Xi… more than a letter in the Greek alphabet, especially in Hong Kong.

There might be Alpha and O-micron variants. There is a Xi origin.

X marks the spot.

Constantine wanted Nicea. Xi… “I want” is, in Chinese, xi?ng.


Historic conclave: Chinese bishops, priests brief Hong Kong clerics on Xi’s religious views

HONG KONG, Dec 30 (Reuters) – Chinese bishops and religious leaders briefed senior Hong Kong Catholic clergymen on President Xi Jinping’s vision of religion with “Chinese characteristics” in an unprecedented meeting organised by the mainland’s representative office in the city, according to four clerics.

The clerics who attended or had knowledge of the Oct 31 meeting described it as Beijing’s most assertive move yet in its attempts to influence Hong Kong’s diocese, which is answerable to the Vatican and includes some high-ranking leaders who have long been defenders of democracy and human rights in the semi-autonomous territory.


The meeting, which has not been revealed publicly, also sheds light on what some religious figures, politicians and diplomats describe as the expanding role of Beijing’s Central Government Liaison Office in Hong Kong, which formally represents the mainland in the city but has traditionally kept a low profile.

The Liaison Office and officials from the State Administration of Religious Affairs monitored the Zoom sessions as three leading bishops and about 15 religious figures from mainland China’s state-backed official Catholic church and about 15 senior clergymen in Hong Kong participated in the day-long meeting.


Without mentioning Xi or issuing any instructions or orders, the mainland speakers described how Xi’s policy of “sinicization” aligned with long-term Vatican policies of inculturation – adapting Christianity in traditional, non-Christian cultures, two of the clerics said.


“We all know the word sinicization carries a political agenda behind it, and they didn’t have to spell that out.”

“Xi was the elephant in the room,” the second cleric said.


Later in the piece…

“The pressure is building on us in Hong Kong…some of us see (sinicization) as code for Xi-nification,” one of them said. “We are going to have to be clever to resist.”

Read that last part again.


Sound familiar?

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  4. JonPatrick says:

    “We are going to have to be clever to resist.”

    This is getting to be a common theme nowadays.
    Resistance to attempts to use the Wuhan Virus as an excuse for tyranny by our governments.
    Resistance to efforts to stamp out the Mass of the Ages in our Church.
    Resistance to the silencing of the voice of the Christian faithful in the public square.
    Resistance to the Culture of Death.
    and so on.

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