. We should carry their intentions in our hearts, which I will try to do. Our TLM homily was about the prayers of the publicans versus the Pharisee, and how we should keep in mind any good we do is because of God, who is the reason that we are able to do good.

  20. Kathleen10 says:

    Our pastor was referring to the TLM in China, etc., not material goods.

  21. Gregg the Obscure says:

    NO at the Cathedral. our Archbishop celebrated for the installation of the new rector. he did not mention the TLM, though he has been broadly supportive of it in the past, even participating at the TLM funeral for a police officer killed in the line of duty a few months ago. FWIW he used the Roman Canon.

    His excellency gave an excellent discourse on the Eucharist. He said that, should we receive worthily, we will be transformed by each reception of the Eucharist. After that transformation, many will persecute and hate us and some may even try to kill us. That should not disturb us. After all that is what happened to our Lord (i honestly don’t recall whether he said “our Lord” or the Most Holy Name though).

    Biggest crowd i’ve seen since Easter. Roughly 80% of capacity when we’ve been about 40% of capacity since end of April for the 1030 Mass. notable exceptions to the norm: about 20 members of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre (new rector is a member), some KofC in the new downgraded costume, two Capuchin friars, and a religious man wearing a gray habit that i didn’t recognize.

  22. Uniaux says:

    Fr. spoke on the virtue of humility, the dangers of false humility, and how true humility is very easy to veer away from in either direction. He then gave an example of the application of the virtue by relating it to the gifts that St. Paul gave mention to in the epistle.

    Attendance at our TLM is up. It just about doubled over the past year, and since TC (which spurred a sizable increase) the church has been mighty full.

  23. zag4christ says:

    Today at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes, at the 9:00 a.m. Mass which our Bishop Thomas Daly has been celebrating since the celebration of the Mass was returned to us 6 months ago, our rector, Fr. Darren Connall, gave the homily.

    It was unusual because Bishop Daly usually does. I encourage folks to go the the Cathedral’s website and listen to Bishop Daly. Anyways, I knew something was different and the homily Fr. Connall gave was outstanding. It will probably be on the website. He began preaching on how racial discrimination is a intrinsic evil and he told the story of the bishop of New Orleans who fought segregation being imposed on the Catholic schools there. The bishop told the prominent Catholics, be they politicians or business folks, who supported segregation, that if they persisted, they should not present themselves for Communion. The bishop excommunicated a number of them.

    Eventually Fr. Connall brought in the intrinsic evil of abortion. He at the same time emphasized the Eucharist is truly the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He also reminded us that whomever receives and is not worthy will pay for it.

    We are very fortunate to have Bishop Daly and Fr. Connall, and all the other good priests we have in the Diocese of Spokane. Bishop Daly declared at Corpus Christie a diocesan year of the Eucharist. Repeatedly, we are hearing about the Real Presence.

    Bishop Daly has not at present said anything about how he is going to deal with the celebration of the TLM, but I expect it will continue here.

    I look forward to the fall’s conference of Bishops. I believe we will see who are men of God and who are men of the world.

    Peace and God bless, and please pray for rain for the western U.S. The drought is horrible. Many in agriculture are suffering.

    Peace and God bless,

  24. Grant M says:

    The 10th Sunday after Pentecost, the 18th Sunday in Ordinary time, and the 74th Sunday for me with only an online Mass to “attend.”

    I watched a replay of an SSPX Missa Cantata from NZ, the time zone being convenient for me. The priest spoke for 25 minutes on Traditionis Custodes.

    The Pope and Bishops are indeed the Guardians of Tradition, but TC is doing the exact opposite. Although TC invokes Pius V, that pontiff suppressed rites younger than 200 years in favour of a rite centuries older than Trent; TC attempts to suppress the same immemorial rite in favour of a rite not yet 100 years old.

  25. JonPatrick says:

    Saturday evening NO mass. Preaching was on both the OT reading of God providing the manna and John chapter 6 discourse on the Eucharist. Both the OT and NT preach repentance. The Israelites had been in Egypt and had adopted their ways worshipping the pagan gods. God desired to lead them to the promised land but in the process to have them repent and follow His ways. The manna being available every day and not be able to be stored taught them to depend on God for their needs. In a similar way Jesus in the NT reading desires the people not to just see him as someone who will provide their physical needs but also their spiritual needs. Next week he will tell them the bread you need to eat is my flesh. Father emphasized how it is His real flesh and not a symbol of his flesh that He provides us in the Eucharist.

  26. Jeannine says:

    Yesterday we heard an excellent homily from the new priest at our NO parish about the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist, with answers to common objections and placing the Gospel reading in context in the Gospel of John. The previous week, our deacon preached about NFP vs. artificial contraceptives, the first time I have ever heard such a homily. Since the new priest started, we haven’t heard one silly story to open a homily–it’s great!

  27. jackj says:

    Overflow attendance yesterday at the weekly TLM which is held at the parish church administered by the Norbertines in the Diocese of Orange. The Solemn High Mass was the first Mass celebrated by a newly ordained priest of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest who was celebrating said Mass in his home parish prior to being given his permanent assignment. Attendance was no doubt augmented by family and friends of the new priest, but even regular weekly attendance has increased to church capacity. As I mentioned, this is not an ICKSP church but a diocesan parish church. No mention of the Motu Proprio was made yesterday, but at the first Mass after the MP was issued the priest announced that people should not be stressed as the Bishop had given his permission for the weekly Mass to continue at the church.

  28. grateful says:

    @Jim Dorchak
    I remember learning about feelings way back-
    “Just don’t act on them”

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