Enter a great Roman church and find the heart of St. Charles Borromeo

Here is an extract from a post from a couple of years ago when I was in Rome

Into the Church, nay, Basilica of San Carlo al Corso.  I had promised to say a prayer for Fr. Charles Johnson, the Navy chaplain.  I included all Charleses who read and donate.

What wrong with this picture?

The heart of St. Charles Borromeo!

Young Achille Ratti said his First Mass at this altar.  Pius XI of happy memory.  Shall we see his like again?


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  2. The Vicar says:

    Back in 2008 or so, I recall one day asking the formator in the seminary I attended if I could take the evening off and attend Mass in the city, rather than attend evening prayer.

    I made my way to the Corso and noted the crowd in the church. It was November 4. Mass was already in full swing, and I sat down and listened to the homily in Italian. The presider was an Italian Cardinal.

    My Italian was not that good, but I believe it was Cardinal Re. He was preaching about Charles Borromeo, but there were several references to John XXIII in the homily, which I barely understood.

    I believe he mentioned that John XXIII had a devotion to Charles Borromeo, and I vaguely recall the Italian cardinal saying the former Pope was installed as a bishop at the Church.

    I had a habit of unintentionally walking in to patronal churches in Europe on their saints feasts’ day – St. Bartholomew’ s in Frankfurt on August 24th, the church in the Corso on November 4, the crypt of St Nicholas in Bari on February 14 (the crypt was named for St. Methodius), and several minor saints in their local churches.

    Wonderful memories.

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