Daily Rome Shot 305

Photo by The Great Roman™

By FSSP seminarians

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  1. JMody says:

    That’s so, so … threatening. I bet those people think that priest is … like something special, or at least he thinks he is. Or, they think he thinks he is. Look at them, happy to be ignored, like it’s better without them. Stop it stop it stop it. How can the Eucharist be the source and summit of our lives if he hogs it all to himself like that? I bet he’s a she. What if women did that? Then everyone would want it stopped – because they have to keep women down.
    Is that how it goes?

  2. Rob Pryb says:

    So, so…beautiful.

  3. Semper Gumby says:

    This photo- the people, the house of God, the light- is why cameras were invented.

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